Weekend Coffee share -Needing R&R


I can’t wait for a nice cup of coffee, to sit down and relax. What a busy month, each week I think to myself it can’t get any busier and it’s busier. How can that be? My work has been crazy as there are employees taking vacation after vacation with some being on vacation at the same time. So that makes my life busier than normal since I am the supervisor of my department. I have to fill in where I can if needed. Things will settle down in November at work, I am hoping anyways. Can I get you a cup of coffee? or Tea?

I am new to Weekend coffee share and am thankful I have Friday nights off so that I can relax and enjoy the weekends. My weekends lately have been busy as we have been helping my grown children move! My daughter has moved to another town. She is in the military and she works at Vandenberg AFB which is a huge base on the California coast. She was living north of the base and decided to move south. I mentioned this in my last blog, I thought I’d share some photos of her new digs. It has a nice big kitchen with a great room or family room right there so she can cook or bake and enjoy company. I love her new home she is leasing. ❤


We are unpacking but this is a nice kitchen with plenty of counter space and cupboards. I was able to help her open and empty all her kitchen boxes. She was then able to make us a fabulous dinner and then breakfast the next morning! 


                  The perfect size house for my daughter and her hubby and guinea pigs!



In Lompoc there are many buildings painted with these cool murals. Such wonderful artwork! And the other photo is a view of Lompoc from the top of the road near my daughter’s house. 

I hope you are relaxing like I am and enjoying the weekend. I really needed some R&R, rest and relaxation, ah, so nice to put my feet up and think about my travels. This last weekend we just returned from Phoenix Arizona where we helped my son, his wife and daughter move into their new house. They are leasing until they can save up enough money to buy their own home. They are in a nice big house, 4 bedroom, enough room for visitors as us grandma’s will be visiting often. I took a few photos to share!



Arizona! They are north of Phoenix and it is beautiful there! This is from their upstairs balcony, such a pretty sunset. The sun was not my friend but I took the photo anyways of the truck in their driveway. Lol


My husband and I took a drive around Phoenix to check out possible places to live, yes, you heard right, we want to move to Phoenix! This photo of these iron horses are all over Cave Creek!! HORSE TOWN! My kind of place. More to come on this subject! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I must say I am so enjoying telling you all about my adventures. I traveled up the California coast through Santa Barbara to Lompoc then to Santa Maria and then back to Lompoc to home.  Then 2 weeks later we drove 5 1/2 hours to Phoenix Arizona. We flew home. Can you blame me for resting? Haha, its been BUSY! Just crazy busy, but in a very good way. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and enjoyed my photos of my adventures. I’m going to add a couple more photos as I sit back and think about my travels.  😀

Thank you for sharing coffee with me! What are you doing this weekend? I hope you are enjoying life or just relaxing and getting some rest. Either way thanks for spending time with me!

Crazy busy Mom, Grandma, Wife –


Moving in the Air!

I am home alone! I don’t know when the last time I was home alone, I can’t remember. It’s so strange, I am always with someone and have never lived on my own and alone. I know there are many people who live alone and I have to say I have never experienced this and have always been surrounded by family of some sort. I have never thought about that until now. The reason I am home alone is because my husband and youngest son left today to drive to Santa Maria, CA to help my daughter and her husband move from there to a city to the south called Lompoc. They decided to rent a newer house on the other side of town, so they are moving this week. They already picked up the truck this afternoon! I’m so excited for them as even though it’s a pain to move, I know they will love a newer house with a nice big kitchen. My daughter loves to cook and especially bake, so this will be so nice for them! 😀

I can’t wait to visit too! I will be here for another day and leave Thursday morning to drive up there to help her unpack. My hubby and son there will spend one more night so we will be together and then they will come home Friday and I will stay til Sunday.  It will be so nice to get away and spend some time with my daughter, I wish I could take more days off but at least I will have a good three days or so. It is about a three and a half hour drive up to Lompoc with no traffic so more like a four-hour drive as there is usually some traffic, but we do try to travel during less traffic times which is usually the middle of the day or later in the evening. We will be doing day driving.


This is my daughter Linea and her husband James who we are helping move this week/weekend. This photo is a few months old as we see each other about every other month, I need to take more photos!! I have to tell you that this week is busy and FUN and in two weeks from now my son Harrison and his family is moving to Scottsdale, Arizona! I am a proud Mama as he has been hired at the Mayo Clinic as a Medical Physicist Assistant. It is a bit stressful for them as they are waiting to hear if they are able to rent or lease a house that they put a deposit on as they were out there last week looking for housing. He reports to work there October 22 and his wife was able to get her job transferred out there in Phoenix too, which is great news. My husband will be helping them move including driving there in two weeks! Such a busy month for everyone, crazy days. I pray all goes smooth for them as there is so much to be done for their move to Arizona. I have a photo that I actually LOVE of them and I hope they do not mind me sharing on my blog. They are such a great family! ❤ ❤ ❤


Life is full of changes and changes I have to accept no matter how hard they may be and one of the biggest things I am going to miss is this cutie-patutie there sticking her tongue out! Her HUGS, her LAUGHTER, her stories, her innocence and seeing the world through her eyes. I am so VERY THANKFUL for the last three years. I have been able to spend so much time with her and hope to be close to them in the future, just need to figure everything out here before we get things moving into the direction of moving. But they are only an hours flight away and I know I will be visiting often. It is a five-hour drive which isn’t bad, but there are many flights almost every hour to Phoenix so I will probably fly mostly.  I have to share a few more photos, I may have shared before but it is worth sharing again. So darn cute! ❤


Haha, up close and personal!! She is so funny as I try to do a selfie and she was being so silly. OH, HOW SHE IS GOING TO MISS THE HORSES!! I am hoping that one day next year some time we can make the move to Phoenix. I worry about Chloe as she has a bad back leg and am not sure if she can make the trailer ride for five hours to Phoenix. I will have my vet check her out and see what he thinks of her situation but I can’t stress out about all the details. We need to just make sure we get this young family safely moved and then we will see what will happen next year. Love my family, love my life, lots of changes. It will all work out and I know everyone will love their new digs!! 😀 😀 😀


Crazy moving family days!


It’s March, already?


I had the best visit with my sister who now lives in Idaho. I have to share this photo off of her balcony which I took when I visited, oh my, over a year ago.  I miss her already as these weeks fly by, how is March going so fast? We are getting our winter late this year as much of the country is when I watch the weather reports. We only get rain where I live in Southern California but our local mountains are covered in snow. When a storm comes through with all the rain (which we need desperately) and the shrouded mountains are in the clouds as the weather system moves through, it is the most beautiful sight when the storm moves past to the next state and we are surrounded by these beautiful snow-covered mountains. I love where I live, absolutely beautiful! I’ll have to take some photos and share. Right now there are too many clouds covering the mountains. We truly have the best of both worlds being able to enjoy the beach and its wonderous ocean sounds, to driving to the local mountains where you could ski or snowboard or just play in the snow. Where I live it’s only an hour away in either direction. I think I need to visit both soon.

I can get in a rut, a day-to-day rut where I work, sleep, okay eat too. Tend to my horses and babysit too, I crochet a lot but it’s still not planning a weekend or day off to venture out and do something different. I bet there are many that do the same, right? I’m thankful my daughter and husband moved to California, yes they are a few hours away but we plan on getting together at the end of March (we plan on visiting each other monthly, she’s 3.5 hours away) so it’s not like I am not doing anything. BUT before she moved here we have been really static and not visiting and enjoying more of the earthly pleasures that are not far away! AND there is a lot to do in Southern Cali, yes it can get crowded but we could do things during the week that would help with the crowds. I have to say that I know that is why Southern Calif is so crowded is the weather is unbeatable and there is good work but it is sad that everything is getting so expensive as it makes it so difficult for my grown children to find decent affordable housing. Oh well, that’s for another discussion, for another day….

Now that it is March the blooms in my neglected garden are blooming! We plan on redoing our front yard and still have some roses that are so pretty. I love roses and gardening, which takes love, care and time, lots of time that I don’t have right now. I have so much on my plate, amazing how busy one can get or have I just always been a busy person? I think so. I have a couple plants blooming, the rose smell is just amazing!  🙂





via Daily Prompt: Genius

The first thing I thought of when I read this word Genius, was my father.  I have always thought of him as a genius.  He was a Psychiatrist and a Neurologist, a very successful physician in his day.  He was an accomplished pianist playing the most beautiful pieces, Claire de lune comes to mind, by Claude Debussy.  I was always mesmerized as I watched his huge hands float across the keyboard so effortlessly.  He was amazing and he was the most generous, gentle soul and of course the best father one could ever ask for – we were all so lucky to have him in our lives.  ❤

He was so funny! Being a genius means that you are so darn smart that the simple things are difficult.  The common sense thing he lacked, which usually made us children giggle. He couldn’t boil water, nor could he cook not even on the barbecue.  He could pour himself cereal, make toast and his most favorite was his plate of horderves.  It was a simple plate, olives, a few different types of pickles, slices of ham and cheeses and of course crackers.  Maybe a little mayo for dipping.  My family reading this should remember this well, we giggle as this was one of his favorite snacks. Of course he was from an era where the women did all the cooking, and he brought home the bacon as they use to say! Miss him so very much. He’ll always be my genius!

I can’t say something about my father without mentioning my mother. These two I miss greatly.  I read that the sound of your mother’s voice actually reduces stress, I miss your voice Mom. I miss having someone to lean on, to ask questions. How have I made it all these years without you Mom and Dad, we all have to survive. Now we are the Mom and Dad and have to look forward not back.  I don’t reminisce about them much, I think I have made a special place for them in my heart and I’ve cornered off a section of brain which contains all my memories and tucked it away. I do this so that I can think about them in a way so that I can relish my memories without falling apart. I love them so and miss them more, and so if I think about them it can be overwhelming so I keep them in my special place in my heart and brain.  Hard to explain, but this is how I live. Thinking about them for this post conjures many emotions but I wanted to spend some time remembering.

My Mom was a genius marrying my Dad. I want to tell so many stories but I think I’ll save them for another post. There is six kids in our family and boy, there are many memories to share. I think I can say that I know I’m not a genius but I’m so fortunate to be from such a loving, caring family.  Thank you Mom and Dad for everything!  ❤



Remembering Idaho

I’m reminded of our trip we took a year ago to my sister’s new house in Idaho this time last September. My daughter, my best friend and I planned a trip to visit my sister and her husband in northern Idaho where they have settled in after living their lives in southern California. And can I say WOW! What an absolutely beautiful place. It is just gorgeous and we all had a blast.  The pretty ladies above including myself went on a few adventures, one included going on this incredible scary swinging bridge in Montana.  Well, I was extremely afraid as I’m scared of heights and this swinging bridge crossed a river. The area was beautiful and of course I was my dramatic self telling everyone I was going to die if I crossed the bridge. I didn’t die. It still was scary.  I made it and I’m proud to say I conquered my fear on this day!  🙂


Okay, so this doesn’t look that scary, but trust me it moves when you walk on it.  And I had to walk back across! Haha, I don’t know how I survived! There were a lot of fisherman out catching fish, can’t remember what kind because I was too preoccupied with that darn bridge. We took another adventure to my brother-in-law uncles farm on the Canadian border.  He has a huge apple orchard and we got to pick apples and we made homemade applesauce. YUM!

Shhh… not far from the apple orchards we stopped at a cemetery and we walked across the border into Canada.  The small post designates Canada with my sister photo bombing my photo! My daughter did not come with us on this adventure but she got to enjoy all the apples we picked.  My sister has a couple of All-terrain vehicles that we took up a mountain road not far from her house. What a view!

We all got a turn driving and what a blast! I’ve never ridden in one let alone drive one and I know those of you that have All-terrain vehicle’s know exactly how FUN they are and it doesn’t matter if you’re in the desert or the mountains what fun toys (I call them) to have around.  My sister definitely made our trip fun.  We played board games, cooked good food.  We saw amazing sights and she even challenged my fears.  We talked into the night and got caught up on our busy lives. We giggled, we laughed, we had a blast! I need to plan another trip. How can it be a year ago we were there? I have so much traveling I want to do, how long before I’ll return? Maybe I can get our little group to visit again, or maybe I’ll get my hubby to come along the next time.  I’ll never forget my first trip to Idaho.  ❤


Australia – What an adventure

This has been an adventurous year! I want to highlight my first trip ever to Australia. This was such a huge accomplishment for me as I’ve never traveled so far before.  I’m not afraid to fly and have flown and visited many states in the U.S.  It’s just the thought of flying for all those hours was very disconcerting to me, and then the whole process of it all was overwhelming.  Getting a passport was a bit of an ordeal, we barely got mine in time.  My hubby and daughter already had theirs.  If I can encourage you to do something outside your comfort zone I highly recommend you try! It was so amazing and I had a blast in Australia!  These photos were taken in Sydney and Adelaide, the two places we visited.

I took so many photos I’m only sharing a few here. We took a short cruise to King George Island – I am not positive it was this island, my daughter would remember. Dang, am I getting old? I just have a lot of stuff in my brain, haha, I’m pretty sure I’m correct.  Either way we had yummy fish and chips for lunch. The beaches were beautiful there.  It was so fun seeing Sydney from the water, such a beautiful city.  In Adelaide we met my daughter’s college friend who was stationed there. My daughter is in the Air Force and has many friends around the world. My hubby and I are looking cool at a restaurant in Adelaide. We went to the zoo in Sydney, but our favorite was the wild animal park in Adelaide.  That’s where we got to feed and pet the wallaby and kangaroo. The best was the Koala. We were able to get up close and pet the Koala. I loved the huge eucalyptus trees that are everywhere, I took a photo in the wild animal park.

The most amazing thing for me was how odd it is to actually be in a place where they drive on the wrong side of the road!  I just couldn’t get use to it. Even the people on the side walks walked on the wrong side. It is strange to me!

I LOVED their coffees. Oh my, all the coffees we ordered were fantastic and I’ve never tasted such good coffee. They also don’t serve a black cup of joe anywhere. You could order a black cup of coffee but you don’t get a never-ending cup! CRAZY. I truly miss their coffee.

If I could encourage you and be inspirational it would be to follow your dreams and to step outside your comfort zone.  I’m so fortunate that my daughter encouraged me to travel and to reach out beyond my comfort zone. I made it, I enjoyed it and I had the time of my life! And the trip had its ups and downs. I sprained my ankle in the wild animal park. I was so embarrassed as I fell. I didn’t see the pothole as we went through gates from one pen to the next. Down I went, ouch, not fun but I survived. An adventure isn’t always perfect but it was so exciting and I had a blast with my family!

The Spider

I was minding my own business scrolling through my Facebook feed when I was tagged by friends updating me on their day. They so kindly took care of my ponies as I am recuperating from surgery for my broken arm. They are so sweet and I am so grateful and am truly blessed with their kindness. On their ride my childhood friend decided to share The Spider story. I hope I can retell it as it was the craziest thing I have ever had happen to me, even to this day.

It was in the early 70’s when we were all up at Big Bear our local mountains for a winter vacation. I’m from a big family one of six and there were spouses and friends that joined in the fun. We rented those huge inner tubes sliding down snowy hills, flying over berms. It was great fun. Until the evening when one girl, me, lost her marbles!

As cabins go there were many beds in each room so many folks can stay and enjoy Big Bear and skiing. I can’t remember how many girls were in my room but when I got into my bed I asked if someone could get rid of the spider I saw up on the ceiling across the room, a small brown spider. I HATE spiders, okay, strong word, I am deathly afraid of spiders. Better. The girls began to tease me, relentlessly.

The teasing went on for a long time. And as the girls talked the spider slowly moved its way on the ceiling towards ME! The teasing turned into scary spider stories and those little spider legs kept on moving. I was reading a book and I was laying down on the bed trying to ignore these girls. I was laying on my side with my arm bent resting my head on my hand, I began plugging my ears with my hands as I didn’t want to hear the stories. The spider eventually was right above me when it happened.

In a split second I felt something hit my arm that was holding my head and when I looked down THAT SPIDER WAS ON THE CUFF OF MY PJ’S INCHES FROM MY FACE! I’M GOING TO DIE!!  All hell broke loose – I jumped up faster than you can blink. I brushed off my sleeve over and over to rid me of the spider. I lost all control and screamed the most blood curdling scream one can scream at the top of my lungs!! I was hysterical crying and I couldn’t stop!

I woke the whole house! Everyone came running, is someone injured? A fire? NO, it’s a spider! The girls looked up as soon as I jumped up, no one really knew what happened at first except the spider was gone. They were laughing so hard, I can’t blame them as it’s silly to be so scared. But why did that spider crawl across the ceiling which was really far over to me and fall on my sleeve? I still wonder to this day. I love to reminisce and this is definitely one of those stories that one will never forget.

I can laugh now, it took my sister who grabbed me and held me to calm me down. I don’t know why I lost control, screamed SO LOUD, and got so scared. Perfect scenario of events, scary spider stories and a spider that seemed to understand every word.