Chloe Fun with this cutie patutie!


I can’t say enough about how lucky I am to have a granddaughter who just happens to love horses. She is so adorable as she asks “see grandma’s horsies” and as we drive up to the stables she claps her hands with glee, saying “YAY! We are here! grandma’s horsies!!” The excitement is contagious as we get her out of her car seat. As we walk into the stables my horses recognize me from afar and whinny and she can hear them call out, and she whinny’s back. She pulls my hand walking faster and faster eventually letting go and trotting herself back to Miss Chloe’s stall. Careful I say, don’t trip and fall as she jogs down the aisle way.  She gets to the stall and says open up and then – go up there! She wants to sit on Chloe, she can’t wait. How can I say no? I always put on the halter and lead rope to be safe as I walk her in the stall. Chloe lives in a very big stall, being very long and easy to walk her around safely and my granddaughter gives her big hugs, lies on her neck and gives her kisses. She has no fear, loving every minute! ❤

I ponder sometimes how I ended up with this horse that has had injuries and basically disabilities that keep her only walking on the trail. She can run around the arena on her own and I make sure she stretches her legs almost everyday in the arena lose so she can trot and canter. But when I ride her I keep her at a walk as I trail ride around our neighborhood. But I came to a realization that I believe I have Miss Chloe so that I can teach my granddaughter all about horses. Because Chloe does not have any get up and go, meaning the last thing on her mind is running around, or running fast. With newbies on her back she mostly stands, and it is hard to get her to walk with them. I feel like she says, heck, if they can’t make me walk than we are just standing. I think this makes her the perfect horse to learn on and she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body wanting to please every minute you are around her. She is my blessing, such a sweetheart, I love her so much! ❤


I use to show hunter/jumpers and I was very involved with horses growing up even working full-time for a well-known horse trainer back in the day. I always thought that someday I’d get back into horse shows but I’m so darn busy I don’t know how I would fit that in and I do not own show horses now. I realize that show horses are very expensive and I can’t just “find a home” for my unsound ponies that are actually serviceable sound and can be ridden and they bring me so much joy. I groom them constantly trying to keep them clean and happy. Chloe LOVES the grooming, Zack my other horse, not so much. He just puts up with it but I never stop, I enjoy the grooming, the riding, horse stall cleaning EVERYTHING I need to keep my horses happy and healthy it’s all FUN and enjoyable. I wish cleaning my tack was that fun, maybe I will clean all my gear this weekend, it needs it badly. I wipe it down but it needs a good cleaning. One day this little one in the photo will be able to help me at the stables, it will be great FUN to show her all there is to know about horses! 😀

My son came down and got to ride a couple of times in the last couple of weeks. I took photos on one of those days. It was so much fun to have them ride and enjoy these ponies. I’m truly blessed and even though they will never be show ponies, I still have a ton of fun with them and I hope they are having a happy life, I think so….  ❤ ❤