Weekend Coffee Share; Winter in California And Horsey Fun!

Welcome to my weekend coffee share. We have had lots of weather this winter. Last winter was very dry and we had hardly any rain. We made up for it this winter and this photo is of our local mountains after days of rain and snow. I love the lingering clouds in this photo and thought I’d share. Nature provides us with such beauty, I can’t get enough of the snow capped mountains! ❀

I am okay not living in the snow. I lived in the local mountains 20 years ago and the snow and icy roads were enough to drive us off the mountain back to moderate weather. My heart goes out to all that live in cold and frigid weather, battling the elements snow, ice and wind. Here, where we live it is so mild that the lows do not quite hit freezing. We had low’s in the high 30’sF (2-3C) at night and it rarely dips lower and even if it gets to freezing in the night it will only be for a few hours and it warms right back up again. During the coldest days its in the high 50’sF and for us Cali’s we think its soooo cold outside, brrr. Haha, we don’t know what cold really is as I know this is actually nice weather.

Oh how rude of me, can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? I forgot to offer as I ramble on about the weather. Hmm… I think that’s like an old person ramble isn’t it? haha, I know I am not that old yet, but I know my posts reach others all over the world. I know it’s summer in places as we are wintering! Just filling you all in on this beautiful Southern California weather! We made some decisions this last week and contacted the piano mover and person that came and took our piano for parts. It was a very old parlor grand piano in disrepair and in such bad shape it was not worth the money to repair it. I am happy it went where its parts can be used and now we have some extra room in our garden room. Here are some photos. πŸ˜€

You can see the room is now empty. I actually shared about this about a year ago and we finally decided it was time and so I am focusing my energy and any extra money to save for a keyboard as they make some really nice ones and I really miss playing. I play mostly classical music with some of my favorite pieces from Chopin, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff to name a few composers. I’ve enjoyed playing Bach and Debussy as well. I miss playing so much as I’ve held on to this piano which has been so out of tune it truly is unplayable. I’m excited and hope I can get a new electronic piano sometime this year!

Can I get you a refill? I have some Swedish pancakes I made for dinner tonight. I wanted a light dinner and these crepe like pancakes were perfect filled with a little sour cream and raspberry jam. Yummy! I enjoyed them very much and I will eat light if I have a big lunch. My son told me my granddaughter lost her first tooth this last week! She is 6 and in kindergarten and doing great. I miss my grandkids and I will see if we can Facetime tomorrow. They live in Arizona for any new readers to my post. πŸ˜€

My horse Chloe and I riding around the block in my hometown of Norco. She is such a good girl!

My horsey fun throughout this last week was fun rides and turn outs as we dry out. As you can see the ground dries out really fast and we were able to ride a couple days after all the soaking rain. It rained for at least 2 weeks maybe 3 on and off sometimes for a few days straight. For us it was a lot of rain which in turns means a lot of snow pack for the mountain ranges all up and down the west. This will help with our droughts that plague our region. I have some more photos to share with my horse back riding fun and just photos of these pretty ponies!

Murphy is doing great and has so much more room in his new stall. I am so happy that he is happy and he is really fun to work with each day. He and I are getting along famously and one of these days I will get a friend to video one of my rides in the arena on him.

I like how she has one ear forward to hear if I am going to say something I think! She knows when we are done riding I will give her horse treats. It wasn’t too difficult to teach her kisses as I kiss her nose and give her a treat, now she pushes her nose at me like you see in the photos hoping I have a treat in my pocket. I keep them in the tack room where I have my saddles and bridles. She can smell them in my pocket, so I can’t keep them there as she is too smart! Haha, these horses are such characters!! I just love them so much! ❀ ❀ ❀

My hubby bought me a selfie stick for Christmas and I haven’t taken it out of the package yet. I actually need to find it as I am not sure where it is after we cleaned all the Christmas stuff up and put everything away. So when I take selfies as I’ve shared before, my arms are not long enough to get all of their head in the shot. And Murphy being even bigger than Chloe it’s twice as hard! Hahaha, I still like taking them!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and I thank you for stopping by for coffee. It’s been fun filling you in on the happenings around here. I want to say that I am truly thankful I can ride all year round here in California as I know there are so many that can’t ride in the winter. I also am thankful for all of you blogging friends and family who take the time to stop by and read my blog. I thank you too for your wonderful comments! I have to thank Natalie who hosts the weekend coffee share and you can visit hers and others by clicking here.

Enjoying Winter Horse Gal,

~Diana ❀

40 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Winter in California And Horsey Fun!

  1. That space calls out for another baby grand! lol. I’m researching digital pianos, but my needs are a little different than yours. I’m looking at a Yamaha P-515, which has one of the most “realistic” actions out there and a great sound, but would be ugly in that space! If you went Yamaha digital, you’d most likely want something in their Clavinova series, but they are pricey… Glad the horses are doing well and that being in a place that doesn’t get too cold you can ride year round (well, does it get too hot to ride in the summer?). The snow capped mountains are beautiful! Hope your weekend is going well. Have a wonderful week πŸ™‚

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    1. Hahaha! Another baby grand sounds wonderful but will settle for the keyboard. I’ll have to ask my daughter if she bought a Yamaha as it was expensive and has great key action. Thank you for the recommendations, I’m not sure how much I’ll spend as I know a nice one will be pricey. I won’t be putting it in that space, I’m not sure where it will end up? Lol πŸ˜†
      Yes, now that you mention it the summer can get too hot in the middle of the day. But the mornings you can fit in a ride before the heat so it’s not as bad as say Arizona where it doesn’t cool enough during the night. Thank you for visiting and I’m enjoying the weekend. Have a wonderful week too! πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you so much Wayne! It was a great cup of coffee with you and it’s wonderful comments like this that keep me writing and sharing. I’ll take the happy trails, and same to you and hope you have a wonderful week! ❀️🐴🀠

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  2. Antoinette Truglio Martin

    What a beautiful horse and a loving relationship. Thank you for the sweet story. I’m sorry about your piano. We still have my grandfather’s beloved baby grand. My dad loved it as much as his dad. It needs a lot of help, yet not quite making the urgent list.

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    1. Thank you Antoinette for your wonderful comments, I Love those horses so much! I’m a bit sad about my piano but it was almost 100 years old and my Dad had so much work done on it back in the early 70’s which gave it a new life. Back then he spent over $5,000 and it would cost twice that much to do a new rehab for it and it just wasn’t worth it. A lot of the wood was falling apart. He had the whole inside redone, oh my it’s expensive. Lots of wonderful memories which I’ll always cherish. My Dad was going to be a concert pianist but decided to be a physician instead so to listen to him play was magical. I know you enjoy your piano and it’s memories! ❀️


  3. Hi Diana, Your garden room is lovely. It’s great that you could recycle parts of the old piano. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare and beautiful photos of the snow-capped mountains and your horses. Have a wonderful week!

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    1. Thank you Natalie! I’m so happy I could share with you all and I do enjoy sharing especially with the weekend coffee share! I hope you have a wonderful week! ❀️


  4. Hi Diana,
    It feels like a long time since I’ve heard from you.
    Yea, too bad about the piano. We have my wife’s family’s upright and now no one plays it so I’ve stopped paying the tuner to come by and I think even he has retired now, so I’d have to find someone new, but none of us play it, so why waste the money.
    At one time, a more musical brother-in-law was going to take it, but they could not settle on a time so here it sits. . .
    I did not realize you are in Norco and somehow thought you were further west but can’t recall how I came up with that. Anyway, now I’m able to answer Trent’s question that yes, it does get hot where you are – too hot for me to be outside and I’d worry about the horses.
    When I drive down to San Diego to see our son, I go right past you to get to Corona and Hwy 15. I’ll wave next time πŸ˜‰

    I was pleased with how 2021 folded up, I had you and lots of other kind folks reading my stories and that was loads of fun.

    But it’s going to be an even better 2022 – right?
    Gobs and gobs of Blessings my friend.

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    1. Hi Gary!
      I’m a little behind on reading and promise I’ll catch up with you and others soon on your blog posts! (I’m just a little behind) I so enjoy your shares so much. And the weeks seem to fly by!! Right? Anyways, it was time to pay to have the piano go to a place where it will be used for parts. I can’t wait to replace it with a keyboard. I’ll share whenever I can get one eventually!! So many people have pianos and they are usually the uprights that end up sitting with no use. Definitely not worth keeping tuned so it’s good you stopped spending the money.
      Yes, it gets hot here in the summer and the horses do well as it always cools down at night. They have shelters that provide shade and the most useful thing is to make sure they have plenty of water and they stay hydrated, they are fine. We just don’t work them in the heat so they don’t overheat. I’ve been at some barns where they have installed misters, and that provides cool relief too as it sprays the soft water on them. ❀️🐴🀠

      I’ll wave back as I’m right off the 15 fwy and right next to Corona! Sending warm HUGS your way, I’m hoping 2022 will be an even better year, take care my sweet friend!


    1. These boys, always getting dirty and loving it! Hahaha, makes me giggle! Thank you, and I have another cute video I made today to share of him soon. He’s a character!! ❀️🐴❀️

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      1. Yes!! I’ve often thought of having one of mine speak through my blog, but thought I would be copying and haven’t figured out how to introduce them. I love hearing from Biasini! ❀️ A wonderful character indeed!!


  5. I love how green the grass looks in one of the photos! You really needed that rain. The mountains look amazing.
    I can understand that it was bittersweet to get rid of your old friend the piano. I hope you get your keyboard soon.
    We were talking about making pancakes yesterday (always the Swedish kind πŸ˜‰ We ended up making meatballs instead.
    Have a wonderful week my friend ❀

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    1. Thank you so much Maria!! It is really green and getting greener! That is a good way to describe it, bittersweet with the old piano. I’ll share once I purchase a new one and maybe share a video of playing it too!
      Oh swedish meatballs are sooooo delicious, πŸ˜‹ I haven’t made those in awhile. Maybe I’ll make them next weekend!! Have a wonderful week too my sweet friend!! ❀️


  6. Thank you so much for the coffee, the beautiful trail ride with Chloe and good company Diana! I hope you’ll find a keyboard you’ll enjoy playing and fill your home with live music again – it’s so special to be able to do that 😊🎢 I love seeing the snow on the mountains and so wonderful to see Murphy enjoying his new space. We wish you all a blessed week and please give sweet Chloe and Murphy a big pat from us all πŸ€—πŸ§‘πŸ΄ xxx

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    1. Thank you so much Xenia! I’m looking forward to getting that keyboard eventually as I do miss playing so much. I appreciate you stopping by and for all your wonderful comments. I’ll give Murphy and Chloe a big pat from you all, and sending pats too Eivor and Pearl from us here! β€οΈπŸ€—πŸΎπŸ΄πŸ’ž

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  7. Don’t apologize for forgettin to offer a cuppa gal I’m already in ya kitchen puttin the kettle on for both us, haha. I remember you mentioning the old piano I hope you are back tickling the ivories real soon. Would love to see you play. I can see that space as a little ballroom with chandelier fairy lights & you playing for all to waltz the night away, dressed of course in finest glittery cowboy/cowgal gear.
    I love the way the mountains seem to hug your town as you & Chloe stroll around, such a pretty place. Awesome fun times

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    1. Thank you for getting that coffee going for us to share!! Haha, you’re always welcome and I’d love to play the piano for you someday soon. I’ll make a little video to share once I get me a new piano! That space would make a great little ballroom even though I don’t know much about dancing! Haha, I would love the glittery cowgirl gear!! And thank you so much for your wonderful description as the mountains do surround us and hug our town. I’m having another cup toasting to you my sweet pony friend!! I’ll make a fresh pot as we head into this weekend! ❀️🐴❀️ Cheers!! β˜•πŸ€ πŸ’ž

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  8. Hi Diana – can you make my cup of coffee extra hot because we are in frigid cold here in east coast with a big snow storm coming tomorrow afternoon around 2
    And I am glad you get to ride all year long and also Cali sure is a nice state ! But we don’t mind winter and funny how we just go with the flow and bundle up and truck on through!

    Chloe and the nose kisses are so cute! Ahhhh πŸ˜‰

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    1. I’ll have some hot brewed coffee for you to warm you all up!! Brrr… I know you just have to keep on going even when it’s cold!
      I read others blogs where they have to take a break from riding because the weather is just too cold. I know we are lucky here! πŸ˜‰
      And thanks so much as Chloe is so cute! I’m trying to cut back on the treats as she is almost obnoxious with her wanting kisses. I know it’s super cute, but she can be demanding like I created a kissing horse monster! Haha! 🀣

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      1. Hahaha – the kissing horse monster is funny! And yeah – probably need to tone it down a bit – and funny how all of us creatures can be conditioned with rewards –

        And we have a house that owns horses a mile down the road from us – haven’t seen them in a few years but for about ten years they used to always be outside in the huge front lawn area and I always liked their winter blanket covers (coats?)
        And it shows you how horses can be a joy in so many ways – even us non horse owners can enjoy the beauty of the horses grazing

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      2. AWW, you are so sweet and you got it right we call them winter blankets!! I never know exactly how all my horse obsession translates to non-horsey folks and to know it’s enjoyable melts my heart. So thank you very much to let me know this and of course I can see through other kind comments how much everyone enjoys my horses and the stuff I share! πŸ’ž
        Also, this last weekend Chloe was begging soooo much for a treat, but I didn’t give in and brought her treats to a bucket in her stall when I was done. (Her begging is adorable but also obnoxious, little kissing monsterπŸ˜†. She doesn’t hurt me she just puts her head or nose in my face or she turns, she doesn’t stand as still because she’s looking for a treat!). She’ll soon find out she will still get them but only when I’m done working on and around her (brushing her, and all the stuff when we get ready to ride!) Murphy is almost better behaved at 3 years old because he doesn’t get any treats from my hands. I only put them in a bucket. They both get lots of scratches, pats and love from my hands. Funny how we condition them (and how we can be conditioned too!) There is lots of horse trainers that I follow that say it’s really better to not feed treats from your hands. I’m going to see how she changes with this treat change! πŸ€£πŸ‘ I’ll report in a blog my progress!! Lol

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    1. Thank you so much Anne! I am very thankful to be able to ride year round. We have to look at our budget to see when we can purchase an electronic piano, I’m hoping very soon! πŸ₯°


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