3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

“If you climb in the SADDLE be ready for the RIDE”  –  Blackmtnranch.com

                                                MY PASSION – HORSES


I was born ready to ride. I will never run out of things to say about riding horses, my love for them, how they make me feel, how free I feel when sitting in that saddle.  I have ridden in a few different saddles in my years. I started riding English – Hunter/Jumpers and was in training with some mighty fine trainers that taught me so much about equitation, hunters and training them in general. I worked as a groom for several horse trainers back in the day, my how fun it was and hard work too…. I have a photo I will share of my show days, astride my show horse Norwegian Wood, stable name Chester. We had such a blast, sometimes winning blue ribbons, sometimes not, but it was all good times! 

“Dressage is the basis. If there’s something off here, there will be something off with the jumping.”  –  George Morris


Brings back so many fond memories, I truly miss those days. I try to ride English in the arena on my Warmblood, Zack. He is a fun ride in the English saddle and it gives my core a workout as I post around at a nice trot. He needs this exercise too, so it’s good for both of us. But unless I buy a new horse to get back into showing, my showing days are mostly over. Things could change but I am happy riding Western on trail and huntseat for the arena, I am lucky I can do both! This girl Chloe, who I just happened to snap this photo as she stuck her tongue out (probably licking her lips after a horse treat) is the perfect trail horse! With her injured back leg she is perfectly happy walking all over the trails in my town and she truly loves going out, and it helps keep her in shape and so its a win-win for us both!  ❤


“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”  –  John Wayne

I use to say I’ve never been scared, funny how you grow up and things change. I really am not scared to death but have a healthy fear and I pick and choose what horse I would ride. Back in my younger years, my fears did not really exist. To be young again! But I’m older and wiser and I feel like there may be some horses that are just not meant to be ridden, or not meant to do a certain genre or be trained to do something it’s not capable of doing… etc… I could go on and on about horses, their personalities and what some people do or don’t do with them. I’m fortunate enough to have enough experience to be able to use and take care of my horses to where I believe they are healthy and HAPPY!


I’ll conclude with a couple more quotes, oh there are so many good ones it’s hard to choose!

“Every second, you’re either schooling or unschooling your horse. There is no in-between.”  –  George Morris

“I didn’t have talent, but I had great ambition. I still have ambition.”   –  George Morris

❤ ❤ ❤

It’s Friday, sharing my horses


I never get tired of these two. I know they never tire of each other, they always spend some time grooming each other every time they are turned out together. They have the best relationship, it is fun to watch them and even though Chloe is the leader of the two of them, I feel very fortunate they realize that I am the leader of the two of them when I am in the vicinity.  I’m so thankful for the relationship I have with both of these lovely horses.  They both listen and watch me, looking for cues. They are both so eager to please and in return they get groomed, exercised and well fed. Maybe too well fed, but fed with the best intentions. I think Chloe should lose some weight but Zack is at a good weight and doing well with his Insulin resistance disease. Chloe is borderline Insulin resistant so I need to keep her exercised and watch her diet and weight. They are so much fun and bring me so much pleasure and joy. Amazing animals! AND I get to share them with my family! ❤ ❤ ❤


I am sharing Chloe with this cutie-patutie and boy, she is in LOVE with horses! I can’t believe how much she wants to “go up there” as she asks each day she is at the stables. I told her today that she is “riding” as she loves to “go up there”.  When she is at the stables with me she only rides in the stall which is very large as I walk her around. I am now keeping my bareback pad near my stall as I put it on today and I feel much more comfortable having her sit on the pad. Much less slippery than the bare back of a horse. And with her being so small, its much better and safer. Miss Chloe is a steady stead, she turns 14 years old this year so she has been around the block as they say…. I realize there really isn’t a perfectly safe horse as I always keep in the back of my mind, ANY horse can spook even in it’s stall. But I am always alert, never leave her alone, my radar on high watching every move. I think most horse owners will attest that most horses take care of little ones, even have a sense of handicaps and young people, hence why they are such great therapeutic animals. So I’m probably worrying for nothing, but I’d rather be safe than sorry and Miss Chloe absolutely loves people and kids especially.  I think she’s in good hands! 😀


Look how naturally she sits “up there” at home on the back of a horse. I love this photo of my beautiful granddaughter, like she’s musing how lucky she is to be sitting on her beloved horse. These beautiful creatures evoke such deep feelings in me, they make me think of how lucky we are to be here and to be outside with nature with them.  When you have this connection with such a huge animal that look to you for direction and what us crazy horse people say “Love” our hearts just melt. I can tell you that even though they neigh loudly when I arrive at the barn each day, yes maybe they may be thinking “oh good, I get to eat!” but my horses are pushing at the gate wanting to get out and they know they have to be out with ME. They do not run to the back of their stall, or look away or pin their ears which displays unhappiness or meanness. No, they are very excited to get out, to run around or go for a ride. They are eager to please and it’s the most fulfilling thing to be able to help them exercise and get them groomed and fed. I know they do not know the emotion of LOVE, but I do know that they enjoy my company and they look forward to seeing me each and every day. That I know is the God’s honest truth, how they look when I arrive the excitement in their whinny, they love the love they receive. ❤


As I think about my week, its Friday and I have had a rich fulfilling week. I work which has it’s rewards, and I babysit to help my son and his beautiful wife and daughter which in turn helps my relationship with everyone. Then I fit in these horses who bring me so much joy, and I also help a few friends with their horses and ponies too! My husband is my rock and the most understanding person I know on the face of this earth. What he puts up with, he is not a horse lover like me, so he has to somehow understand my purchases, my needs and sometimes he has to help me with my horses which he does willingly and lovingly, it’s just not his thang. Ha ha…. I’m so very, very grateful for his LOVE and RESPECT, and I try my hardest to LOVE and RESPECT back.  I think it is the least I can do and am thankful for my week. It’s been a great week!  I hope you all have had a great week too! ❤