Up close Garden Stills


I don’t have a fancy camera but I absolutely LOVE photography.  Growing up my father was an avid photography and had some really nice cameras with many different lenses including the top of the line zoom lens. It was so fun using his fancy camera back in the day. Then you had to get the film developed. I actually took a photography class in high school and learned how to develop film. We just used black and white as I am sure that was easy to teach us young high school students. It amazes me what we can do at a snap of a finger today! I just point and click and even though my Samsung Galaxy S9+ may not be a super duper fancy camera it fills my needs and is super easy to use. I actually need to look into this camera more and see all that it can do as I may not be using it to its full capabilities, I just haven’t had the time to read and learn about all its camera features. Suffice it to say, I just got as close as I could for this fun Sunday Stills photo challenge!

Above is a close up photo of my honeysuckle bush. It is loving all my watering and is getting a million blooms and is smelling AMAZING!  ❤


I keep mentioning my beautiful tea rose in my garden writings and right now it is the only rose-bush blooming. It’s just loving life right now and so I can’t help myself but to photograph all its beautiful foliage.  I got as close as I could to this pink rose without it getting too blurry! ❤


I have to include a very up close photo of a healthy pumpkin that the gopher has not eaten (yet) and am hoping he keeps on growing, grow baby pumpkin grow!! Mr. gopher has hopefully fled and is living elsewhere.  For those of you following my blog I had written about the demise of a bunch of my pumpkin and cucumber plants which Mr. gopher found and was getting fat enjoying their roots. I have about half my ground garden still growing and even harvested a few cucumbers which is my next photo!  😀


These are my very fat cucumbers. I’m not sure why they are so short and fat as they are supposed to be thin and about 6 inches in length.  I actually wasn’t sure how long to leave on the vine but it just felt right to harvest them today and I know my plants will hopefully grow some more. If that doesn’t happen that’s okay, this is all for fun and of course I would love to be able to eat and enjoy my grown veggies. I think this will do fine.  This Sunday Stills photo challenge was a lot of FUN!  I hope you all enjoyed my stills and I hope you think about sharing too!

Sunday Fun!