Weekend Coffee Share; Life, Changes and Crochet

Weekend Coffee share is a time for us to take a break out of our busy lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)! Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? any weekend plans?

Life is full of twists and turns and I can finally officially announce that I am going to be a grandma again! ❤ ❤ ❤ I am so excited my son and daughter-in-law are expecting another little one that is due in March. I talk a lot about my only granddaughter Alice, and she told her Mom and Dad that she thinks she is going to have a sister! Haha, we will see. They will be finding out the gender but it is a little early yet, just past the first trimester. So I am going to put it in writing (again) that I am bound and determined to move closer to them as I NEED to be near these little bundles of joy! AND I miss my little Alice so much, my heart aches but I can’t make the move right now to Arizona. We have other issues we have to deal with before we can consider moving. We will figure it all out, just one day at a time. 😀

Changes are in the air, yes, we did not know what we were getting into caring for an elder parent that has dementia. We are in way over our head with the amount of time needed to care for ALL her needs. It’s very overwhelming so we have found a loving board and care home where we will be moving my mother-in-law some time this month. With the help of her doctor who recommended Eastvale Senior Home, where other elder women reside in the community of Eastvale just 6 miles from Norco where we live. We toured the home and there are 3 other sweet old ladies living there and she will room with one and live out the rest of her life there. I am sure she will make it to her 90th birthday in October, but her dementia is bad enough she doesn’t remember much and so the transition should be fairly easy. I took a photo of her new home to share with my daughter. It is for the best, she will be well taken care of there 😀

My mother-in-law’s board and care new home.

Crochet is a craft that helps me de-stress. I LOVE crafts, I cross-stitch too! But I mostly crochet. I have shared in other posts some of my crochet projects. I have crocheted a bunch of animals, those are really fun to make. I will have to make more of them soon. I also crochet Star Wars figures, super duper fun to make! I have shared photos of those too. My current project is a granny square blanket.

8 squares across by 12 rows for a total of 96 squares. It is suppose to look like spring or summer flowers. No theme, just eclectic colors. They will be trimmed in white yarn.

I have all the squares made and am stitching with an off white yarn around them all. You can see in the photo 3 squares already with the white trim. I wanted a neutral color around the edges to sew them all together to help make all the colors pop! I think this will work well and once completed I will share. It should just barely fit across a twin bed or make a nice size throw blanket. I am thinking of keeping this one, my first granny square blanket as its so eclectic I am not sure how well someone else would like it. I like randomness or creativeness, so even though I followed a pattern for the stitching of the square, I picked all the colors and trim and how I will stitch it all together. I am enjoying this project and am thinking of making another one with a theme which means making all the squares the same colors for a more uniform blanket.

How are you doing on coffee? or maybe some tea? I forgot to ask earlier but I wanted to follow my title on this coffee share so I am writing this a little differently. I wanted to share what has been happening in our busy life which includes how I de-stress. I find working on projects helps me relax and not be so uptight about the daily stresses that we have been facing lately. My horses help me de-stress too, what do you do to de-stress?

I found my last cross-stitch I worked on years ago. I need to frame it! This photo does not show all the vibrant colors very well. Could be the lighting.
My daughter’s kitty, Wolfie. I wanted to share, isn’t he getting big? He is 3 months old!

Life is full, changing and fun, but sometimes stressful. I am so enjoying my coffee and I am thankful you have visited and shared with me. My daughter will be here this weekend. She is coming so that I can drive her to the airport Sunday as she is flying out on a trip to Spain! How exciting!! She travels with some good friends each year to an exotic place, well, to me it is exotic! All I know is that it is far away. Her passion is traveling and she is doing a good job seeing a lot of this world. She is boarding her kitty, but I will be taking care of her guinea pigs for the 10 days of her travel. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend! ❤

Crazy Life, staying centered and strong!


Crazy Busy This Month of May


I am trying to take in everything in this month of May.  I am enjoying babysitting my granddaughter as my son is finishing his last semester of college. It’s been a bit of long road for him but the end is in sight! So exciting, he graduates in a month. And we just celebrated my other son’s graduation from college this last weekend! We are a very busy family, that is for sure and how I keep up is a wonder to me sometimes, and then I try to squeeze more things in each day.  I’m also proud of my daughter who will be graduating this summer with her Master’s degree, busy as bees this family…..

As I have been babysitting each day, I’ve been brought outside as little Alice LOVES the outdoors. She also loves animals so we get to spend more time with not only my horses but our dogs and we have a kitty cat too. My front yard has suffered greatly by drought conditions where we live and once the weeds took hold we stopped watering our lawn. Some day we will address where the lawn once was, so it’s just a big dirt area. I had probably close to 20 rose bushes but many have died, and so I’m down to about 8 with 3 not looking too good and the other 5 are doing great. I’m able to water them so much more now that the little one and I go outside every day, funny how I was not doing this when I wasn’t babysitting. I need to continue when the babysitting schedule changes.

So the rose bushes I am watering are really blooming and looking great! I just love the smell of roses, and eventually we will replant and redo our front yard, but at least I am able to salvage some of the plants before they all died. The very front of the house has a nice bunch of plants that get shade and enough water that even neglected have stayed nice. I also have a bunch of palm trees that of course do great with little water.

What I have been wanting to do for years is plant a vegetable garden and so I thought it would be fun to try growing some in a container, partly because we do have gophers that I’m sure once they figured out something new is growing will help themselves. But I really wanted to grow some pumpkins and either squash or cucumbers, I settled with cucumbers and these two are in the ground as their vines get so long I didn’t want to even try to grow them in a container. I’ve grown pumpkins once before at this house over 10 years ago, and they did fine with little bother by gophers so I think I’ll be okay.

This is only one side of my container garden with the one plant being a blueberry that I bought already started. I’ve planted the rest with seeds and they are just starting to sprout! In the container is snap peas, bell peppers, tomatoes and the blueberries. The two photos on the right are not very pretty but are sprouts of cucumber and pumpkins in less than a week!! So exciting to see these sprout, the cucumbers are going crazy!! I’m going to have to pull out some of them once they get bigger because there are so many sprouting there will be too much competition with the soil and I’ll have too many plants, ha ha! I’m having so much FUN watching these seedlings grow!


My daughter bought me this little container for herbs and I have sprouts!! The dill is the tallest with basil and oregano right behind. I’m not sure about parsley, but hopefully it will peek through the soil soon. I forgot how fun it is to grow veggies and herbs! Now I need to get cooking once I get something on the vines or plants!  😀

I’m going to share a few more rose photos, as they are just so beautiful! I hope you all are enjoying May, I can’t believe there is only one week left of this month. It’s been what we call June gloom here in California with a lot of overcast cloudy days this month. But we here all love it since once summer arrives it will be hot, but we all say, it’s a dry heat! LOL – Let me know what you are growing, do you have a veggie garden? I’ve read some blogs about some pretty big gardens, so fun to see them grow. I’m keeping it small this year so as not to get to overwhelmed. I’m so surprised I got something in the ground, I surprise myself sometimes! Ha! Life is full, busy but good.  ❤