via Daily Prompt: Mighty


I feel mighty small in this world of ours.  As I sit and ponder all these beautiful places I’ve visited and all of my family that I have all over the world.  I have family in well over 6 states within the continent of the United States. Sister’s, brother, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, many cousins too. I know I have second cousins in Sweden or Denmark, I’m not sure which but it amazes me how large this Earth is how close we can all be.

When I read this word “mighty” it made me think of other things – other than an adjective – more like an adverb.  I find it mighty strange that my life just took this huge left turn.  I’m mighty thankful I can share my thoughts and stories on this blog.  It brings me tremendous pleasure and I hope you all are enjoying my stories.

I’m mighty thankful for all my friends and loved ones who make me whole and help define ME. Mighty tough is what I tell myself as I feel like I need to STAY STRONG. I tell myself that somehow I need to smile through the pain and take one day at a time.

For me through my eyes I think mighty helps describe our beautiful country.  These mighty mountains, gorgeous trees.  This photo is near the Canadian border 30 miles away to be exact, my sister’s new home in Idaho. God’s country as many say, I can’t wait to visit again one of these days.

I enjoy these word challenges as it does stir up some creative thinking and my emotions once I get going. I’m mighty happy to be spending another day with everyone. This puts a huge smile on my face. I hope you all are having a mighty fine day!  🙂

Apple Picking Day

What a beautiful day today in sunny California as we headed to our local mountains for apple season fresh picked apples. It brought back memories when I visited my sister in Idaho and we went apple picking at my brother-in-laws Uncle’s apple farm a year ago. We decided to just pick spartan apples and I couldn’t wait to eat this fresh picked apple. So juicy and sweet, I picked just over 1/2 pound. I would have picked more but I knew I needed other yummy treats from Oak Glen.

My bestest friend joined my nephew and I on our excursion. We had a wonderful lunch at Law’s Oak Glen Coffee shop. Our lunch was really good but what was to die for was my nephew’s apple pie he ordered. AMAZING! And I’m thankful he shared! Fresh apple pie with fresh apples just can’t be duplicated and they drizzle the pie with this scrumptious apple cinnamon syrup. The pie had crumbles on top, melting in our mouth. I’m drooling thinking about it, it was that good!

The weather was perfect and I was thankful a little cooler in the mountains. I splurged and bought, apple butter, pumpkin butter, peach preserves, blackberry Honeywood Mead and apple chutney. I know there may be many who have farms who would make all these items but for a busy person like myself I don’t mind helping our local farmers. Fills my heart with joy and fills my tummy with sumptuousness! What fun places do you visit on a one day excursion?  I would love to hear from you. I’m thankful for my friends and family who have lifted my spirits in this time of healing for me. I’m exhausted, but it’s a good exhausted.



via Daily Prompt: Recreate

I love to crochet, I love crafts in general but I have the most fun recreating these adorable Star Wars figures.  There are so many more I want to make.  I suppose the word create would probably be more accurate, but wait, no, I’m not creating these out of my imagination – I’m following a pattern so I’m recreating what the author of the pattern intended.  I’m definitely a pattern recreator crochet addict that loves to crochet animals, especially horses, and scarfs, blankets, baby items anything I think is cute and adorable. Useful would fall into the pretty catagory, and I like to mix it up crocheting useful items and just for fun items, but of course my favorite are the fun projects like Winnie the Pooh and his friend Piglet! I must make the rest of these Star Wars characters but first my arm needs to heal. Hmm… I can move my fingers pretty well, may be I can manipulate the crochet hook enough with my injured arm to crochet. It can’t hurt to try! Wait, it might hurt to try, literally, so I guess I won’t know unless I try. I can’t wait to recreate!



Missing My Girl

I miss my girl so much even though I’ve seen her through-out the last 12 days since my accident when I fell and broke my arm. I have friends and family who are so kind in bringing me to the barn as I dote on her the best I can.  My dear friends have helped me with my ponies filling water buckets (they have auto-maticwaterers, but we like to have extra water available which I watched my other horse Zack blow bubbles in today!) They are doing fine but I wonder if my beautiful bay roan may be a bit sad.

Our routine is gone. What was once a daily routine of turn outs and trail rides are over for months to come as I heal.  I think my girl misses our routine as she is not finishing her hay or grain and seems to hang her head a little. I’m thankful for her nuzzling today as my girlfriend took the photos above. I need a new routine.

So my plan going forward is to be driven to the stables each day until I’m able to drive myself to create a new routine for myself and my ponies.  I may need some help and am thankful for the friends around that can help me. I plan on spending time getting them exercised in arena and then lots of grooming.  I am going to work on some ground arena work with them to get them thinking and to learn some extra ground companionship. A lot of ideas are popping up into my mind. I love a challenge, so am looking forward to my new routine. I can’t wait to research this topic as well, any good ground training tips are welcome, please let me know. These are older horses, 13 years old and 21 years old. But they are never too old to learn new tricks I always say!

I’m feeling better already thinking about the days that lie ahead. I was starting to feel sorry for myself, it’s easy to do when you have an accident and your life is turned upside down. I’m extremely independent so it is a bit difficult to ask for help. I know I keep thanking everyone probably annoyingly, but it makes me feel better. I’ll try and thank more appropriately so I don’t drive everyone nuts! I know I would be right there helping my friends but its still hard to face this new adventure. Its going to take time to get into my groove. Can’t wait for some normalcy. It’s definitely weeks if not months away.



















As I stare at this beautiful photo of a stream up in Idaho where my sister now lives makes me thirsty for her company.  She use to live six miles from me, now it feels like 6,000 miles away. I have four sisters and one brother and we all live far from each other and we all have grown children and almost all of us have grandchildren. Only the two youngest are not grandparents. How I long to visit each and every one of my siblings and their families. I love my family so much, my immediate and my extended family.  This photo reminds me that we are all part of this beautiful thing we call life on this beautiful planet. I must not let my longings go to the wayside and I must put some thought into travel plans in my future. Even if it is a slow progression from one year to the next I must not give up hope. My life is so busy, money can get tight, it isn’t always easy to fit in everything you yearn to do, look forward and don’t give up. My thirst is great, travel I will in time.



via Daily Prompt: Penchant  

I have a penchant for horses and if I could have a whole backyard full of them I would. But that is unreasonable and of course impossible. I want to be the best horse owner I can be and I’ve seen to many people who have a penchant for them horde them and not care for them like they should be cared for, it’s so sad.  I think people should be ashamed of themselves for living beyond their means and own too many horses and then let them sit and be neglected. But I digress, I wanted to share my love of horses and how much joy they bring to my life.

My horses are my therapy, they are what make my life whole.  I have loved horses all my life and my dear parents indulged my passion to the fullest. They found a horse trainer when I was ten years old and he helped my parents buy my first horse for me and the training began.  I was trained in hunter/jumpers and rode with five different horse trainers throughout my youth and was an avid competitor. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my youth and showing years. I won many ribbons and I have to thank my parents from the bottom of my heart for providing me with this wonderful life. I know they are smiling down from heaven. I miss them so and I love them dearly.

I took a break from horses. College, marraige, children make me the woman I am today. I love my family, I work full-time and somehow I’ve managed to fit into my busy schedule my penchant for horses. My best friend, my husband, my life longer partner is the most understanding, loving human being I’ve ever known as he fills my heart and soul not only with his love for me but with the love of my two horses. Bless his heart, I am so thankful for my horses. I love this photo of Zack, my other horse Chloe is there too in the stall in the background. They bring me so much happiness, my muse, my horses.

Zack (2)


via Daily Prompt: Sympathy

This word really hits home for me, how ironic.  Who would have thought that I’d be sitting in my family room typing about sympathy as I’ve been surounded by such sympathetic friends and family.  The outpouring of sympathy I have felt this past week has been AMAZING and so appreicated, these words can’t express how I feel, or can they? I will try.

I’ll dedicate this to all who have reached out to me and offered words of encouragement, through phone calls, emails, texts and social media (Facebook) I have said this before I am truly humbled and I am so very thankful. I will thank all of you in advance, those that we will be breaking bread together as I’ve got lunch dates lined up in the weeks to come which I know will cheer me up as I heal. This definitely has been a very overwhelming experience for me so I have to say that being able to share my thoughts has been so helpful to sort everything out and kept me motivated.

As I am writing this I’m thinking about my day. I’ve enlisted my husband to drive me to the feed store to pick up much needed Integrity grain and Timothy hay pellets. He’s my knight in shining armor as he always comes to my rescue. I plan on buying more horse bedding to freshen up my ponies stall.  Those that really know me know they probably could wait another week but spoil is my middle name, so its been too long in my mind. They need fresh bedding! Of course, my hubby will be helping with all this bless his soul.

And I am positive there will be many who can sympathize with my plight. I ache to ride and a little part of my brain, the conniving part, is trying to figure out a way of putting on a bareback pad and with the tall mounting block getting on my horse and ride around arena. Of course sensible tells conniving this is not going to happen. This is only week one, but conniving is not being very quiet and is wearing down sensible. Don’t worry I won’t be doing anything to jeapodize my healing its just fun to think about!