My First Cucumbers, YUMMY!


I have never grown cucumbers before and I have to scratch my head and wonder why? Oh my goodness, home-grown cucumbers are so amazing I have no idea why I have never planted them before. For some reason I always chose zucchini or yellow squash to grow and I’m not bashing them but my hubby has never liked zucchini or squash so I end up making zucchini bread and I bake the squash despite his lack of enthusiasm. When I cut into this cucumber the sweet, juicy flavor was unlike any I’ve had before! It’s like home-grown tomatoes, they just taste so much better than buying from the store, so strange but it’s so TRUE!!


I LOVE these babies so much that I cut up the whole cucumber and put it in my salad. Haha, I had more cucumber than salad but it was so delicious I had to have a salad the next day and of course consume another cucumber. The skin is not very thick on my cucumbers which is fine by me, as it makes it that much tastier. I’ve been seeing and reading a lot about other gardens and all the produce they are producing its just amazing as my garden is so tiny but it’s a start. I am such a busy Mom, Grandma, supervisor, horse owner, dog owner, kitty owner and small garden maintainer, not to mention the house work I need to do (it’s pretty easy to neglect the kitchen floor) also working on crochet projects, did I tell you I’m really busy? Yup, now I’m repeating myself! And I love sharing and writing and that takes time too! 😀


Here is one pumpkin that has taken off and I had planted white and orange seed pumpkins. I think this is going to be a white pumpkin. I also discovered that in my zealous trying to be a good pumpkin/cucumber mom I’ve been over watering! Oh dear, I’ve had a few pumpkins get all mushy and fall off the vine and upon reading this is caused by too much watering or flooding. Oops, so I’ve backed off and am trying to just water every day by wetting the soil and like counting to 10 and making myself stop. Haha, it’s been so darn hot that I’ve been standing there flooding my garden! 😀

I’m getting some weeds and a bit of grass growing around my pumpkins that I’m leaving for groundcover to help keep moisture in since I waited to long to mulch. At this point I just want to get one or two pumpkins full-grown if possible. And I’ve gotten six cucumbers, yes only six, remember I’ve got a teeny tiny garden and I can see more cucumbers growing on the vine so I may get more before the vines all shrivel up and die. We scared away the gopher for now, hopefully he’ll stay away to complete this growing cycle. It’s all good experience. I’d rather learn by trial and error on a tiny garden than invest a whole bunch of money and time on a huge endeavor only to screw it up and have most of my crops drop dead! Haha, I’m not doing too bad considering!


AND I’VE GOT TOMATOES GROWING! I feel like a little kid, look what I did Ma! I grew a tomato!! You have to realise or if you haven’t noticed yet I get REALLY EXCITED over little triumphs. I want to thank all the blogs I have read on gardening and thank you all for sharing your stories, photos, tips and encouragements. You all as I sit and stare and read about these beautiful gardens are why I try to do some container gardening. I have to think small as my land where I live is not conducive to a large garden area. And I live in the stinkin desert, so it makes growing much of anything a bit of a challenge! But I try!  ❤ ❤ ❤

I thought I’d close with my honeysuckle bush which is absolutely LOVING all my watering! It has so many blooms ready to bloom I just love it and the smell is AMAZING! There are a million buds and I took a close up of the tiny flower but boy does it smell good. I wish I could share the honeysuckle smell, but suffice it to say that I am doing a bit better with my plants but then they are a bit more forgiving. I have plans on two containers that I will plant probably this weekend some fall veggies. Since I’m planting from seed it’s not costing much but my time, so I squeeze in time in my garden which is soothing and relaxing. I love being outside!

Crazy teeny tiny gardener,


My Tiny Garden is Growing


I feel like a little kid watching my garden grow! This veggie garden is really small but I think will be really big once it matures and the veggies start to emerge. The photo on the right is from a week ago, and the one on the left is from yesterday and my how fast my pumpkins and cucumbers are growing. My granddaughter is having fun watching nature’s work too. I can’t wait to show her the cucumbers and pumpkins, tomatoes and bell peppers. Snap peas and blueberries! The herbs are not exciting but are getting bigger each day too. She won’t understand the herbs, but the others will be fun. I planted multi-color bell peppers and am hoping for an assortment of colors! AND the pumpkins seeds are both orange and white pumpkins, I can’t wait to see all the COLORS!! 😀


The snap peas are going CRAZY! Look at all that green, all from seeds! I am easily amazed if you can’t tell and right next to the snap peas on the left are my bell peppers finally showing up! I’m trying not to over water, and want to make sure I water enough. We’ve had a mild spring here in Southern Cali so I’m grateful for that this year as some years it’s just hot, hot and more hot. But these seedlings have had a great start and warmer weather is on its way!  😉


These herbs are coming along. You have to remember I live inland about 40 miles from the Pacific Ocean which is basically desert or desert like as it gets hot in the summers. I’m about an hour and a half from Palm Springs, now that’s the desert. AND it gets super hot there almost always 10 to 20 degrees hotter than my location. So growing anything here requires lots and lots of water because we just don’t get much precipitation as the weeks roll by. BUT the last month as I planted we have had a lot of cloud cover, dewy nights with lots of precipitation exceptional for this area. We call this kind of weather June gloom as it can be cloudy and overcast throughout the mornings with the fog and clouds rolling in from the coast which is usually in June, it came a month early. I’m far enough inland that it usually burns off and warms up and can get hot. But has been so nice and cool, I have been relishing the weather this last month of May. I wonder if it will be a hot June? I’m praying for a mild summer, one can wish!  ❤