Diana Prastka Stuckey

I grew up in a big family which was such a blast. There was lots of fun and hard times as well.  My family lives across the western united states, 5 states to be exact so lots of traveling needed to see everyone in one year. I was very fortunate with my father being a physician to own a horse at an early age.  I am an accomplished hunter/jumper horse back rider attending many horse shows throughout my youth.  I worked for 2 horse trainers before attending college.

Marriage, 3 beautiful children, two grandchild later I am in the second half of this adventure trying to enjoy every day.  I have an amazing family who all support my horse passion. I currently own 2 beautiful horses one has health and lameness issues, the other is a new horse to be trained to be another wonderful trail horse. They are/will be my trail buddies as we trail ride all over the trails in my home town of Norco, CA.

I want to show my passion for life and my horses. I love crafting and cooking as well and I am hoping to write not only heartfelt stories but fun stories too. I’m hoping my blog may be informational with the fun, I have so many ideas. Thank you for reading and sharing my journey as I share with the world my world as I see it through my eyes. Please feel free to comment, I’d love to hear from you! I have so much to share.

This is me – Diana!

7 thoughts on “Diana Prastka Stuckey

    1. Thank you, blessed are the ones who see the life in creatures that are able to touch our soul. It’s truly a pleasure and I think you are blessed too! I can’t wait to see your new mare and how her and Ghost get on and how she fits into your family!

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      1. NorCal Zen

        I do feel blessed. I purposely simplified my life since I was blessed with a baby girl. I live a very simple life now. My joys are in my children, four and two legged. I got some “criticism” today, that I was difficult to be around sometimes because I’m always happy, and to stressing out about things.. lol. I did;t know what to think about that. I do stress about not being able to provide for mac children, but I don’t obsess with it. I believe that you get more of what you focus on. I choose to focus on simple joys. It seems like we have a lot in common there.


      2. Yes, I can be a bit of a worrier, I worry about the future and what will become of my children, will they find happiness… but then I realize I have no control and I need to focus on the now – and in my heart its all about happiness. We do have a lot in common! ❤

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