Weekend Coffee Share; First Week Of Aug!

Welcome to my coffee share, can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? It has been a busy last few weeks and it’s the best kind of busy because it’s been all about visiting with family. My sweet family, my beautiful daughter and my son and his wife and of course my beautiful grand children. During this first week of August it was my grand daughter’s 6th birthday and she has had such a wonderful birthday spending time with her cousin’s at Knott’s Berry Farm. We’ve had cake and ice cream and all the fun that birthday’s hold and then my daughter and I visited Phoenix and we spent this last weekend with them. We flew out but drove home as my son had my daughter’s car and he returned it to her as he does not need it any more. So we drove the 5 and 1/2 hours home and I thought let me put together this coffee share before the weekend comes to a complete end.

I had such a great time and my grand daughter is growing up fast. She is learning to read and is now in kindergarten. She absolutely LOVES school which makes us all so happy. She is now attending school in person which we are all happy about as well. I had so much fun babysitting so my daughter, son and wife could get a night out together. My son and wife do not get out that often and so I am always so happy to babysit. I sure wish we could be closer, but at least I can visit often which just makes my heart so happy! ❀

I am also busy taking care of my horses. I have something very exciting to share as I have been working with my new horse Murphy and wanted to share something I have been wanting to accomplish for the last month. Murphy and I are doing really well bonding and I decided with the help of my best friend to try and take him out on a short trail ride. Yes! I am so excited to share a couple of video’s we made!! He was such a champ, such a good boy. He definitely looked around which is what you would expect, but he remained calm, and relaxed. We have a short loop to walk which takes about 25 minutes and my best friend and I had plans on returning home early if he seemed stressed at all. I even had him in a halter and lead rope (with a bridle) which would be easier to lead him if I needed to get off and walk him home. I didn’t need it! He was great! I can’t wait to ride more trails with Murphy!!

My girlfriend took this video, so kind of her and I think it’s great! It’s hard because Murphy didn’t want to walk next to her but behind her on her horse Roscoe.

I wanted Murphy to feel safe as he followed Roscoe on the trails. He stayed mostly behind him and only once walked up next to him but he didn’t stay there long. So my girlfriend had to practically turn around in her saddle to get the video of Murphy and I on the trail. I think she did a great job considering, but that is why it kind of ends abruptly. Haha, she did the best she could but you can see Murphy well I think! I’m so grateful and thankful for his smart brain, calm attitude and all around willingness to go where he’s never been before. Here is one more video that I was able to take while I rode him on this same trail. πŸ˜€

Horses have GPS, seriously, they know when they are heading home. When we rounded the last corner that turns in the direction of heading back to the stables I could feel Murphy relax a bit. He actually relaxed enough so that I felt comfortable enough riding him to make this video. I am so proud of him and I hope you enjoy my video’s!

My veterinarian has told me that at 3 years old he is not done growing. I know some of that means filling out too. He still has a young body and he stands at least 17hh (at his wither or the point at the top of his back where his mane ends equals 5ft 8, and he could possibly get taller!) I am 5ft 7 and I can’t see over his back. He is one tall dude!! He is a ton of FUN!! I am so enjoying working and riding Murphy!! ❀

Thank you for visiting my coffee share and I want to end with a photo of my son’s cats. Today is international cat day and these kitties are just so cute. They love sleeping together and they have managed to squeeze together at the top of their cat tree. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I also want to thank Natalie for hosting #weekendcoffeeshare!

Super Busy Cowgirl Grandma,

~Diana ❀

21 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; First Week Of Aug!

  1. My two most favorite animal companions (when I was much younger, were horses and cats. Love looking at the photographs and videos! Glad you and your family got some quality “together” time! Sounds to be lovely and renewing.

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    1. Thank you so much Liz! They are my two favorite too. You are so kind, and I’m so happy you enjoyed the photos and videos! It was really relaxing and renewing getting that “together” time! ❀️

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  2. Diana, Your grandkids are adorable. I’m glad you could visit them on your granddaughter’s 6th birthday. Murphy looks beautiful and strong. He’s lucky to be under your care. Did you watch the equestrians at the Tokyo Olympics? Have a great week! Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

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    1. Hi Natalie! Thank you for your wonderful kind comments. Murphy is so special to me, I feel lucky he’s in my care. ❀️ I’m so happy I could enjoy time with my grand children and on her birthday too! I did watch what I could of the Olympics equestrian. It was all very AMAZING what I did see! Have a great week too!!


  3. loving the videos and seeing the progress with Murphy the work is paying off
    Is that 3 years in horse years or human years just making sure I get the correct picture.
    Happy birthday to the growing fam

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    1. Howdy B!
      I’m so happy you enjoyed the videos and my progress with Murphy! And it’s 3 yrs old in horse years, haha, I had to look it up and it’s interesting from year 2 to 3 yr old horse = 5 year old human. Then the rate slows down starting at 4 year old horse averaging every year is equal to 2.5 human years. Kinda confusing! 😁
      Thank you for the birthday wishes!! πŸ‘β€οΈ

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  4. Happy 6th birthday to your granddaughter Diana, so lovely you all enjoyed this special family time together 😊 It’s so good to see you on the trail with Murphy and it looks as if he’s used to following a lead-horse! Wishing you a happy new week and please give Chloe and Murphy a big pat from us all πŸ€—πŸ§‘πŸ΄ xxx

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    1. Thank you so much Xenia for the birthday wishes! I can’t believe she’s 6 yrs old, they sure grow up fast. πŸ˜€ And yes, Murphy is doing great and seems to know how to follow really well. I can’t wait to go out on trail with him this week too. I’ll try and take him out every week, and twice a week as long as I have a riding partner! I’ll give them both a big pat and please give Eivor and Pearl a pat too! πŸ’œπŸ€—πŸΎπŸ΄

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  5. The two little ones in the jeep are so cute. Murphy is a star!! What a great guy! Next week is our daughter’s anniversary so we are going up to their home and will stay overnight with our Grandson Our daughter and her husband can have night away from home! Thanks for your coffee shar Diana. Nice photos and love those videos of Murphy on the trails.

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    1. Thank you so kindly Anne for visiting and your wonderful comments! That will be so wonderful to spend time with your grandson and your daughter’s beautiful family. It will be nice for them to get a night out away from home too! πŸ’œ
      And thank you too, Murphy is the sweetest, kindest horse. I can’t wait for more trail rides. I’m so happy you enjoyed the photos and videos!

      P.S. I finally have been able to watch the Equestrian Olympics looking up and watching many of the dressage riders, it’s just so AMAZING! I can’t help but think of you and Biasini as I watch. I bet it all is so inspiring! The show jumping was awe inspiring as well. Brought back memories, not that I competed at that level, not even close but super fun and inspiring to watch as well! Thank you for your Olympic coverage on your blog!!

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      1. You are most welcome. I just did not have the time in my life to cover the eventing and the jumpers as well. Besides it was all taking place starting at 4am! Also I have accreditation with the COC and had requested dressage photos of the Canadians but not the other disciplines.

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  6. Hi Diana. I thought of you as we drove south to visit our youngest son in San Diego last week. Man! It was hot. We had thoughts of returning a day early to visit the Huntington, but the heat was too much for both of us so we just spent another half day with our boy before leaving for home. Your family and critters all look great and you’ve been busy making great memories.

    Blessings all around. . .

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    1. Hi Gary,
      Thanks for the thoughts to SoCal! And I’m so happy you have been able to visit with your son. It’s been stinking hot but somehow you acclimate enough to get things done outside. I’m looking forward to Fall coming up soon! Thanks for you wonderful comments and for visiting! I hope you have a great week! 🀩

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    1. Aww, thanks so much! So FUN to share. Oh how those grands grow, right? So fast! We were giggling with the videos, haha…. My girlfriend is a very good rider and thankful her horse was really calm and good too! I hope you have a wonderful week too Annemarie!! Take care! ❀️

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