Weekend Coffee Share; December Fun!

Welcome to my weekend coffee share, can I get you a cup of hot coffee or tea? I made some homemade from scratch brownies and oh my, I can’t stop eating them they are so darn good! I am looking forward to doing some baking this next week as I plan on baking up cookies and packaging them up for friends and relatives this year. It has been a few years since I’ve done a lot of baking for Christmas since 2020 and the not sharing. I am excited to get that together as it always feels like the holidays and I am having a hard time feeling festive this year. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family but have felt a tinge of holiday blues this year. Seasonal depression I know is real and so I just give myself permission to have some days of thoughtfulness and tell myself it’s okay to feel a little blue. I know the holidays can be stressful, and things are falling into place so the stress is less and am looking forward to our vacation to Arizona next weekend.

Yes, I am so excited to see our grandkids! I miss them so much, my son and family are doing good and more often now they talk about moving back to California some day. That would be so incredible if that were to come to fruition, but what is important is that they are happy and healthy. They have had their struggles, but are doing good in Arizona. I miss them terribly and can’t wait to see them. My granddaughter is in a Winter Wonderland Play at her school which we can’t wait to see. I am so happy we will be able to celebrate Christmas with them. I will share my visit when I return.

Let’s see, I have a lot of rambling thoughts rolling around in my head. As I write this I am staring off at the weather report showing up on the news here and we are getting a big rain storm. It’s already here in Southern CA, it’s just not at my house yet. It’s to rain all day long tomorrow and into Monday! I just knew this was going to be a wet year which should help our drought. I have a love/hate relationship with rain, mostly because my horses have outdoor pens. They have solid roofs and a dry area that stays dry no matter how much rain, but the back of their pen can get soggy wet. Oh, speaking of horses ~ I found one of my old show helmets!

I have to say and will admit I do not get rid of sentimental things very easily. Unless it is falling apart or is broken then I trash it but some of my horsey stuff from back in my show days I have kept. I do like to display these helmets and will add the new find to my helmet display or display it somehow as it is in great condition. It can’t be used for horse shows any more because there are no chin straps which are required on show helmets today. Plus with their age, they may not be much protection to your head but they sure are beautiful! I don’t think we hoard stuff, just keepsakes and things from the past that do not take up much room. I have a ton of photos and things like that I need to go through. I did not keep any of my show clothes as I grew out of them and they would not fit me any more. Those are long gone! Haha!

My horses are doing great! I have been getting in some nice rides on both of them. I ride Murphy in the arena as we are still learning all the things together and we have really bonded. He has learned and understand words as I ask him to walk, trot and canter. He is so darn smart, he is so much FUN! And Miss Chloe and I walk along the trails almost every day. Sometimes I am with a friend but many days I ride her alone and she does great by herself as she is so seasoned and knows the trails well. Here is a short video I took about a week ago, on a Monday. I hope you enjoy!

We have been getting a lot of rainy weather. It was blustery and lots of stormy clouds around but no rain on this day thank goodness!

Since I did not finish writing yesterday, here it is Sunday and it rained for many hours and more rain tonight and all day tomorrow! I will be buying shavings so that I can add them to their dry area under their shelter. I know I worry about them more than needed and they do just fine in our winter weather here and it really doesn’t get too cold for them here. I am thankful for that, no snow or freezing weather. Here is Murphy earlier today as I got a bit wet tending to him and Chloe. 😀

Funny story about this weekend. My daughter has been wanting to treat her Dad for his 70th birthday earlier this year to driving a race car at a raceway here in Southern CA. She decided over a month ago and bought him the tickets needed to race or drive at Pomona Raceway on Dec. 11th. Here in sunny California we have had lots and lots of sunny weekends, we have more sunny days than rainy days and as you can see by the photos of how it can change in one day, if she had scheduled the drive for Saturday it would have been great. It’s all good, but the odds of it being rained out is crazy and the raceway has contacted my daughter to reschedule the drive for next year. She has picked a weekend near my grandson’s birthday at end of February and the raceway is in Chandler, Arizona ~ so it will be a fun trip to visit family there and watch my hubby drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari on a racetrack. He couldn’t decide on the car so my daughter will pick and surprise him!

Thank you for joining me for coffee and for letting me ramble on about the happenings here. I have been busy with my work (full-time job) my horses and fitting in as much family time as I can. I sometimes make Christmas gifts, as I’ve crocheted fingerless mittens one year. I started some crocheted socks, but lost interest in them and hence have not gotten motivated to make anything lately. I am actually cross-stitching right now, and next time I share I will include my work. It is almost done, and so fun and relaxing. I hope you all are doing good and enjoying the holiday season. Stay warm and I shall pass you the coffee pot and ask you to share how your week has been.

Thank you Natalie for hosting the #weekendcoffeeshare!

Your Horse Crazy Grandma,

~Diana ❤

24 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; December Fun!

    1. That’s too funny Susie!! My oldest sister has been retired for years and I have to text her to see when she has some free time to chat. Haha, I’m so happy you are having so much FUN! 🤩 Thanks for stopping by my sweet friend! ❤️

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  1. Hi Diana, Thank you for your weekend coffee share. That’s a beautiful rose photo. I’m glad to hear you’re going to AZ for Christmas with your family and both your horses are doing well. I look forward to your post-trip update with pictures of your husband racing on the racetrack and your adorable grandkids around you 🙂 Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas!

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  2. Pass me one of those brownies please! I’m so happy that you have your horses, and the opportunity to ride them all year long. That is a wonderful thing! Enjoy your well deserved time with the grandkids. ❤

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    1. Brownies coming right up! 😀 Thank you so kindly as I do cherish my horses and I’m grateful I can ride year round, truly wonderful! And I’m soooo excited to see my grandkids, I can hardly wait!! ❤️

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  3. Sounds like you are doing well despite a little holiday blues. I am sure some travel to visit family will help that! Glad you are getting some much needed rain. I am sure you do worry about the horses in the rain, but if all the vegetation died in a drought… lol, sorry, worse case… I always worry making plans for the future for things that are weather dependent. Oh well, your husband will get his race in.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

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    1. Thank you so much Trent! I keep on keeping on despite not feeling the holiday spirit this year. And I agree, traveling to visit my family will really help that!! I’m looking forward to my baking as well as I do enjoy giving. And you are so right about the rain and the droughts, an ugly thought indeed and so I have to smile at the muddy mess at the stables as it’s a definite necessity for all of us here on planet earth! 😄 I do welcome it, and we will dry out pretty quickly, usually!! Bummer about the race car driving but you’re right, he’ll get his race in! I hope you have a wonderful week too!!

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  4. I’m so glad you are going to spend christmas with your family in AZ. Our son is coming here to spend Christmas with us. He lives in London England and we have not seen him since last Christmas. We now have snow and cold here. Seasonal weather for Christmas of course.

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    1. Thank you so much Anne! I do miss my grandkids so much so I’m really excited to see them soon. I remember your son lives in England and I’m so happy he’s coming to you for Christmas. That will be so wonderful to be together again. I know a year is a long time in between visits. Stay warm as I know you get the snowy cold winters. Sending to you holiday hugs and cheers! 💖🎄⛄
      (P.S. I wanted you to know I do comment on your posts but lately I don’t see my comments so wondering if they are going into spam folder. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I didn’t comment when you posted of her injuries but did on the post of her passing. Take care my sweet friend. 🥰)

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      1. Oh dear. I have to say that I get hundreds sometimes thousands of spam comments every day and I don’t go through them I just do a mass delete. I hope yours was not in there. I always approve your comments so it should not have gone to spam.

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      2. No worries, I think you get more spam than I do but I agree it’s easier to do a mass delete. I just thought I’d mention it and it could be I’m just missing it on my end. 🙂

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  5. I was planning on making cookies to box to friends this year but I am recovering from a cold and all motivation to spend a weekend baking have gone out of the window. I am going to tell myself “I’ll do it next year.” Good luck on your cookie baking!

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    1. Thank you Julie! I hope you have recovered from your cold, and yes you have to have energy to bake. Haha! It’s definitely an all day process! Happy holidays to you and family! ❤️


      1. Thank you so much Anthonia! We did all go to Arizona to be with the grandkids last weekend. Then yesterday I came down with covid so I’m a bit under the weather right now. I’m doing good considering, my fever has broke but I have a sore throat, cough and runny nose. I’m hoping to write tomorrow to catch up with everything. Sending warm hugs your way and thank you for staying in touch. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


      2. I’m doing much, much better! We are expecting a lot of rain this next week so I’m not sure how much riding I’ll be doing. But you totally made me smile! Thanks for your wonderful, kind comments. ❤️🐴❤️


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