The Weekly Smile

I think it is so important to smile. I am joining in on the weekly smile with friends and this is put together by Trent who is so kind to put this all together for all of us to enjoy! Thank you Trent! I know I am enjoying reading and hearing about everyone’s smile and so I will share what I am smiling about this week. Part of my smiles is a vacation day with July 4th off tomorrow! Yippee!! We all LOVE an extra day off of work, and to celebrate our Independence even better right? I hope you all are going to have a wonderful day tomorrow, I know I will have a great day! 😀

Me Smiling today riding my girl Miss Chloe on trail!

I am so happy to be riding my girl down the trail. Today I was by myself and am lucky she is really a good girl all by herself. We do not travel far and she knows the route by heart. I don’t even need to guide her as she knows every turn. We ride around the block which takes about 30 minutes and what a big huge smile on my face as we quietly walked the trails. Thank you Miss Chloe for a perfectly, wonderful ride! Love her so much! ❤

This morning I was watering and the smell of this rose AMAZING! MADE ME SMILE!

I have had a busy week, it will only get busier later in July for me but I went outside this morning to water my very small garden and the temperature and air were just wonderful. I was just taking in the beauty of the day and as I was watering I noticed some beautiful blooms. This one rose bush did not bloom last year and almost died. But this year it is flourishing and I am thinking probably because of all the rain we have had, what ever the reason this rose has the most incredible rose smell. I don’t know much about roses, but this one the buds are so round and compact and then when they eventually unfold, it is just beautiful but so different than my other roses or what I would call “normal” blooms. I guess its just the species of this rose. I’ll have to do some research. These roses were all planted by the previous owner of the house.

This is a bloom from the same plant above. It’s so different, and I am glad it came back to life!

What are you smiling about today? or this week? I have a new employee starting at work this week and that puts a huge smile on my face. I am hoping she will like working at the lab. I am looking forward to more trail riding tomorrow and through the weekend. Both my horses need the exercise and it is so fun to ride and am hoping to be joined with my girlfriends at the barn. I will end with a photo of my horses since they are my therapy and really help keep that smile on my face. I hope you enjoy your weekend too! 😀 😀 😀

This photo is from 2015. I’m planning on sharing more photos on my next blog post from 2015, but thought I’d share this one here as I smile at them beauties!

I feel like I am smiling at a lot of different things, but that happens right? So this blog is about my day to day things I love and when I see things that catch my eye, I sure enjoy sharing!

Keep Smiling!! 😀


The Weekly smile

My friend Trent hosts a weekly smile and I decided it’s about time I share my weekly smile! I am so HAPPY about this as I truly believe that a smile to share is so important to us all. I try and smile to everyone I see each day, it’s so contagious and it makes you feel so good. I find it so helpful to stay positive so here is what makes me smile this week. 😀

Flowers of all kinds make me smile! This is in my front yard. 😀
I don’t have a special camera, but am thankful for the Live Focus on my phone camera!

I have shared many times how much I love photography. Photos just make me SMILE. I love the beauty that you can attain whether it be black and white photos, still shots, close up shots, I can stare at beautiful photos all day! Some day I will have to start saving for a nice camera but for now I am so happy I can take decent photos and share for my smile this week! To be honest, my weekly smiles will probably always contain photos – I’m just that addicted to them!! ❤

This is a small sized palm that is in my front yard and I thought this an interesting photo.

I was enjoying my flowers today as I watered in the front yard. They all just make me smile so I thought I would share. Today or last night was my night off so I am enjoying this day outside not only at the barn with my horses earlier but with my flowers in my yard. Oh yes, and I am enjoying the day with my hubby, my best friend, my companion for life. Thankful for these smiles. What made you smile today?

My tea rose up close!

Thank you for the SMILES!

-Diana 😀

My Tiny Garden is Growing


I feel like a little kid watching my garden grow! This veggie garden is really small but I think will be really big once it matures and the veggies start to emerge. The photo on the right is from a week ago, and the one on the left is from yesterday and my how fast my pumpkins and cucumbers are growing. My granddaughter is having fun watching nature’s work too. I can’t wait to show her the cucumbers and pumpkins, tomatoes and bell peppers. Snap peas and blueberries! The herbs are not exciting but are getting bigger each day too. She won’t understand the herbs, but the others will be fun. I planted multi-color bell peppers and am hoping for an assortment of colors! AND the pumpkins seeds are both orange and white pumpkins, I can’t wait to see all the COLORS!! 😀


The snap peas are going CRAZY! Look at all that green, all from seeds! I am easily amazed if you can’t tell and right next to the snap peas on the left are my bell peppers finally showing up! I’m trying not to over water, and want to make sure I water enough. We’ve had a mild spring here in Southern Cali so I’m grateful for that this year as some years it’s just hot, hot and more hot. But these seedlings have had a great start and warmer weather is on its way!  😉


These herbs are coming along. You have to remember I live inland about 40 miles from the Pacific Ocean which is basically desert or desert like as it gets hot in the summers. I’m about an hour and a half from Palm Springs, now that’s the desert. AND it gets super hot there almost always 10 to 20 degrees hotter than my location. So growing anything here requires lots and lots of water because we just don’t get much precipitation as the weeks roll by. BUT the last month as I planted we have had a lot of cloud cover, dewy nights with lots of precipitation exceptional for this area. We call this kind of weather June gloom as it can be cloudy and overcast throughout the mornings with the fog and clouds rolling in from the coast which is usually in June, it came a month early. I’m far enough inland that it usually burns off and warms up and can get hot. But has been so nice and cool, I have been relishing the weather this last month of May. I wonder if it will be a hot June? I’m praying for a mild summer, one can wish!  ❤