Weekend Coffee Share; 4th of July Weekend!

Welcome to my coffee share, can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? I am having a nice cup of joe with my favorite creamer, sweet Italian cream. I can’t believe it is July! Where did June go? it just zipped on by seemingly so fast. I had a busy month last month and I am hoping to slow down a little and enjoy this month. For those of us here in the states, this weekend is July 4th weekend ~ Happy 4th of July! ❀ I am so thankful for the long weekend and an extra day off this next week. We always barbeque which millions of American’s do, and since it is summer here it’s always a great way to celebrate!

Did I mention already how busy I have been? Ah, yes, I think I bring it up all the time. I am not sure how I fit in all that I do and my life just seems to get busier. My “busier” has been at the barn where I board my two horses. It seems that when there is other boarders that need help with their horses, my name comes up. I am honored and deeply grateful that so many trust me to take care of their horses, but it is getting to the point where I am getting super busy with many to care for especially this month. (I will say that it is difficult for me to say No! Haha, so I do this to myself to a certain degree!) I have 6 horses for the first week of July (2 of them are my own) and after next week that care will go down to 5 horses. I can thankfully take turns getting them out and exercised which means I do not have to handle all of them all on the same day. It will put a kink into my riding on some days, I may be getting less sleep so I can get up earlier to fit in all that I want to do each day. We will see how this goes. πŸ˜€

Since I am on the subject of horses I thought I would share some photos. I have been able to ride a lot out on the trails with Chloe. I am riding my other horse Murphy but mostly in the arena as I want him to learn in there more basic riding commands so we are safe together. I am hoping to get him out on the trails some this summer. I want to partner up with a friend as it can be scary on the trails for a young horse in our town all by himself. He is very brave and the trail riding I have done this past year with him was always with other horses. I knew he needed more arena training but wanted to see what kind of “brain” he had which just means that the trails I have ridden him on were short, not far from home and he had a good “brain” and was very sensible and kind.

Now that Murphy has turned 4 years old I am upping the demands slowly and asking him to do things that will make our partnership together more cohesive and safe. He should know how to walk, trot and canter when I cue him to do this and just as important to “whoa” or stop when I ask. His whoa he is getting better at especially at the walk and trot but he still needs work at the canter. I am in no rush and have done more with him at the walk and trot, so that is why he is getting that down better. I wish I had more time to spend riding him and hence why I am a tiny bit frustrated with my time at the barn. Part of the issue is a friend fell off this last Friday. She owns 2 horses and has asked me to care for them as she recovers from the fall. She broke 2 ribs and hurt her back and so how can I say no? She doesn’t know another lady is going out of town for one week so I have already said yes to her for her horse. And I have another that I care for 2 days a week, the lady has paid me through to August for that horse care. It’s all good, it just is what it is at this time!

He is such a handsome guy! He is so laid back, so calm and pleasing. I think he gets a little bored. Since my other horse Chloe is 18yrs old, I can just hop on and head out on the trail. My shortest trail ride is about 25 minutes, so it’s a total of almost an hour from getting her out and tacked up, out on trail and then I need to clean her up (which may be hosing her off if it’s hot) and get her put away. I then do Murphy. Or I do Murphy first and spend about an hour and a half with him and then I ride or turn out Chloe. I then have to fit in another turn out with some care to other horses that others have paid me for. My riding time gets cut into if say I eat breakfast out with hubby one or two mornings each week. Haha, I guess I have a full-time job and now a part-time job. My family can’t understand why I am at the barn every single day. (They kind of understand my obsession, but they have asked me why do I go every day?) Seriously, I NEVER miss a day unless I am out of town!! I am seriously that horse CRAZY! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

As I am writing this I am realizing my horsey obsession has turned into a somewhat part-time job especially since I concede and help so many others. I am realizing I need to take back some control since it is eating into my horse riding time and if I am feeling frustrated because of this then it takes the fun out of my time at the barn. Talk about a juggling act! Sheesh! I am not old enough to retire because if I could retire then I could have this part-time horse care job. Something I will look forward to when that year comes to fruition. I am the type of person that tends to put the needs of others before my own, hence why I haven’t learned to say no very often (if ever) so the learning goes….. I need to be stronger, and put my needs first but for now I will just be very busy! Do you over extend yourself? or do for others to the point where it takes time away from your needs? I am curious as I can’t be alone! πŸ˜€

I’ll end with this sweet kitty. This is Evie, my daughter’s cat and she is so incredibly friendly. You know how I am with my crazy selfie photos, she was so fun to be with when I was visiting with my daughter in June. I had so much fun at the horse clinic and spending time with my daughter. She invited some friends over when I was there and we had an indoor barbeque on Sunday after I was done with the clinic. We had so much fun breaking bread and playing a card game. I have so enjoyed having coffee (or tea) with you this weekend and for filling you in on my busy schedule! Haha, it’s been crazy days and will stay that way for awhile!

Thank you Natalie for hosting the #weekendcoffeeshare and if you would like to visit and read other shares you can click here! I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.

Super Busy Crazy Horsey obsessed Gal,

~Diana ❀

22 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; 4th of July Weekend!

  1. When I first started freelance work in my apartment (mid-80s) , one of my early clients was writing her doctoral paper for a degree in business communications. For me to maintain my energy and enthusiasm, I was to schedule in nonnegotiable blocks of time during the work week for myself, as though I were my own and most important client. It got me through thirty years of self-employment. Boundaries. Just a “I m sorry, but that time is not available”? Maybe there is a version of that which would work for you.

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    1. Thank you for your insight and how you handled scheduling your own needed time. You hit the nail on the head, boundaries! Something I need to create with my friends/ladies at the barn. I like how you put it ~ “I’m sorry, but that time is not available”. I think I’ll work on this goal through the next couple months. I plan on reminding myself how important boundaries are!! Thanks so very much! ❀️

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  2. Hi Diana
    Enjoyed your update and photos – is Murphy four already? And is June really over? Well I guess so!

    And my advice to you is to make sure you take some b/complex vitamins and a good mineral
    blend (cal/mag w zinc and d3)
    And esp my fav for busy busy seasons : vitamin c powder with four fish oil caps each day
    We like the Thompson brand vitamin c powder – under ten $ and does amazing things to support you while busy
    Because you don’t want to crash or get sick in September because of all
    You are doing now…
    And my hubs and I realized something a long time ago – sometimes the richest and most alive life comes with very busy seasons – which involves maybe over committing – too much outreach – planning surprises – etc –
    The problems come if we live lke that for decades and burn out bad and neglect growth and personal stuff.
    In my June blog interview with Xingfumama – the topic of boundaries came up and something about how we cannot and should not always have strict boundaries in place
    Because the tide of life is not predictable like the tide of the ocean!
    And helping the lady with the broken ribs and then others – these are huge investments in folks that need it ((and who will also have you covered if you have an emergency or need to travel etc))
    But you are wise to ponder the path and not ignore that you have a lot going on and that it will add up!
    If it were me – i would see if I could find a teen to help – even a little bit – and then support the body for the extra output – and if you have a huge sleep debt – set aside weekend time to get some catch up sleep as that can be crucial !


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    1. Hi Yvette,
      I can’t believe June is over! Haha, here we come July! I do take some vitamins but I’ll look for what you’ve recommended. Thanks so kindly for what works good to keep energy up and keep you healthy especially thru busy times. 😊 I’m not planning on sacrificing too much sleep… That’s near and dear to me now that I sleep at night vs my old job when I worked night shift.
      You’ve explained so well how we get into commitments that can enrich our lives but burn out can happen which I don’t want either. There are other ladies at the barn that help and even help me with the extra horses by say filling water buckets to ease the burden. The lady who broke her ribs will be a contribution from a couple of us that go to the barn every day but I’ll be the only one actually taking out the horses when I can. You are so correct, building these bonds by helping in emergencies will pay you back if something arises in your life and I may need help.
      We’ve got a great group of ladies, however, I need boundaries as it amazes me how others throw my name out first and others don’t step up, so I’m going to have to figure out a way to say I don’t have time in my schedule. They all mean well, and I get it, they can’t be me and I shouldn’t expect anyone to look out for me but myself! Haha, I’m learning…..
      Finding a teen to help is a great idea and I actually know of a horse gal in her 20’s that might want some extra cash.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and I’ll stop by and read the interview you mentioned from your blog. I’m a bit behind on my blog visiting and reading!! Haha!

      Lastly, I so appreciate your wisdom and kind words. You help give me strength! Sending warm hugs! β€οΈπŸ€—

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      1. Hi! Regarding the teen helping – or a young adult – perhaps you can also find what they need in addition to a few dollars – like some want a certificate for their resume (something commending their volunteer or service work – because certain jobs want this later and it just looks good – a certificate is easy to make – and it can be so motivating

        Regarding binding your time and slowing down the commitment – I like what the first comment or said here in This thread – about blocking off time –
        So this might not apply – but my spouse and I had to do this early in our marriage when he worked at a church where everyone wanted to hang out with us on weekend nights!
        And we needed some quiet time but people with a small group or little get together would be insulted if we said we wanted to stay home and have a quiet night!
        So we learned we did not and should not always state the reason
        It was a matter of “sorry we have plans Friday and Saturday night this whole month – but next month has some openings.
        Diana – it worked so well for us and the old motto about
        “Pulling back to give less so you can give more in the long haul”
        And you are smart right now to want to strategize and be so mindful of your time!

        With that said – as noted before – there is a beauty in sometimes having the super busy season – part of life and part of being connected and having a good heart!
        And this couple at our church in San Jose were never at any event and it became a little bit of a funny thing because one day someone said “where are the Lloyds” and three people in sync said “they’re drawing boundaries”
        Because they were always pulling back so much it was just “off”
        And maybe the way they said it

        And so like that comment or said – if you block off chunks of time for rest and sleep – that will help you say “no” because you have it in place that that time is bound and it could help you say NO.

        And it is such an honor that folks think of you with horse help – this esteem and regard for you is not to be taken lightly – and that is likely part of the mix here too…
        But we need Diana fresh so she can visit grandkids and ask blog even if only a couple posts a month- right?!!

        Oh and take your time on the interview reading – they are not going anywhere and I will keep my Mayer page updated as a resource – and so just put them on your list to skim later!
        I have about 25 blog posts I plan to read later this summer and when/if I have time!
        I also practice what I preach and after a super busy April and May – I pulled back in June and paused two projects – I am so glad I did because I got one extra interview done and then was able to relax more when we had out of state visitors – whew –
        But life sure does ebb and flow and remember that as you learn a few more lessons in life (because we are always growing) this is more seasoning you will bring to your family as they need it in the coming years – like you can tell
        Them how this came
        Your way and how you processed and strategized
        Every second of our life matters to God and he is always multitasking (master of it) as he leads our life and often guides us with circumstances
        Like getting Murphy was a god appointment – and you even bring at the stables is not by chance
        So exhale and smile – for god will never give you more than you can handle and he will give you wisdom wash day and each week β˜€οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

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      2. Thank you so very much Yvette for all the great ideas. I’ll look into seeing if maybe our local school here which has an AG program has a need for maybe some volunteering work for the students. Certainly doesn’t hurt to ask and I agree a certificate of completion is not that hard to create

        I enjoyed your example of your church days and the overwhelming need for others to hang out so often. I totally understand how that goes and what can be learned in setting boundaries that make sense. I have an idea of using my work hours and say my work hours have changed from this time to this time which I can move around as needed by buffering these hours for “me time” or family time or whatever like you noted. Short and sweet, I can definitely create hours that will help me cut back on all my over extended hours currently! I don’t want to burn out or get sick.

        You’ve hit so many wonderful points, you so get my struggles as it is truly kind the respect I get for my horse knowledge as I know that’s why so many want me to care for their horses. But I can’t help everyone, and I’m not available all day either. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and didn’t think about that, I can read blogs that have been posted long afterwards when I get some free time. Often that is during my lunch break at work! You are the best!! πŸ€©β€οΈπŸ€—

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      3. Well I am so glad to have shared – because it is how we pay it forward and all that – as you already do in areas and will do in future ones – and sometimes things sneak up on us – ((most times)) and so even if “we’ve got this down” new areas emerge and life is totally problem solving
        And enjoying the gift of each day
        Have a good week

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  3. Hi Diana, Thank you for your weekend coffee share, especially when you’ve been busy with your full-time job and taking care of six horses. On one of my cycling routes, there is a path lined with honeysuckles and I love to inhale their soft scent when I go by. I think when you feel you’re overextended, it means you’ve overextended yourself and it’s time to scale back or get help so you don’t lose the joy in what you love to do, or get sick. Murphy and Chloe look beautiful. Please give them extra pats from me. Have a wonderful week!

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    1. Hi Natalie!
      That’s so neat you have honeysuckle there as the beautiful scent is certainly delightful! I’m so happy to share coffee this weekend and I agree, in just a few days (after the accident with my friend falling off) I realized how over extended I am now at the barn. I will say there are some ladies there that I know will help me out with a few of the horses, so that’s something. I also agree I don’t want to lose the joy I have with my own horses. I’ll be needing to scale back and hopefully in a month or so it will be nice to just take care of my horses ~ My goal for the summer!! Thank you for your kind comments and I’ll give Murphy and Chloe some extra pats from you! Have a great week too! 🀩🐴🀠


  4. Thank you so much for the coffee Diana and seeing sweet Chloe and Murphy always brings a smile to my face πŸ’› Boundaries are so important and the better care you can take of your own needs and wellbeing, the more energy you will have to help others. Sometimes we discover inner strengths and energy levels we never knew we had and it is almost as if we are being supported when reaching out to help others in those moments. Wishing you a blessed week ahead and take some time to reorganise where you feel it’s too busy, and please give sweet Chloe and Murphy a big pat from us all πŸ€—πŸ§‘πŸ΄ xxx

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    1. Thank you Xenia for your wonderful comments. I’m so happy my horses make you smile, I’m smiling so big right now!! I’m loving everyone’s kind and supportive comments and especially the fact I really need to create boundaries for myself so I can be there for my horses. I was so frustrated Sunday because one of the ladies was a little bossy about how I should take care of others horses first and before I knew it the morning blew by and I did not ride Murphy. By late morning I was so frustrated I knew my energy would not be good around a young horse so I worked with him gently in our round pen, he was super but I really wanted to ride. I’m going to let these ladies know from now on my horses come first, then I’ll tend to others needs and that will make me happy. But I do need to set even better boundaries. It’s so wonderful to share and get feedback, it’s so supportive and helpful!! Have a blessed week and I’ll give sweet Chloe and Murphy a big pat from you all! β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ€©πŸ΄ Please give Misty a pat from us here! πŸ’–πŸΎ

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  5. I like Prior’s suggestion of a certificate for a teenage high school helper. Here in Ontario Kids in High School are required to do volunteer work. My daughter helped at a therapeutic riding center. I agree with Prior that a certificate could be a good motivation. And WHEW you are super busy with those horses to look after. Murphy looks very good his coat is so shiny! I wish I could just bring Biasini down to take him out on your trails. He would be good guide for Murphy!

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    1. I think that Prior’s suggestion is a great idea too! I’ll have to check around town and the junior high or high school and see if there is already a volunteer program, or see what I would need for something like that. I think that’s wonderful how your daughter was able to volunteer at the therapeutic riding center! I’m not alone taking care of the lady who broke her ribs as another friend is helping too on the days she’s at the barn, so that’s some help at least! I looked around today before I left and said to myself, did I do all I needed to do today? I did, but it’s definitely a bit much but I made sure I took care of my horses first. Thank you for your kind comments as I love Murphy’s shiny coat, he is so soft too!

      Ooh, I sure wish you and Biasini were close by to come ride the trails to be the trail guide Murphy needs!! He would be excellent!

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  6. Someday you will cherish these crazy, busy days – they will be the focus of your dreams. Try not to over-extend though – easier said than done. I admire your dedication to your horses and your willingness to put others first. As it should be! Take care.

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    1. I hadn’t thought of it like that and I know what you say is so true. It’s funny how I was just thinking about getting older and aging (some of getting older kinda sucks as I don’t have the feeling of energy like when I was young) but I push through and enjoy my days with the horses. This week I figured out a doable schedule so that’s encouraging. Anyways, I appreciate your positivity!! Thank you for stopping by and I appreciate your comments!! ❀️

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  7. Time flies when are having fun,,,, so we must be having fun hahahaha
    Great to see you still about being horse crazy, sounds like you have grown into a brand of sorts too hey.
    Next I guess you will definitely need to up those negotiation skills and the art of saying No. sometimes you gotta put your foot down lol… Easy to say though as I usually tend to help others over myself… So tiatlly understand the dilemma


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    1. It’s funny you mentioned the having fun part as that’s how I’m looking at my rather long hours at the barn. 🀩 I’ve figured out a schedule that is working for me and so that helps. I think I need to raise my rates which I’ll do if I can’t seem to say no, haha. But I agree, I don’t want to be a carpet but there’s something about my nature that wants to be there for others if needed. Haha, it’s definitely a dilemma! πŸ€” It’s helping me by putting my horses first as I found if I did other people’s horses first then ran out of time for my own, then I was really upset! Anyhow, it’s nice to have a place to share my thoughts and feelings on the subject and I’ve been getting great feedback!

      Thanks B for stopping by, always fun to hear from you!! 🀠🐴πŸ₯°


  8. Hi Diana! A great post as always and such amazing photos. Like you, I ALWAYS put everyone’s needs (and wants) before my own. I didn’t say no and gave more than for what is was expected. I didn’t take care of myself and it cost me dearly in terms of my health. But… I have never ever regretted the way I lived my life, and now that I am retired I am totally enjoying making it up to myself. I don’t know if that helps at all but I say ‘if it feels right, do it’ and I wish you all the best retirement when your time does come!

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    1. Thank you Anne for your kind words and sage advice. I am glad to hear you don’t regret all the giving that you’ve done through life as it is my nature too! I’m being more aware of my time to create some boundaries for myself. At least it makes me feel less stressed out.
      And thank you for the well wishes on my retirement. My daughter and I have had many conversations in the past month or so about that very thing. Trying to navigate and figure out retirement is challenging, but she really wants me to retire soon (sooner than later, maybe sometime next year) so that I can enjoy my retirement years!


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