Why do we blog? Updates And Horses!

Why do we blog? I am asking myself because I have lost my blogging mojo. Yep, it’s lost and I keep searching and am having a lot of trouble finding it lately. Do you know where it could be? I have lots of theories, maybe if I break it down and share some of my theories I may just find my mojo again. I will start with a few sad events that I take in stride and don’t dwell on sad things, but maybe the deep roots of a few of them have affected my thought process and given me pause. Yes, one of the things that has really affected my thinking is a lifelong friend who hurt my feelings badly last year (and in turn I hurt her feelings too, which makes me sad) and it doesn’t matter how and why, and we’ve made up and we are on good footing again, but it made me wonder what it is that caused the issues that brought us to this place where we didn’t understand each other.

Hmm, was it me? we will never know and this is a good horse friend who I rode with every day. I’m so happy we are all good and we don’t board at the same stables anymore, but am happy we are still best of friends. ❤ However, this has caused me much reflection and in this reflection has caused me to wonder what am I doing and how can I be authentic and fun, and happy to share all the things that enrich my life. Why do we blog? for me to share.

Life is full of challenges, good and bad. Lots of things are challenging right? Friendships, loved ones can be confusing as I have had my fair share of misunderstandings with my family too. Life decisions can be challenging, as I have shared that I wanted to move to Arizona which did not pan out and I am actually thankful we did not move there. Owning animals can be challenging, I lost a horse last year which was really sad, and I feel enriched and thankful that my sweet Murphy is now in my life along with my other horse Miss Chloe. They both help keep me centered and truly are my therapy. Why do I blog? Definitely for Therapy.

As I share my thoughts today I am thinking about how I started my blogging journey which was to improve my writing skills. I always wanted to write and I have journaled (a lot) and thought wouldn’t it be great to write a novel. Wait, novel writing? That’s hard work, and I am no english major so there is that as well. I find the freeform writing here is my cup of tea. I don’t need to remember grammar stuff, and if I make a run on sentence who cares? RIGHT? Haha, at least all those who follow and read my posts are all very kind and I so appreciate my audience, more than you all realize.

Part of my missing mojo also revolves around this wonderful blogging community because I am also finding it difficult keeping up reading all the wonderful blog posts out there and then I feel guilty I am not reading them all and commenting. It is a growing emotion for me, feeling guilty because I am not there responding. My mojo is wrapped up in this predicament. Why do we blog? To strengthen our writing skills.

I know, I know, just do what you can. I tell myself that everyone has a life and we all are busy (some probably more busy than others) and that no one is counting or looking to see who reads what or who comments when…. And then I see all these blog posts and think I need to catch up! It can be stifling. Shake it off Diana. Your mojo is here somewhere, and I think I just need to write. There is one last thing in my head that I think grabbed my mojo and I was so worried this would happen, and then it did.

I joined a Facebook group which is something I have paid for, a small price each month as it is a private group that is specifically for a horsey podcast I listen to almost every day. I didn’t want to join this podcast auditors group because I was worried that it would be exactly what I thought it would be and that is a time eater. Yep, I find myself spending lots of my spare time reading all the posts in this horsey podcast private group! I know myself too well, and I joined because I really wanted to adopt my thoroughbred Murphy and the trainer who helped me adopt him is on the podcast. (By paying I am supporting this wonderful podcast and it is worth the $3 a month to me.) It’s all coming full circle. As my time has been eaten away by my FB readings, I have dropped a lot of my blog posts readings on WP. Criminey!! I feel like I am at a point where I need to make a choice. OR I need to figure out some moderation. Why do I blog? For friends and family!

My lazy handsome thoroughbred this last week, Murphy!

Why do we blog? The posts we all write and share have meaning to all of us that I could not even come close to describing. We all have a need to be here and I honor each and every one of you as I truly believe my life has been enriched by all that I have met through your posts. My updates that I mention in my title is really just updates on where my head is at, at this time in my life. I need to free myself from guilt, and free myself from any passed transgressions with friends and family and I think my mojo will return. My life and horse stories is important to me and I have shared so much of my life here that I don’t want to throw in the towel. I don’t think I need to start over either, but I do feel like I need to find a new way forward that feels fresh and forward thinking. Looking to the future and appreciating the past. I hope you’ll enjoy my shares. Mojo, where are you? I know you are there somewhere!

I updated my blog site with this photo that was taken by a friend this last July. It’s nice to update things every once in awhile. It’s a start to finding my mojo, I feel like its right at my fingertips now. Thank you for your support and for reading and following my blog. ❤ I blog for me and for you, Why do you blog?

Searching Lovingly,

~Diana ❤

18 thoughts on “Why do we blog? Updates And Horses!

    1. Howdy!
      I enjoy writing too and I Love your blog and all your beautiful photographs too! Writers block is a real thing, and thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I plan on continuing as I fight through this writers block I’m going through right now. 🤠

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    2. Why do I blog? I like to write and do not find it hard to do. While I have been off riding with my broken hip I got into posting every day and posting things that have nothing to do with horses. Now I am back to doing some riding and do not have so much time . I also always try to keep up with reading all the bloggers I follow and that takes a LOT of time. Sometimes I think I would like to take a break from blogging but I never get started on it. I like your videos and blog posts. I hope you can find the energy to keep going .😃

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      1. This is encouraging Anne to hear why you blog. I soooo enjoy your blog, I can’t tell you how inspirational you are with all that you do with your beautiful Biasini. And I love the off horse topic shares too, as you’ve traveled the world and have seen such amazing areas. I enjoy your posts greatly.
        I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things and it does make me happy that you enjoy my shares. Thank you kindly! 😀

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  1. I hear you, Grab a cuppa for this one sunshine. I haven’t been out & about much needed chill out brain time, the farm is physically well & truly keeping me delightfully busy,(I have so many half started blogs aaahhh, lol) I love our blogging community, as for relationships its the closest that can hurt the most. In all that, My beautiful pony sister friend. It puts a smile on me dial every time I get a notification from my life & horse stories, No pressure to keep blogging, lol. You are such an encouragement Magnificent & much fun Murphy & Miss marvellous Chloe that pony connection is so true to who you are. Love the family updates how beautiful are those grankiddies growing. I hope you keep blogging & know that here in the little land of Oz on our little frolic & feed farm you are appreciated by all. Hugs & pony kisses from us.

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    1. Howdy pony sister from your sweet land of Oz! I’m so happy your beautiful farm with all your critters is doing great and your heartfelt comments warm my heart and fill my soul! I’m smiling from ear to ear and I do understand needing some chill out brain time. I too love this BEAUTIFUL blogging community, and I’m not giving up blogging as it truly is so fulfilling for me and these connections are so special to me too. You are so sweet and I’m sending Hugs and pony kisses back to you!! I’m so happy!


  2. And voila! There it was, this was one of the best blog posts you have ever written. It’s genuine and real, everything we feel and think are not roses. Keep writing for the love of writing, to share, and to connect. If it stresses you out, just take a break and come back. Even though we (all your blogging friends) miss you when you take a break, we are equally happy when you are back.

    Blogging have many purposes for me. It started out as a way to improve my English, 12 years ago, on a different blog. It’s definitely a way to connect with friends and family. I blog to inspire and get inspired. I blog to maintain focus and organise my thoughts – a way to journal and be grateful. I really like this free form of writing, as I do a lot of other writing/documenting in my professional life (mostly in Swedish). Blogging is also a way of sharing my love for photography, places others might not see. I also enjoy seeing places I have not seen through the lens of others.


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    1. Thank you so very, very much Maria as this was a very cathartic post for me. You are so kind. So much turmoil happening underneath my normal exterior and to be able to write out my thoughts in this way is very liberating. Thank you for your support, your beautiful kind words and understanding and that you “get it” and I’m never going to stop writing! I truly love it and I absolutely love this blogging community!! I love your sentence “even though us blogging friends miss you when you take a break, we are equally happy when you are back” this warms my heart and makes me smile! Love you all!!

      Thank you for sharing your blogging journey with me as well. Make sense to blog to improve your English and connect with friends and family. You are definitely very inspiring, my aspirations are there too. Oh and to share photography, YES!! Our friendship is so important to me, even though we’ve not met in person I think of you like family. I also enjoy seeing the world through the lens of others! This! This is exactly why I want to keep blogging and writing and sharing.

      Diana ❤️


  3. I heart this ♥

    From my experience in blogging I have learnt that blogging can be reflective look at how our lives are… Everything is not only connected… But finely balanced, be it by design or happy coincidence..
    You may know I mentor emerging bloggers trying to find their feet and it really feels like I will be giving life coaching lessons than just blogging.
    Bottom line is that blogging is not simply sitting down and writing, its everything in between each word, each line and each photograph…
    And of course asking yourself why you do it helps not only to center yourself, to find out what is important And of course priorities can change and that is OK too…
    End Ted Talk

    Why do I blog? To honor each part of my journey… To capture history, to be immortal… And To be home to all the thoughts I’m always on the verge of almost saying.
    Recently I was chatting with a friend and they remarked that when we first met they thought I would talk their ear off since I write so much (apparently) 🤣

    Why do I blog?
    I write more than I talk 😊

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    1. Thank you so very much B!! I LOVE and appreciate your comments and the Ted Talk. I never really thought about how much more blogging truly is as you explain so eloquently! 🥰 And I’m so grateful for your coaching as you’ve given me so many helpful pointers as I’ve grown through my blogging experiences. Your last part of the Ted Talk really makes me relax and realize I needed to feel more centered and that it’s okay if my priorities change. ❤️

      I love reading why others blog, and yours is right up there with my favorites!! I definitely can relate with all that you’ve shared. Funny, when I was growing up in a household of 6 kids (me being in the middle) I was called motor mouth because I was constantly talking! 🤣 But I can definitely express myself better writing. I love the fact that you write more than you talk!

      Thank you again ~ Diana 🤠🐴❤️

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    1. Thank you so much Kelly for stopping by and commenting. That’s good to know that you took a break as I have seen others do the same. I too this summer have only posted once a month. I’m hoping my mojo returrns as I miss my enthusiasm for blogging! 😀


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