Weekend Coffee Share; It’s May, Crafts And Horses!

Welcome to my coffee share, can I get you a cup of iced coffee or tea? It’s warming up outside and I am loving it so much. I think we could definitely sip on a cold beverage as we chat. For those of you who are mother’s ~ Happy Mother’s Day this weekend. I think of my mom up in heaven and know she is smiling down, thinking of her today. ❤ We use to give her a Mother’s Day weekend by giving her some time to herself. Growing up in a big family, our gift was a day or two with Dad as she always gave so much of her time to be the best mom to all of us kids. She gave me her love of flowers, one of her favorites gardenias. She also absolutely loved gardening and really wanted a green house, something that never happened during her lifetime. I always think of her when I see the blooms in my garden. Love you Mom!

I have been enjoying the warmth this weekend. This last week was very cool with overcast sky’s and never reaching 70 degrees. I drank in the coolness as the warm up is here, 88F(31C) degrees this weekend and it’s going up this next week into the 90’s(32C). This is what I am use to here in Southern California. I am ready for the heat as I rather missed it if I’m honest. I know not everyone likes the warm weather but I am very acclimated to it and do just fine. Its a dry heat with no humidity so I enjoy it immensely. 😀

We have been going through a bunch of boxes we had packed up and were storing for a future move one day in the future. We decided to go through and reorganize and donate stuff we really don’t need. We came across this container of match books. I am thinking my parents were collecting these as they are very old and mostly from restaurants! I shared them on my Facebook page and my sister told me her friend collects match books as a way of documenting her travels. That friend messaged me and said she probably has 2k match books! haha, that is a ton of them. Those of us that collect stuff knows we can accumulate a lot. We do have a collection my hubby and I started when we got married. We love the movies and our favorite was Star Wars so yep, we have many Star Wars collectibles!! Do you have collectibles? I would love to hear in the comments!

Onto my other love and that is crafts. I cross-stitch and crochet. I set aside my cross-stitch I was working on when my sister came to visit last month because she brought alpaca yarn. A friend of hers had her alpaca sheared and their wool spun. It is beautiful and so soft. I asked her what she would like and she told me hats. I have a wonderful pattern book with lots of hat patterns and we picked out 3 patterns. I only have photos of 2 patterns as she took the third hat home with her. She left the yarn with me and I have been making hats for her to give away as gifts this coming winter. They stitch up fast, so fun to make!

I have so much yarn that I could be making a ton of hats. I went through a scarf craze some years ago and made enough to give as gifts and gave so many away. I have enough family I could make these hats and send to family as gifts and if I really go crazy maybe I will make enough to sell at the local craft fair we have here in town. We will see, I do enjoy making things and am addicted to the crochet right now. I do want to finish my cross-stitch project too. I am about half way through that and need to finish it up soon. I also want to dig out my gardening book and follow the instructions and try and plant some veggies. I am trying to get motivated! For all of you who garden you may say what is the big deal? But I cut corners and the last time I tried to grow tomatoes I did not have much luck. I know it isn’t difficult, I just want to do it correctly. ❤

I am getting more organized with my time at the stables. I actually spend probably too much time there each morning even though I love every minute but if I want to garden then I need to carve out time in the mornings to water and do light gardening before the stables. It sounds easy but I go to bed pretty late and so I don’t get up very early, and I only have so much time in the mornings before I need to get ready for work. It’s all about priorities and like I said being organized! I can do it, I just need to plan. 😀

A short video of Murphy today after a great ride! He is such a good boy!

Happy ponies! Miss Chloe enjoys grazing as well and I am thankful we have the grass around the stables so they can graze away the hours. Haha, I could spend hours letting them eat but usually it’s about 15 minutes or so which they enjoy immensely. Murphy is really filling out as he has grown into his body. I’ll share a photo of when I got him, lets see the difference!

He looks pretty handsome in this older photo but for those who can spot the slight ribs he shows and he isn’t as muscled as a three year old. I have a photo that really shows his youth and I’ll share it here;

It is amazing how much they mature in a few years. It is fun to look back and the grazing photos don’t always show as much with their neck down as they get so much muscle in their necks as well! I am so enjoying both my horses so very much. They help keep me grounded and keep me focused on the task at hand. When I am with them I give them all my attention because horses can tell if you are not in the present. If your mind wonders or you aren’t focused, they know it! I also enjoy their interactions with me as we spend time together. They are such intelligent animals, so much we can learn from each other. 😀

Thank you for visiting today. I enjoy sharing and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and week ahead. Thanks to Natalie who hosts the #weekendcoffeeshare link up. I will try and visit others if I have time this weekend. It is going to be another beautiful day tomorrow. I told my son for Mother’s Day I would like to see a movie. We are going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 3 as I love sci-fi and have seen the first 2 movies. I have heard great reviews as well. Happy Mother’s Day for all who have furry friends as we are moms to all our animals too! ❤

Family and Animal Lover,

~Diana ❤

12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; It’s May, Crafts And Horses!

  1. I was smiling at the matchbooks, are they even a thing anymore. I remember the advertising all sorts of business use to do with them by putting their label on the book. I can’t say I ever saw a Star Wars matchbook though. Great post. Happy Sunday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I’m not so sure the matchbooks are a thing anymore as I don’t see them in any businesses I visit. And I agree, I’ve never seen Star Wars matchbooks. My collection is a lot of toys, which would include action figures large and small, the Star Wars ships too. I have soap shaped as Star Wars figures and bedsheets too. I’m not sure what we will do with it all now that it’s like 40 years later. 🤣 Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s day too!!


      1. Oh, I totally must have read that wrong. Haha, my brain got stuck on matchbooks. As for Star Wars, I have a big Darth Vader head that opens and has a bunch of smaller figurines inside. I don’t have any plans for it, but I imagine that it will hang around for grandkids to check out one day.

        Have a great week, Diana.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha! No worries!! Yes, I have that big Darth Vader head that holds the small action figures inside too. I also have a C3P0 head with more action figures. 😄 Maybe I’ll save them for my grandkids too.

        Have a great week too!!

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  2. Beautiful iris and crochet hats, Diana. I’d love one of those alpaca hats to wear in the winter here. Would you be able to share the crochet patterns that you used? Chloe and Murphy look great. I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day. Thank you for your weekend coffee share.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Natalie! The hats would be perfect in your area and yes, I can share the patterns. I’m enjoying the weekend and I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day too! I’m always so happy to join up with the weekend coffee share! 💞


  3. Your such a talented crafty. Love the collecting, my collecting is more seasonal so little trinkets I bring out in summer, Autumn, winter & Spring. I love changing up the décor. lol. I haven’t seen matchbooks in years, funny how some of those things can be rare & valuable.
    Love the vid of Murphy & how loyal is the gorgeous Chloe. It is so cute how ponies have to grow into their butts, Murphy is such a handsome pony, lol, pony haha, aint so pony any more. Have a wonderful week my pony friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much, so kind of you and it’s fun to share. I love changing things out through the seasons with little trinkets and decor. I should do more of that.
      I’m so happy you enjoyed the ponies and the video. He and I are really getting along nicely, he’s so sweet and my sweet Chloe is doing good too. Thanks for visiting! So fun and happy to chat with you. Have a great week my sweet pony friend! ❤️

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    1. Thank you! I love when the flowers just pop when I take their photo, this is one of my favorites! It was fun to share some comparison photos, my how time flys! Murphy is such a sweetheart, much like Chloe. They have my heart!

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