Birthdays, Vacations, I can’t believe it’s June!

Welcome to my weekend coffee share. Can I get you a cup of coffee or tea as we sit and chat? I have been one busy Mom, Grandma and cowgirl. I have been a bit under the weather as I returned from my visit to my family in Arizona at the end of May and have a head cold. My grandson was sick the week before and they thought was better but still had a bit of a cough. I wasn’t worried and would have still gone and visited even though I ended up sick too, I am getting better each day. I didn’t share last week because I haven’t been feeling great. Onward, as I have so much to share I hardly know where to begin!

How about birthday celebrations! My daughter-in-law and my son both have birthdays in May. We headed there for my sons birthday May 30th and had a ton of fun. My grandkids are growing up as my granddaughter will be turning 7 years old this August, she’s getting so BIG!! My grandson is just over 2 years old and is so smart and into everything. He is quite the handful but is as cute as can be and I cherish every minute I spend with these cutie patuties!

My daughter and other son joined me as we visited with the son that lives in Arizona. It was wonderful having all 3 of my grown kids together. My son in Arizona is the only one who has children and they may end up being my only grandchildren at least in the foreseeable future. That’s A-okay with me as I feel fortunate and very grateful for my beautiful family and grandkids!

My daughter with my grandson, isn’t he adorable? I couldn’t decide which photo to share of my daughter with Teddy so I just shared them both! And the center photo of my granddaughter who has the cutest smile. I think she has had so many photo’s taken of her that she often makes silly faces. I will share a silly selfie as she loves to make funny faces. What characters and what FUN!

This may end up being the last birthday celebration at my son’s house in Arizona as he has been applying to jobs in other states. We do not know what the future holds but I know he will do excellent as he grows with his career in Medical physics or Bioinformatics which is a growing field with technology and the medical field. He is currently working on his Master’s attending online at Stanford for Bioinformatics study. I am so proud of all he has accomplished as with all my children, I’m a proud mama!

How are you doing, can I get you a refill? I have gotten a fresh cup of iced coffee as it’s been pretty hot this last week and into this weekend. It hits the spot, I did not grow up drinking iced coffee as we just didn’t have such a thing. Now I LOVE iced coffee, haha, how things have changed! Now let’s see, where was I? In Arizona it was only really hot on the first day but Memorial day weekend had nice weather. We visited a mall and ate lunch at the Tikki Shack which was delicious. I took a few photos as we ate and walked around the outdoor mall. We spent most of our time at Barnes and Noble bookstore. 😀

Great memories and fun times with family. I could not ask for a better vacation and I am so appreciative of my children and all that they do for each other and for the family as a whole. I love them so much! ❤

Can you believe it is June? This year just seems to be flying by and I have been thinking a lot about my blogging and more like the lack of it as I have been rather absent lately. I am a creature of habit, and so with that I have my habits of the things I enjoy doing each day (and I have to squeeze in the things I don’t enjoy as much too, which is usually housework. Haha!) I do enjoy sharing and blogging but I feel like I have kind of lost my groove. I lost that “habit” of sitting down and writing! I use to think of things through my week that would stand out to me and I would say to myself, that would be fun to blog about. I think as I stepped back I lost that lust of thinking about what will I blog about today or this weekend, does that make sense?

I will say since I am writing about this that last year was a really tough year for me even though I had some real ups (the purchase/adoption of my beautiful Murphy) and some real downs (the loss of my sweet horse Zack and I did not write a blog about him but we put down our dog Drew as well). I also had some friendship problems that really hurt my feelings but the wounds have healed and I am much better now. I did not want to blog about these feelings, just too personal and I just needed to work through the emotions. I sometimes have worried that all I write about is happy cheerful stuff, like my life is so rosy and perfect when clearly it isn’t nor can it be….. BUT if you are an avid follower you know I like to stay as positive as I can and share smiles and laughter which in turn makes me happy. Sorry, I didn’t know I was going to write about all this but it has been weighing heavy on my mind! I feel much freer now! YAY!

This post makes me smile! I will end with Murphy and I am hoping to write another post tomorrow and it will be all about my horses. Next weekend I am going to attend a horse clinic at Monty Robert’s Flag Is Up Farm which is near Solvang, CA. It will be 3 days of clinic training with clinicians attending with Monty which includes the trainer I got Murphy from and I can’t wait to meet her in person! I am also really excited because I will be staying with my daughter as she lives nearby. I can’t wait to learn new and exciting horse training and so I won’t be sharing a post next weekend. I will share when I return.

I thank you all for reading and sharing coffee with me this weekend. I also want to thank you all for your support of my blogging whether I blog a little or a lot, you all are awesome! I want to thank Natalie for hosting the #weekendcoffeeshare, I so enjoy linking up and I will try and visit other coffee shares this weekend. Take care ya’ll!

Crazy Grandma horse lover forever,

~Diana ❤

P.S. I have been told from fellow bloggers that I can save on space on WP if I share videos from YouTube but I don’t have a YouTube channel, another password another site another something to manage. So I am slowly running out of space here on my blog for my photos and videos which in turn makes me stress about blogging and sharing as eventually I will run out of space! Haha, it’s always something!! I guess it’s time to get a YouTube channel, sigh….

24 thoughts on “Birthdays, Vacations, I can’t believe it’s June!

  1. What amazing family time you’ve had recently! I’m so glad you’ve been able to share so much space and time with the people you love.

    Is there a way to smush your photos so they take up less space? My website is very photo heavy so I installed a plug in that smushes all my photos, it was a game changer for me! Maybe there’s a similar work around for you?

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    1. Aww, thank you! It was a fun vacation. I’ll look into that plug in that smushes photos to help with the space on my blog! Thanks for the tip as I just Love sharing photos!!

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  2. Hi Diana,
    Well, where to begin indeed. You know I’ve missed you and I enjoy your almost always being positive as there are plenty on non-positive things happening that only drag us down. I prefer to focus on the good when I can, but process the negative stuff in a healthy manner where I must.
    I do believe that a lot — a whole lot — of the negative stuff around us in not real and was produced to manipulate us as a community.
    But even that line of thought is negative – so that was enough said about it.
    Do I understand correctly that you have two boys and one girl?
    So do we.
    My wife, as we started our season of becoming parents, told me her dream was to have; first a son, then twin girls followed by a final son for four kids total.
    We got exactly this list minus the twins. She turned out to be a single like her brothers.
    We have no grand kids yet, but number 1 son and our DIL are beginning to talk about it.
    I’ve not blogged about this yet, but number 2 daughter just got a seat in medical school. She’s back on course to become a doctor.
    Then number 3 son, announced last week to us that he thinks he may have a girl friend.
    So the world of our family is changing and we’re loving it.
    Hope you have a great visit to that clinic. It does sound like fun.

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    1. Hi Gary!
      I’m so happy to share and when I get behind I feel like I have so much to catch up on, haha. Your encouraging words are so appreciated. I’m so happy I can be as positive and authentic in my writings as I share. Hence why I like to share my thoughts and feelings from time to time. I stay away from the politics and other things that are negative in this world right now and yes, some or a lot I do believe it’s manipulative on purpose. Enough said about that.

      Yes, I have 3 children and I did at one time want 4 kids but that just never happened but I’m of course very grateful for my family. (I’m like your wife! 🤩) My oldest is my daughter, then the 2 boys. Your family is similar but different birth order, haha! Congrats on your daughter getting into Med school!! And life is always evolving and changing, you’ll get a grandchild here eventually!! I’m excited about the horse clinic! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!!


  3. Great that you could visit your son and see your grand kids! better that your other kids joined you, making that vacation into a mini family reunion. I’m sorry you were sick, though. Glad you are on the mend. I’m sorry you had a bit of a rough year. I knew about Zack , of course, but not Drew or problems with friends. I know Murphy has been there to lift you out of the funk 🙂
    I hope you had a good weekend and that you have a wonderful week ahead!

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    1. Thank you so much Trent!! It was like a mini family reunion, so FUN! I’m still trying to shake off this cough, but am much better this weekend. Murphy has been a life line of sorts, bringing me much happiness and losing two animals was tough and my friend problem was with my best friend who reads my blog. They aren’t on WP but I share to FB. I considered stopping that share but my sister’s and other friends enjoy the read so I just had to not write about it.

      I find writing cathartic, so I found myself backing away from writing as I always want to be authentic. (So I felt like I was faking my happiness when I wasn’t completely happy because I couldn’t share my true feelings, so weird but not being able to share was tough!) I’m much better now and my friendship and feelings have healed and the friend is a life long friend that I’ve forgiven as she hurt my feelings deeply. Anyways, funny how things in your life that happen affect the way you think and feel which of course it will but sometimes you don’t see it until it’s hindsight. Lol ~ (not sure if I make any sense at all 🤔) thanks so much for stopping by, I’m so appreciative and I hope you have a great week ahead too! 😀

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      1. Glad the life-long friendship has healed!
        I set up another blog so I can write all of those things I don’t want people to see. I’ll admit, it was mostly going to be for political ranting and such, but it could be to let go of steam as well. I never used it. Oh well. There are times things bottle up inside that writing would help, and that other blog should be used for that…
        Have a great week!

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  4. Can I have a hot coffee or tea.We are having a very wet June and not so warm either. Nice to see your family photos.Those grandkids are so cute. Murphy looks lovely as ever.I look forward to reading about your clinic in California! Take care and drive safe if you are driving to CA

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    1. Some hot coffee coming right up! I can see the rain affects in your blog with all the greenery and flowers blooming in your area! Thank you for the kind comments, and yes, I can’t wait to share all about my horse clinic adventures when I return. I’ll drive safely and I’m so happy you stopped by!! Thank you Anne, and have a wonderful week! ❤️

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  5. Hi Di!
    Enjoyed your update and have a few thoughts churning – but will just say to make sure you never compare with others and their blogging pace (or reading pace)
    Everyone has different output and all that and so if you post biweekly – let it be!
    If you post weekly – that is great too-
    Not saying you are comparing but I know I did for a while (like sometimes wondered why I couldn’t do the photo a day like some eloquently do) anyhow – I think it was Tina Schell who really helped me celebrate my own path –
    And so as much as we love our blogs and want consistency – there are no rules and so we need to assess what we need at different times ! I still work on that and because early June was a lot of posting for me – I hope to have less posting near end of month – we shall see

    And hope you are feeling 100% soon and loved the pics of the family

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    1. Thanks so much for this wonderful advice! From time to time I do think about some of the challenges that abound that I could hook up with but I often find it doesn’t feel like me, and before you know it a couple of days have past which will turn into a week and so I decide it’s all good and I’ll just do me and blog/post when I can. If a challenge tickles my curiosity or my fancy to share I’ll hook into it. It’s not often. It’s really nice to hear that there are no rules (I know this) but nice to hear and good reminder!! I will take this all to heart because it will make my blogging that much more enjoyable!! I’ll give myself a break! 😊
      I’ve almost lost my voice this weekend but am definitely feeling better. Thanks so very much!! 😍

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      1. I think my comment to
        You was also to myself!
        And when you do join in a challenge (like the occasional square challenge) that is a way to meet new folks and freshen it up – but if I were you – with Murphy and all that – I would do one a week – and then biweekly as needed
        I once heard someone talking about being in the game for the long haul – and that means don’t burn out and go away from that – or don’t have wrong perspective and then leave because of self criticism – something like that!

        And so being in the long haul means we make time for our blog but keep it real and keep it working for us!
        Also – I like how I was able to leave you a note (about piano) on an older post when you didn’t have a recent one (well it was pretty recent still 💛ha)
        And so I guess another thing for us ti remember is that past posts have value – and can hold some nice space for readers for a while ! Especially the coffee shares that are open and share parts of our life (even if not the trials 💛- and keep in mind another reason we don’t always air our dirty laundry is because it will or could – drain readers – or it could add more stress to our burden – well some folks vent too much – sigh – and always air their problems – but I’d say don’t feel guilty if you feel you don’t share enough of the trials etc
        That is more than okay and sometimes is just part of who you are – and for some folks – if they share while in the middle of the trial or setback – it just adds to the problem –
        Anyhow – my biggest break through lately was releasing myself from doing challenges. I was starting to do it by rote and it was pulling from my joy! That was around Xmas and in April I really found a groove that fits me now!
        So my goal is to stay around here for the long haul – which often means less

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  6. Oh Yvette I’m so happy you’ll stay around for the long haul!! I want to do that too and as I’ve been thinking about all you said it dawned on me I think I’m so enjoying my blogging most weekends lately I’ll have to call it my new groove! 💜 I guess I had to give myself permission to not feel guilty if I didn’t have something to blog about, and your kind words hit home especially about sharing the dirty laundry etc… I won’t feel guilty about that anymore. 💖

    And as your comments are to me and to you too 😉 you make some great points how older posts still have value and I’ve enjoyed the interactions.
    I’m so happy you’ve released yourself from the challenges so your blogging will be more joyful. That really hit home with me mostly because challenges to me with my busy lifestyle right now would be very burdensome. Isn’t there a saying that less is more? Or something like that. You my friend are truly so kind and I think we think a lot alike. I thank you so much as you share your thoughts and encouragement!! ❤️🤠🐴❤️


  7. You have a beautiful family, and isn’t it great when you get a chance to visit? I’m sorry you came away with a cold though, and I hope you are feeling much better by now. I’m also sorry about the bumps in the road for you last year. I applaud you for staying so positive… I’m sure it’s the reason you seem to have made it through the difficult times. Best of luck for a smooth road ahead!

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    1. Aww, thank you so very much and I do cherish our visits with my family! I’m feeling so much better but have lost my voice today. I’ve been drinking a lot of warm teas. 😊
      It’s my nature to stay positive but last year was definitely more of a struggle and your kind words mean a lot to me. Thanks so much Gram for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me today! Sending warm hugs your way! 💞


  8. Love , love , love birthdays how fun, treasures are growing up so fast. Beautiful pick of Murphy, I hope you are feeling better by now & not too many sad moments with the loss of another family four legged mate. Lots of hugs from ya kindred down under pony sister friend.

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    1. Aww, thank you so very much and those little grandkids sure grow up fast don’t they? I’m feeling better but haven’t completely shaken off this darn cold. Sending lots of hugs to you my sweet friend from down under! Hope you are doing good! 💞

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  9. Goodness those grandbabies are growing up so quickly! They are such a couple of dolls.
    I know what you mean about struggling to share the more difficult situations in life. It does not seem genuine to post only the good but often the less cheery involves others and we are not comfortable about sharing their life stories on a public forum. For me, I also am not comfortable going on about the bad news – if I feel bad about something, it really doesn’t make me feel less bad sharing it and knowing it could make others feel down. Hmmm… Guess we just have to share what feels right for us. I am sure everyone knows that you are very authentic, Diana! 💞

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    1. Thank you Anne so much for your kind comments. Those grandbabies (not babies anymore, haha!) Sure grow up fast!

      And thank you for your thoughts on less cheery posts and I agree with everything you said about it including if shared we often don’t feel any better after, hence why I usually don’t share. Plus I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, such a great point. I will say though it felt right to share what is now the past in this post as it seemed to be the last onion layer if you will, of letting go and moving on. I appreciate knowing too, that I shouldn’t worry about being authentic. That comes from things I’ve read in the past of how social media in general – FB and insta shares are always all these happy shares and not “what real life” is like or something like that. Haha, so it sometimes enters my mind here but I think blogging is a bit different than other sites. I’ll remember not to worry about that any more! You are so kind! 💞


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