Weekend Coffee Share; Nov. 20 ~Horsey Fun!

Welcome, can I get you a cup of coffee? I also have tea or cranrasberry juice if you prefer. I am enjoying this weekend and the nice cool weather that November brings. We live near the Santa Ana River and in our town we can get socked in with fog. This last week we have been having foggy nights as we wake to very cool mornings as the fog slowly burns off for the day. It’s been really nice Fall weather and I am enjoying it immensely!

I have been keeping busy and we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Can you believe it’s next week? I can’t believe this year is just flying by and as I prepare for next week, we will be decorating for Christmas most likely next weekend. Oh my goodness, then it will be figuring out Christmas presents. We usually pick names in our family which works good, and there is only the 2 grandkids and of course we all get them gifts without them being in the name drawing. I can’t believe how high prices have gotten this year, and it’s getting worse. I’ll just stop on this subject but am hoping inflation doesn’t get any worse! It’s just insane!

On to another topic. Hmm, I wonder what that could be? Haha, it’s horses of course. I have been wanting to share a video I made this last August of a trail ride on my horse Chloe. I was riding alone around the block on a beautiful summer day. I get a little bit tongue tied not remembering what the cross-walk button is called. Haha, I almost wasn’t going to share as it is a bit long (just over 2 minutes) but you can see a good bit of our town and the trails. I love chatting on my video’s so I hope it’s enjoyable. Miss Chloe is such a good girl!

I will say that Miss Chloe and I have really good rides most of the time. But she is a horse that isn’t perfect always. We were out on a short ride recently by ourselves and she saw a horse way in front of her and then it disappeared around a corner! Wait what? Where did it go? Oh DEAR! That was it! She stopped in her tracks and I let her stand for a second and squeezed her forward with my legs and she turned to the left and wanted to turn around. I decided it wasn’t worth it to try and force her somewhere she wasn’t comfortable even though she has been down this trail thousands of times. We turned around and she was a little anxious but calmed down when she realized we were heading home. These kind of rides don’t happen often, but we as a pair need to be smart and take the not so good rides and do our best to make it home safely. We do just fine and almost every ride is just about perfect! ❀

I like to explain my approach to horses just so those of you out there that may have horses know that I don’t have the perfect horses, but I do use training techniques that promotes trust and a good bond between horse and rider. I listen to my horses and I try and make sure we both understand each other. When I work with them each day we are always working on this bond and it is a great joy and very rewarding working with these beautiful animals.

I wanted to share a video of Murphy who on this day felt really good. He usually takes a little bit to warm up and get his energy up enough to run, buck and play! This day last month, he was “feeling his oats” as we like to say! Haha, I hope you enjoy!

He is such a silly boy! Murphy doesn’t always run like this which I am thankful for as I want him to be calm and relaxed. He is definitely on the lazy side, which is what I like and I think will make for a nice trail horse when he gets older. I am mostly riding in the arena as there are many things for him to learn and for him and I to grow that bond together as we work together under saddle. He is so much FUN! ❀

Murphy and I had fun riding this weekend in the arena with my girlfriend on her horse Fashion. She is so beautiful and I recently clipped Fashion with a trace clip to help keep her cool. She grows a very thick winter coat because she has Cushing’s which is a disease that affects their pituitary gland. They often have long or thick coats and they don’t shed as readily. There are many other symptoms but she is on medication which helps her symptoms and she is doing great. She is 25 years old. My friend also rides her out on trail with me and Chloe. She isn’t very good at being a leader so I won’t ride out with her on Murphy. He needs much more arena riding anyways before I ride more out on trail. I am in no hurry with him, and if for some reason the trails are not a good fit for him we will just do arena riding. I am okay either way!

I had FUN making this video! He is so soft!!

I haven’t been sharing as often as I was and so I have all these video’s saved up. So it’s your lucky day and I have 3 video’s in one blog post. (I just can’t help myself making these video’s and sharing.) πŸ˜€ I am trying to find my groove with my blogging. I so enjoy my blog, and I also love to interact and read other’s blogs but that takes time. I do not always make it to everyone’s posts, I try my best and I am hoping to get into a better blogging rhythm. That might sound strange, but to me there is kind of an art to blogging and everyone needs to have their blog represent who and what they are passionate about. My favorite blog’s are the ones that their passion shines! ❀

I’ve been reflecting deeply about my blogging as I’ve been away and not sharing like I once did and some of my feelings are not really worth sharing here but for some personal reasons I have been in a really reflecting, deep feeling, maybe even searching my soul type of mood. Haha, call me crazy but I sometimes overthink things and I have finally decided to be me and not worry about “the deep meaning of life” which is part of what I was reflecting on. Oh gosh, I want to be carefree and HAPPY! So enough of all of that stuff, but it was part of the reason I had slowed down on my blogging. I sometimes think it helps to share even though I’m just touching on this subject. I will say I have questioned very deeply my decision to purchase Murphy, but in the end I realized I did the right thing as he brings me GREAT JOY! He will be here when my sweet Chloe won’t be, even though it could be some years from now before we say our goodbyes. I will end with this, as this is what makes me SMILE!

Thank you so much for visiting and sharing coffee with me today!

Loving My Horse Crazy Life,

~Diana ❀

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  1. I really enjoyed your videos! Everything I know about horses is what I’ve learned by watching “Heartland”, haha! I’m totally not a horse person but have come to appreciate them more by that show.
    I also really liked what you wrote about blogs and blogging. Your words “there is kind of an art to blogging and everyone needs to have their blog represent who and what they are passionate about” really spoke to me. I’ve been struggling with blogging this year, I always enjoyed it but I haven’t been able to decide how to blog. I eventually found a blog setup that suited me, splitting one blog into two, because the topics just didn’t fit together. I’m very happy with that, but afterwards, I’ve been struggling with things like what’s the point, why should I keep blogging, and yada yada. Lately I haven’t had any inspiration to write and haven’t really been taking photos either. But your post today was very inspiring!

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    1. Thank you so much Susanne! I’m so happy you enjoyed my videos and yes, Heartland is a great show! I need to catch up as I’m a bit behind in the series. Haha!
      I really appreciate your comments on blogging too. I too have struggled this year as that question keeps popping up in my mind, what’s the point? I’ve thought of my blog like an open diary of sorts which is partly why I blog. I have found many other blogs and bloggers who are so inspiring that it hits home and I think this is why I blog. You are why I blog, people who like to read and write and share their wonderful life through their eyes and their camera lens is why I blog. That melts my heart that I can be inspiring!! ❀️


    1. Aww, thank you Susie!! Whenever I question my decisions and I head to the barn my heart just melts as I see and work with Murphy. Thank you for your support! ❀️🐴❀️

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  2. Those videos was lots of fun to watch. Thank you for sharing them. It was great seeing Murphy play around. Keep enjoying the cooler weather. I bet it has to be just lovely! Thank you for the coffee.

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    1. Thank you for sharing coffee with me today! Isn’t that Murphy so silly and he’s so darn HUGE, I’m glad he’s not like that very often. He really is respectful and very lazy especially under saddle. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ And we really are enjoying the cool Fall weather. Today the darn wind is here, typical for this time of year. I won’t be riding as it’s just too windy. I’m thankful I rode them both yesterday!! Have a wonderful week ahead! ❀️🐴❀️

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  3. Thank you so much for the coffee, the smiles and for sharing these lovely videos Diana πŸ’– The trail looks amazing and I love that horses and riders have their own traffic light buttons! It is healthy to reflect on the deeper meaning of life’s journeys too and it can be helpful to collect these thoughts in a hand-written journal. Wishing you a happy new week and please give sweet Chloe and Murphy a big pat from us all πŸ€—πŸ§‘πŸ΄ xxx

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    1. Thank you so very kindly Xenia! I’m so happy you enjoyed the videos and I do have a hand-written journal but haven’t used it in some time, that’s great advice and I’ll get it out to write down more thoughts. Have a wonderful week ahead and I’ll give Miss Chloe and Murphy a big pat from you all! β€οΈπŸΎπŸ€©πŸ’•πŸ΄

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  4. Love watching the videos of Murphy. Very nice that the neighborhood has the crosswalk lights for horse riders. Looks like he isn’t scared of the traffic going by.
    So cute when he was running and playing around. πŸ™‚

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  5. Diana, So nice to see your horse videos and photos. I love Murphy’s hair colour. His body looks strong and yet his eye expression is gentle. Chloe is great on the trail. You’ve trained them well. Happy Thanksgiving week to you and your family! Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

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    1. Thank you so much Natalie!! I love your description of Murphy, exactly how I see him too. So big and strong but a very kind and gentle eye which represents him well. Chloe really is good on the trails. I’ve been riding her for many years on them, thank you for your kind comments! I always forget Thanksgiving is for the U.S. as I know you had your Thanksgiving already. I’ll have to remember to note that but I know everyone knows. Thank you for hosting #weekendshare! Have a wonderful week ahead!! ❀️❀️❀️


  6. I love the video of you on the trails with Chloe and also the Murphy tooting around. I love it when horses get like that but then when they charge toward the fence and slam the brakes on I don’t like it so much. He is a lovely fellow though and has that nice TB coat. Biasini is a fur ball. He is Hanoverian and coming from Germany they grow thick winter coats. He has had one clip and will have another in a couple of weeks . Going to Florida he has to have a full clip. Thanks for all your news and updates. Have a Happy American Thanksgiving!

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    1. Thank you so very much Anne! I have to agree with you that I don’t really like that much energy running free like that and I forgot to put on his bell boots so he clipped his front right heal that day but it was really minor. It didn’t even bleed, but he took off some hair. Before the video or maybe it was after when he bucked in the corner his back leg hit the fence pole. He hit his pastern but he’s okay. He’s never been that “up” before or since that day and I had changed his diet adding more alfalfa which I suspect fueled his energy level. That day I told the ranch to exchange that extra alfalfa hay flake to the orchard grass and his energy level is back down to his lazy self. I do believe this is why his energy was so high as it was a few weeks into the hay change. But I’m surmising… I don’t want him to hurt himself so he his much calmer now and is more level headed when he gets to moving out when I turn him out. Oh and that was Zacks coat, like Biasini he was a warmblood but I’m not sure what breed. He had the thickest coat! I clipped just like you have to with your furry Biasini! I’m enjoying Murphy’s TB shorter coat! I’m so happy you enjoyed my videos and updates and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!! ❀️🐴❀️

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  7. Hey you – I’ve missed your visits but understand the need to sometimes sit back, reflect or see to other needs. Just know that you were missed and I’m happy to hear/read your thoughts and joys and even challenges as they are all you.

    It has been busy here too. There have been weekends I doubted that i would be able to get a coffee share posted or that I had anything of merit to share, but so far I’ve managed to get them done. Covid slowed me down and even after my long Sept covid nap and time off of work, I’m only now beginning to feel like I’ve regained my lost stamina.

    On the other hand, covid did help me lose 10 pounds and I’ll take that blessing no matter where it comes from.

    I love hearing about your horses and am intrigued by some of the things on your mind that you only hinted about. I hope you are okay (you sound like you are) but if you are reflecting and find yourself thoughtful about harder things, know you have friends, even blogging friends who care and want you to have that life of joy.

    I think you noticed that I finally got that longer story (Canopy) done and posted. This is the Sci Fi story I decided to take a run at. But it’s the longest story in my collection now and has an estimated 55 minutes of reading time. This means that not many will read it but I’m okay with that to a degree because I want to be able to write longer stories and it really is a different skill keeping more details in check and balance. So, I still produce them from time to time.

    I’m so glad to have you back with us to welcome the cooler weather and the holidays.


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    1. Howdy Gary,
      You are so sweet and I do appreciate your kind words and support. That I’ve been missed means a lot too as this blogging community is so WONDERFUL! The friendships we have made here are the best and it shows with each other’s comments and support! 😍

      I’m so happy to hear you are just about your normal self after your covid nap as you say, that’s good news! And the silver lining losing some weight is always nice. Especially since all this wonderful holiday food is around the corner! Lol πŸ˜‚

      I’ll set aside some time to read your new story. I’ve been meaning to do this and will do this soon as I Love Sci-fi. I agree, that long writes means less traffic but you write from your heart and the goals you set and I applaud you as it’s not easy. I agree there’s lots to keep track of with longer works and I know it’s great practice for that eventually book you’ll write someday!

      I’m doing good if not great!! I miss my grandkids but that’s my only “wish things were different” and see them when I can. As for my reflective mood, most of it has to do with a friendship that was so close to my heart, my feelings got hurt, and our friendship has morphed and changed but is still there. It’s all good, and I try to not be too sensitive but it has been a tough year and a half. We are on better footing now. So all is better!! Funny how some thing’s can change and you see things differently and the perspective is different.

      Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your family!! Take care my friend! ❀️🀠

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      1. Ah – Several years ago I had a friend go sideways on me and I found myself really hurt and found myself distrusting him after several years of fully trusting him. Some of it has healed, but my attitude towards him may never recover. Grace is a wonderful thing, but I’m much better at receiving it sometimes than giving it.

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      2. Oh Gary, thank you for these words. I’m really struggling with my friend who really did go sideways on me, oh it’s a long story but you said it best. I’m really trying hard and am wondering how this relationship we have together will end up. And it’s affecting my happy self and so I need to shake that part and get back to being my happy self!! Thank you for your feedback!


  8. I am late to you but I am always so lovin your awesomeness. Loved the last get together with ya fam. Happy Birthday to your son, recital sounded fun such talent. The cross stitch looks so perfect. Put up as many video clips as you like. I love going along for the ride. Sometimes it’s better to avoid the confronting especially riding on your own. So funny jay walking with the Chloe, here in Aus if you got caught you’d get booked that’s if the police can catch ya. lol. Murphy is just stunning being horsey. I love the playful floating along & the way he looks at you as if to say aren’t I just gloriously beautiful Mum. Know that whatever life throws at you, no matter how close to you, be assured that you are loved & appreciated for the rockin family fun pony lovin grand chick that you are. Many hugs from Aus.

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    1. Thank you soooo very much for your beautiful, loving words!! Thank you for the many hugs and sending giant HUGS back at you!! No worries being late, anytime is just fine for a visit!! ❀️ I’ll keep the videos coming as those Ponies I have are just too cute pretty and handsome to not share. You are the SWEETEST Aussie, free spirited cowgirl I know. It’s comforting to know that I’ve got such beautiful friends! ❀️🐴❀️

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  9. Diana, you have such a caring, calming voice. It is no wonder your horses behave so well for you. We all do soul searching – or I would think most of us do from time time. If life were to be lived all on one level it would probably be rather bland, don’t you think?

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    1. AWW, thanks for you kind comments Anne! I try hard to be calm around the horses, breathe if I feel any bit anxious or if I feel the horses anxieties as that’s a good way to relax me and the horse. And very good point with the soul searching and I agree with you, I certainly don’t want a bland boring life! πŸ’ž Sending hugs your way! 🀠🐴❀️

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