As Odd As It Gets; Square Odd Challenge

Welcome to my challenge post where I am sharing all things odd. That’s right! Becky B’s square photo challenge for the month of February is in full swing and I thought I would join with some photo’s that I am deeming odd. It can be an odd number which is how I started this post with three roses, or what ever we see that we think is odd, as like beauty is in the eye’s of the beholder. Let’s see what else I can find to share and that I find is odd. πŸ˜€

I have to admit that I am finding this challenge, challenging. What exactly is odd? I am enjoying going through my archive of photos and the photo above is great memories when we went up north to visit my daughter and visited Pismo Beach. They have the best cinnamon rolls which is what we ate before we took this photo. I have a lot of photo’s of three people since I am usually the one taking the photograph. I won’t cheat and share too many of these. Haha, not that it’s cheating but I am trying to be creative here!

We got new fencing on our trails in town. Out with the old wooden post fencing and in with the new white vinyl fencing. I thought it would be fun to share the oddness of the fence as it is erected with the posts first. I took this photo a couple weeks ago knowing I could use it for this challenge. It’s fun to look for things that may be odd.

You know I always go there and yes, I thought this the perfect photo for this challenge because I try to take photos of my horses looking at me with their ears forward and those beautiful eyes staring my way. As I was getting Miss Chloe ready for a trail ride I hung her bridle on the horn of my saddle so I could go use the restroom and when I came back she was just napping away in the warm sun. What a sweet girl, and so I had to take this photo. I think it is an odd horsey photo and fits perfect here! Don’t you think?

Like poetic license I am thinking that Murphy’s photo is odd, what are you looking at Murphy? He stood there for quite some time staring at the neighbors coming and goings or whatever he saw next door. He is so tall and all legs! And he is still a growing boy!! Thank you for visiting my #squareoddchallenge and I hope you enjoyed all my odd photo’s.

I enjoyed this challenge, as odd as it gets!

~Diana ❀

16 thoughts on “As Odd As It Gets; Square Odd Challenge

  1. Well I think you have more than met the challenge – some wonderful odds here. I do love how horses sleep standing up – looks odd to us but great for them, and so much easier than getting up after a lie down!

    Thank you so much for joining us again

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  2. A lovely selection for the challenge Diana and it’s so sweet to see Chloe taking a little nap 😍 We wish you a blessed rest of the weekend and please give Chloe and Murphy a big pat from us all πŸ€—πŸ§‘πŸ΄ xxx


    1. Thank you so kindly Xenia, she is so very sweet napping away on this day. I had a good weekend, my only complaint is the wind. It’s been really windy here lately which means no riding. I hope you have a great week ahead and please give Eivor and Pearl a big pat from us all! πŸ₯°πŸΎβ€οΈπŸ€ πŸ’™

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    1. Thank you so much Anne! My thinking with Murphy was that he wasn’t looking my way so it was an odd angle, but then again I was stretching it because I do like that photo a lot. And the fence is now completed. It took them about 5 days to complete as they had groomed the trails as well as installing the fencing.

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  3. Everything is in the eye of the beholder, right? I think you should be very happy with your contribution to the challenge. ❀ I never get tired of seeing your beautiful roses (I so miss the roses in my California garden) and Murphy is so sweet.

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    1. Thank you so very much Maria! And your right! I’m happy with my contribution especially since I found it a bit challenging. It was fun though. I use to have a huge rose garden with about 10 rose plants. But over the 16 years living here I’m down to just 3 rose plants. I blame drought conditions and myself for not taking care of them better. Maybe I’ll plant some new roses and refresh the ground with better fertilizer for them. (I would miss them too, and I know I’m lucky they grow well here!) 😍 And I have to agree, Murphy is so very sweet! Thank you! ❀️ Thank you for stopping by as I know you are very busy!!


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