Fun Day!


What a fun day with this gal! This cutie-patutie has been coming to the barn to help me with my horses once a week and it is so fun to have her help. Clearly she is doing a great job helping me spread my shavings in Miss Chloe’s stall! Her Mommy and Daddy are having fun taking lots of photo’s too. Her Mom has a really nice camera, and has taken a lot of really cool photo’s of not only Alice but also of the horses too!

Alice not only helps me with the shavings, she also helps me fill extra water buckets. I like to have the extra buckets filled (they have automatic waters, but the extra water is nice to have since Zack dunks his hay when he eats so his water trough will often be filled with hay!). Her other favorite thing is to help chase them in the arena where they love to run around. Okay, I must admit that at this age she probably has more fun playing in the dirt in the middle of the arena with me, silly girl, fun is fun right? Whether it’s dirt, shavings, water or horses it’s all great FUN! 😀

The other thing Alice really enjoys is helping her Grammy make feed buckets for those cute horses.  She helps put the scoop of food into each bucket then is very good at scooping out the hoof supplements into each bucket. We then add some apple cider vinegar and she helps stir everything together. Then she helps carry the buckets to the stalls and put the food into another bucket that the horses eat out of, yummy. The horses look forward to this little lunch, it’s not a lot but its enough to get their supplements and any meds. I give Miss Chloe Equoxx for her bad back leg, she is doing really well on this med.

I’m so excited that Miss Alice LOVES the barn and the horses. I am hoping that she will someday enjoy learning to ride and I can’t wait to have her share this love that I have and am hoping she will enjoy the work that comes with taking care of horses as it is one thing to love them, but there is a lot of hard work that goes into it as well. It’s a great way to teach responsibility and so it brings much joy that she comes and enjoys the barn. ❤

Unfortunately I was so busy with everything I only took the photos above. My daughter-in-law got some excellent photos of Alice feeding carrots to Chloe, Zack was photo bombing the photo, he he, Zack is so cute. He can’t have carrots because they have too much sugar but I gave him a handful of his feed he can eat so he wasn’t left out! My horses are so incredibly spoiled but they do behave. My daughter-in-law, Amber noticed how Chloe kept pushing Zack aside not letting him near us on the other side of the fence. Chloe is such an alpha mare, very dominant and keeps everyone in their place. Amber is very observant and it is fun to see the horses interact with each other. I find the whole herd dynamics so fascinating.  I try to keep a routine with the horses, and when I differ from that routine, boy, they can get upset but they still mind and behave. I try to get to each of them in a fair manner and they somehow understand that neither are forgotten and sometimes its the others turn.

I thought I would share and found another photo from another day. I feel so blessed and I thank my family so much for sharing these horses with me. It means the world to me, and I get so much joy spending time with both my ponies and my family! ❤ ❤ ❤




We all begin the same. I am sure we all were the most adorable babies on the face of this earth and I am sure or sure hope that all that are reading this were loved dearly by their parents. I know this is not always the case but in my little world that’s how it should be, to have loving parents and grandparents. That unconditional love is what makes you whole and strong. There is so much that we learn from them which includes what is right and wrong, how to love and cherish and to be passionate; there is so much more but you get the idea. I suppose we can learn negative things as well, like hate and prejudices, but I hope that we learn as we grow that negative thinking is not the way to think or lead your life.

This cutie-patutie is so FUN to watch and interact with babysitting. As I get yet another chance to see the world through a childs eyes, it always amazes me. It makes me think of when I was a child and did so many fun things with my parents and siblings. As I am writing this I am thinking about my friends and what they were like as babies, makes me giggle, all of us crawling around and then learning how to walk. Those days go by so fast and then we are young adults and we think we have the world in the palm of our hands. How naive we all were, and to think we knew everything!

We see so many beginnings; maybe its a puppy you just bought or a young horse that you are now training. So many breeders, so many new little ones coming into this world that all have new beginnings. But beginnings can be a new era, or the beginning of a new marriage. It could be a beginning of ideas, like this blogging that I began a few months ago. I am getting such great reward out of sharing my thoughts and feelings. Maybe you are starting a new career, that’s such a huge beginning or moving to a new house or apartment! All beginnings are so exciting, how can they not be?

As I write this my son and family are starting a new beginning in a new apartment they have just rented. How exciting and this little cutie-patutie will have her own room with all her toys and they will have a new beginning in this new space all to themselves. I am so excited for them as I know what it’s like to get that new start. Even if you have had a few new starts, every time it is always filled with excitement. It will also be a lot of hard work moving everything but of course, worth it all!  ❤

It is such a joy watching and living with my family. To be a grandma is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life and I am so thankful I am a lucky parent to be able to experience being a grandma. I know there are those out there that do not have any children and I totally respect and understand that not everyone has children. Most who I know have different children, like their precious horses and/or puppy dogs. I have those too, they are my other children! I hope that you all have experienced many wonderful beginnings. I know many have suffered loss including me, but when one door closes another opens. We grieve for those we lose, but we honor them and will always remember them. For without those we lose we may have never had the chance to begin, in the beginning……   ❤ ❤ ❤


My Cutie Patutie

I’m going to be the most obnoxious grandma, as I brag and love this beautiful baby girl. She’s actually a toddler now growing so fast – right before our eyes!  She’s getting so tall, has the longest legs, will she be a dancer someday?  I wonder.  She has the most amazing little personality, loving animals as you can see here.  These pups are more than half her size, she shows no fear.  My goodness she is the most adorable, beautiful granddaughter one could ever ask for, she’s amazing. Okay, bragging done.  I just had to share as she is so fun to be around and I’m so thankful I can be a part of this little young ones life. Truly a gift.

My pups are amazing, so kind and gentle. Our house is so full, full of life and animals! We have a full house as we are helping my son, wife and their beautiful little girl.  It reminds me of when I was growing up with a house full of 6 kids. So many memories from days gone by, something I’d love to share someday, but not today.  I can hear her giggling as she runs around the house. In her mommies room she runs. Giggling past me she scurries off to papa’s room. She’s got 5 adults attention including my youngest son. He’s here too, finishing college.

One day my house will be empty, don’t think about that now I say to myself. My dream is for my immediate family to all live a stones throw away from each other. Okay, the same state would be nice, a blessing, a dream! So dream I will. I dream of a ranch for my horses. How about a huge ranch with multiple houses for my family, and their families. Let’s dream BIG! Maybe someday, my dreams will come true. I’ll never stop dreaming, will you?  ❤

Mixed Handedness


2 weeks after my surgery they removed my cast and now I wear this splint. I have to wear it for the next month or until my bones heal. I’m so thankful my surgeon let me wear this so I can remove it to shower, its easy to remove especially if my skin gets itchy too. I’m to stretch my incredibly stiff and damaged tendons, so painful but I’ll work on it each day. Physical therapy is starting in my near future, no pain – no gain right? I digress.

I wanted to share my fascination with mixed handedness.  I did a little research and found out that only 1 percent of the world is ambidextrous, with 9 percent of human population being left-handed and the rest, 90 percent right-handed.  No wonder I became mixed handedness as I’m living in a right-handed world.

I find it interesting as I’ve gone through each day with this injury struggling with which arm or hand I use for this, that and the other thing.  For instance, I brush my teeth with my right so I’ve had to teach my left but it didn’t take too long since I’m a mixed leftie.  I eat with my right, so I’ve had to learn to eat with my left.  Buttering toast has been really difficult but I’m getting better. I’ve really conformed so much to our right-handed world, no wonder I’m so confused sometimes when I can’t decide which arm or hand to use!

In my research I read that there are degrees of handedness and there’s an objective scale you can use called Edinburgh Handedness Inventory.  I took this objective test and I am -0.3 mixed left hander, which is different from being ambidextrous.  A true ambidextrous person has a symmetrical brain; meaning they use each side of their brain equally and in some of the articles I read they think this can contribute to ADHD, language problems and possible poor behavior in school.  Since I was a perfect angel through school I know I have an asymmetrical brain, I’m joking. I just know I do not have ADHD, and I was a pretty good student.

I now know I am not ambidextrous.  Through the testing and all that I read I just had to conform to right-handed scissors.  My right-handed mother who taught me right handed crochet and knitting.  I didn’t bother to ask for a left-handed mit for my right hand to play baseball, I even bat right handed. So I learned how to play tennis with my right hand, play pool right handed and use a mouse on the computer on the right side mouse pad. I’ve memorized and am quite fast at 10 key typing with my right hand.  I am an accomplished pianist, may have been easier for me to learn since I’ve had to use both sides of my brain for both hands. I can paint a wall with both hands equally well, but ask me to draw or paint in detail and I HAVE TO use my left hand. I often have felt odd with my mixed handedness!

So I challenge you to try to use your left hand. Since 90 percent of you who are reading this are right-handed, try brushing you teeth in the morning for a month with your left hand. They say through my research you will be “growing” your brain.  Try writing with your left hand, more brain cell growth. It’s good for you to exercise your brain. But whatever you do, please do not fall and break your arm to grow new brain cells. I don’t recommend it!  🙂


Night Night sweet baby

She is told it’s bed time and that she needs her sleep.  This tiny little human tumbles through the house bouncing along and getting hugs from Papa and Grammy.   Before her bed she gets a bath, as she comes out of the bathroom with her bunny towel on coming to Grammy for a cuddle.  The sweet smell of her fills my nose, so clean as she is held in a bundle getting all the hugs she needs.  This toddler is in heaven as she bounces back and forth between Grammy, dad and her mom.  Papa is here too and grabs another hug as well.

She is saying more words together, just turning two this month of August.  She can say “Where is it”, and “have fun” one of her favorite little phrases.  Her vocabulary improves each day even though there is a lot of single words said, she understands so much more. To see the world through a child’s eye is an amazing thing, the wonders of it all as she makes the sound of an owl, “who, who” and “meows” to the kitty cats.  She’s learning her colors with PURPLE being her favorite.   When asked most everything is purple, ha ha, but with a little prompting she knows her primary colors very well.  Adorable, is what I say every day.

It is so fun to see her learn as she doesn’t understand when she sees a photo of herself and you say that’s you! and she says back “you” and then you explain say “me” and she says “me” but she doesn’t understand.  She sees herself in the mirror and you tell her that’s the mirror and she jumps on your bed with joy, repeating mirror, mirror! ha ha, she just makes me laugh she is so cute. She loves routine, most children do and she remembers amazingly well what we did yesterday playing on Grammy’s bed.  She will climb up on the bed and bounce around, you say “be careful” she repeats “be careful” so cute! She wants the fan over the bed turned on. Okay, I comply. Then off, why of course I turn it off. Then on, then off as this game goes on and you have to say we are done.  The fan is sleepy, say goodbye fan! She comply’s, “goodbye fan” in the most softest, charming, most adorable voice you will ever hear. She melts my heart.

She will sleep well, the best little sleeper I’ve seen.  I can’t wait for tomorrow another day with this growing, wondering toddler who has wonder in her eyes enjoying and learning each day.  Many may not be a grandparent and I can say with great pride and honesty that being a grandparent is the most fulfilling, amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I feel very fortunate to have a grandchild.  She is the most precious baby and brings much joy to our house.  Love you baby!