Weekend Coffee Share; A New Video With Murph, and Crochet Fun!

Howdy! can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? I don’t have any fancy pumpkin spice coffee but I have a nice breakfast blend I really like that tastes nice with my sweet Italian cream. I am enjoying my weekends and with that I mean I really enjoy weekends! I have not had every weekend off in about 20 years. I have been at my new job now for 10 months and I honestly am still feeling like I am on a super duper really long vacation being able to sleep every single night. I recently had one of those nights where my thoughts were running strong and I had trouble falling asleep, darn it all! But the sleep I finally got was good enough to get me through the next day. I use to struggle with sleep often, and just made it work when I was working night/graveyard shift hours. I do not know how I did it for so many years! So I am truly grateful for my new job and the swing shift hours I work! YAY! 😀

I am super happy I am almost done with this baby blanket I am making for a really good friend. She is actually my daughter’s best friend who had a baby girl some months ago and I am finally getting this completed. I think it is beautiful and am finishing up tieing off all the lose ends before I will send it to her and I thought I would share a couple of photos! I love to crochet as it’s relaxing and I so enjoy creating things with all this beautiful yarn!

I know the colors I chose are not the most “baby” but in person it is a pretty blanket. I added the soft rose pink around the edges to help bring out the subtle pink woven with the grey/tan/pink variegated yarn. It looks antique like to me and came together beautifully. I like to try different colors and my daughter said her colors in her nursery are pink and grey. I might have brought a little too much grey into the picture with this blanket, but I know she will appreciate it being hand made with Love! It is definitely my favorite baby blanket pattern as this is my fourth one I’ve made and no two are alike! ❤

I am enjoying trail riding on my girl Chloe. She is such a trooper and is definitely one of those horses that enjoys the trails. I am in no hurry riding Murphy out on the trails. He is too young at this time to travel out there by himself and I am having a ton of fun working on things with him in the arena. I will go out if there is a friend available at the barn to ride with me, but it is not something I am doing a lot of since he needs a lot of time in the arena learning important aides which help us both communicate. It really helps to have a good working relationship with your horse so that the trust and bonds are strong. I do have a video I want to share of Murphy and I in the arena!

He is getting better and better learning a little something every ride!

My hubby came to the stables to help with a few things and when he arrived I was riding in the arena. I asked him to take a video and he doesn’t take many videos and tried to zoom in and didn’t realize there is an easy button on the camera to just tap for a quick zoom. I tried a few times to edit the video and got frustrated and decided to just leave it so there is a little jumble in it where it zooms too close and then he moves it out a bit. I Love it anyways, and I can see the difference in just a month or so of him being at a steady speed and him and I looking relaxed and together each stride. Murphy is so FUN!!

Can I get you a refill? I have a few more photo’s to share as I just love taking photos of these ponies and I also enjoy sharing them with you all. I decided to ride one horse one day and the other the next which is working out great. There are some days where they both just get the day off which is good for them too. I can ride both every day but I only have so many hours available before I have to go to work at 2pm. It is working out well, with every other day. I turn out on the days they aren’t ridden. They are very spoiled horses, and I have to tell you they are fun to spoil! ❤

He makes me giggle, Mr. Murphy has such a personality. He is learning our routine’s which is so great as then we have a good working relationship. He is so very smart and it is fun to watch him grow. Today when I took him out he had a scraped up hip. He took off all the hair and it had a little bit of blood but not much. After examining it we noticed some red paint near the wound and after searching his stall as to what happened I found the hair on the barn stall opening heading out to his paddock. He had cut the corner too tight heading out back and scraped his hip on the side of the barn! YIKES! and OUCH! I put some silver spray on the wound which is like a liquid band aide that dries silver. It is superficial and I hope he is more careful going in and out of his barn stall! He is so big and tall, I am not too surprised and if he was in a hurry or spooked when heading out, that could be why he caught his hip. I hope he will be more careful, but he’s a horse and probably needs to be bubble wrapped! Joking, we all joke about that! 😀

Thank you for stopping by for the chat! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I can’t believe this is the last week of September! WAIT WHAT? How did this month fly by! Thank you to Natalie who hosts our #weekendcoffeeshare link up.

Crochet Loving English Riding Cowgirl!

~Diana ❤

26 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; A New Video With Murph, and Crochet Fun!

    1. Black it is with an ice cube, that’s easy! And thanks for the wonderful kind comments! Murphy is the laziest thoroughbred I’ve ever met, no wonder he was retired from racing! He is also kind and willing! I enjoyed sharing coffee with you today! 🤠🐴🥰❤️

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      1. I use to shoe at the track and I’ve rehabbed several. Biggest problem people get them and try to ride them like a quarter and they have been trained completely different. Quarter pull back on reins it means stop. TB means run harder and folks don’t know you have to bridge the reins to get them to stop and the horse runs off with them. Then the TB gets a bad review. I had a couple that became darn good barrel racers and one outstanding hunter jumper. Isn’t anything with a bigger heart than a TB

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  1. Ahhh… That’s very interesting and makes sense! Thank you for that insight and all that you’ve done with racehorses. Murphy never raced and he doesn’t have a tattoo. He’s broke and all, not sure what was done with him. But he knows standing very well, he’d rather stand and do nothing to be honest. He actually would rather eat, has a big appetite. I measured him a week ago and he stands at 17.2hh, so he’s very Big and tall. My very first horse at 10 years old was a 15hh off the track thoroughbred and he and I learned to jump together. He was definitely faster and we had to learn how to slow down and stop. I learned so much from him and I have to agree, they sure have big hearts!!


  2. You’ve made a beautiful blanket, Diana. I used to crochet so I understand the work involved. I’m glad to hear you’re getting good sleep at normal night time. Sleep is so important for our brain functions. I enjoyed watching your video riding Murphy. Both of you look great and happy together. Chloe looks like a gentle horse. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

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    1. Thank you so much Natalie! It was fun to crochet the blanket with my corner to corner pattern. It actually stitches up pretty fast! And sleep is so important and I’m so happy I was able to make this important change in my life! ❤️ Thanks for the kind comments on the horses too. They bring me so much joy and happiness! Have a wonderful week! 🥰


  3. The baby blanket adorabs!!!! hahhaha
    Love the video you like pretty soon you will jumping over the fences and going into the wilderness

    Here for the progress Murph is really growing into his own
    love it


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    1. Thank you so much B! It is an adorabs blanket, Lol 😁 So FUN to make too!! And I think about jumping a lot when riding Murphy! Haha, but he’s young still and I might try small jumps to see if he likes it as that would be soooo FUN!! I feel like a teenager again riding him. I think you’re right, he’s really growing into his own!! Thanks so much for visiting!! 🥰❤️🐴🤠


  4. Yeehaa cowgal, Its funny as far as your work goes, how it’s not until we are out of a situation that we realise what we have put have our poor bodies through, thank crickey it was a job you enjoyed. It’s great your enjoying normalcy. Your blankets would be a beautiful addition to any babies room, ya so talented.
    As for the vid I love that you left the little sigh from your hubby in the vid, at least you didn’t have to beep over it, lol. Murphy moves so beautifully & you’s look so beautiful together. Ya such a spring chicken I love your positive energy. I love the contentment of Chloe the chilled out doodness of Murphy. Totally rad.

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    1. Oh so very true! I really do enjoy my work even when I did it at night but I didn’t realize how hard it all was until I made this change!! And thank you kindly, so fun to make these crochet blankets! 🥰
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comments of Chloe and Murphy! I’m glad my hubby didn’t say anything bad, haha, I told him he still did good as he was a little frustrated knowing he messed up a bit. I’m getting in shape and I’m so happy you can see the contentment with Chloe and Murphy, as I feel it too. I feel confident on my rides. They are very chilled happy horses!! Thank you cowgirl!! ❤️🐴❤️

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  5. First of all I used to crochet and made a blanket for my own two kids and later one for my Grandson. Second…I LOVE the video of Murphy cantering. Such a nice ground covering canter .And he looks very well with his nice shiny coat.

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    1. Aww, I feel like we are kindred spirits! That’s so wonderful you crocheted too! That’s so awesome! And thank you sooooo much! His canter is definitely ground covering, steady and feels well balanced for 3yrs old and learning! Oh he’s so much fun to work with and thank you as I love his shiny coat too! ❤️

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  6. Hi Diana.

    I’m so late this week – sorry. I took much of Saturday to work on my SciFi story as it’s getting close but I’ve created a situation where I have too many details to keep in balance for my experience but it’s getting close.

    Anyway, your horses are looking great, happy and healthy, well except for that scrape. Yea, that had to hurt, but his owner was on it quickly so he should be fine.

    What huge hearts horses have – right?

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    1. Aww, no worries Gary! I run late and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with not only writing but also reading, commenting on other posts! Sounds like you are getting almost done with your sci-fi story! That’s GREAT!!
      And thank you kindly! The horses are doing great except for that scrape which now has a scab, so it’s slowly healing up! Silly guy, and I agree 100% horses have huge hearts indeed!! ❤️🥰🐴

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    1. I’m so happy you enjoy my posts!! Thank you so much for visiting and for the wonderful comments. ❤️ I can’t wait to get the baby blanket completed to send to her as it was so much FUN to make! Thanks again! 😀

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  7. Love the baby blanket you made. I am sure it will be very special to the new mom and her little one. I adored the photos of Murphy’s nose sticking out of the stall. Too funny🤣. The video your husband made is very good – even with the zooming. Your horses are so beautiful! Have a great rest of the week, Diana!

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    1. AWW, thank you so very much Anne! Thank you for stopping by and I’m so happy you enjoyed my coffee share. Those horses sure make me smile, and I’m so happy the video is watchable! I thought it was fine after giving it some thought! Enjoy your week too! ❤️


    1. Thank you so much Anthonia! I remember my Mom teaching me crochet and how to knit. I liked crochet better and it took some years and practice before I got better at it. I will say it wasn’t until I had my children at nearly 30yrs old when I got into more crafts such as crochet. ❤️


    1. I was so worried about the colors I chose for the blanket. I like it too, and think the Mom I’m going to give it to will enjoy it’s uniqueness and love it too! Thank you!! 🥰


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