Tree Square Challenge; The Sky and Trees!

Trees! How can you not Love trees? I suppose many take trees for granted. I just love trees and everything trees bring to our lives. They sure can help a sunset right? Look how much prettier this sunset is by having the trees in the foreground. I like the line of mountains too but I need to keep the focus on the trees as this is a tree challenge after all. I am sharing all things trees for BeckyB’s #Treesquare challenge and I am sharing photos I have in my archives. It’s been fun going back through and am hoping what I share today shows a theme. šŸ˜€

I have little stories to tell as we go through the photos. I hope you don’t mind a little reflection of my week last week. Sunday was a wonderful day until the afternoon when my new horse Murphy got sick. I am so grateful and thankful for a stable friend who saw him rolling and pawing and realizing this is not normal and he had a bad belly ache, it is called colic. He had a bad case of gas colic. He is doing fine now, but we had to call the vet out for an emergency vet call (it seems to happen on Sundays, this costs even more than a weekday call) but worth every penny spent. She treated him for the belly ache and I can report he is doing great. I now will keep some meds on hand to manage the pain that can come with gas colic. Murphy is so loved by all at the barn, and I love him too! ā¤

Haha, as I chose the photos and placed them I realize I have the first 2 photos out of order. But instead of changing it let’s say I went to bed and saw the sunset and then the next morning I got up early for the sunrise! Here is a beautiful sunrise as I walk around the block and the sun is rising to a beautiful morning.

Day 2 of last week brought a power outage at our house. I tended to the horses which included a mash for Murphy with electrolytes in it for his tummy and then headed to work. I got the call at work all the power went out in our house except for our enclosed garden room. At first my hubby called an electrician which he promptly canceled after going outside and talking to neighbors who all had some power outage at their houses as well. It turns out a neighbor across the street was having solar paneling installed on their roof, and the guys working on it blew a transformer on a telephone pole along the street which affected a bunch of houses. We were lucky SC-Edison restored power by 7pm. My hubby ran extension cords from back room to fridge and fans. On to day 3 of last week.

Looking up at the tops of the trees you can see all the birds. I don’t have a long lens so this is as close as I can get. I like that you can at least make out the birds with the beautiful blue sky as background! This is a late morning walk and the eucalyptus trees are so very tall!

Day 3 I woke up to make my breakfast when my hubby called me. He had gotten up early to go eat breakfast with a friend. He was at the gas station and after pumping gas his car would not start. Yup, dead battery. That makes number 3 and we have been fine after this event. I believe things happen in 3’s, which I know is silly and I know it is probably just all ironic, or coincidental. I had to drive there with jumper cables and after that I could get back to my day. He had to buy a new battery and it was just over 3 years old and in an older car we do not drive everyday. Glad last week is behind us to be honest! It was just one of those weeks. It started out very gloomy…….

This is a wonderful photo as what stands out in the fog? The trees of course with the lights confused and on this morning, I love how crisp the foreground is with the brown fencing seemlingly outlining the photo.

And the gloom and doom of the foggy morning makes me happy that things are not doom and gloom at all. And I wanted to share my week as I still wanted to smile and remember the bright side of life. I want you all to know that this blog brings me much pleasure to write and share all the things that happen. It’s all called life, and we have to take all the curve balls that are thrown our way and figure out a way to keep seeing through the fog! ā¤

Weather is wonderful for trees as they get fed with precious water. Where are you rain? It was absent this year, a very dry year here where I live. This was one very wet year we had just about 2 years ago. You can see all the water as the ground is very saturated. I suppose I should have put this in my palm tree post that I already shared, but this fits my theme which is the sky. I suppose it could be weather too, but I have so many photos of the sunrise that I wanted to dedicate a whole post to sky, sun and trees! That is my theme today, with a few stories thrown in for good measure!

As much as we need rain, the sun just makes me smile. We make a big deal about weather here where we live because we have far more sunny days then we do cloudy rainy days. We can get some foggy mornings but the fog doesn’t last long.

The sun so bright its rays bringing warmth and growth to trees and plants alike. I just LOVE the glow of the sun in this photo with the eucalyptus standing so very tall next to the row of palm trees! I think it’s gorgeous.

As I passed my 3 day event mark and feeling like things had settled down I was able to share my previous post which I did a double tree square post with my weekly smile post. I said to myself, I just can’t smile about all the events that happened to us this last week. But I can certainly smile about trees, and so that’s how that post came to life. And as I close this post out I have to say I so loved this challenge and this will be my last #treesquare challenge share as this month is coming to an end soon. (I may do one more post if time permits, but am not sure) I hope you enjoyed my tree photos as much as I do by putting this altogether to share!

Sharing my trees all around my neighborhood has brought me great joy. I wanted you all to see what I see through the lens of my camera. Thank you for letting me share the happenings intertwined within this challenge. Living life, it’s what we do! Thank you BeckyB for a wonderful challenge for #Treesquares!

Loving Life with Sky and Trees!

~Diana ā¤

19 thoughts on “Tree Square Challenge; The Sky and Trees!

    1. We are also very thankful that nothing was too serious and Murphy is doing great. I’m going easy on him with the heat and he’s so young I’m in no hurry with his training. This was a fun post to put together as I just Love all the photos too! It’s good to reflect and share as stuff just happens! So interesting to me numerology and time and again most often things happen in 3’s! ā¤ļøšŸ˜


  1. WOW! what a week you have had. Colic is the horse owners nightmare. I hope Murphy will never have another one! Dead batteries are nothing compared to the worry of colic. I hope the coming week will be peaceful and uneventful!

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    1. Thank you sooooo very much Anne! It was a scary afternoon, I’m not going to lie and he is so big and was in so much pain he would just lay down and roll while we were walking him. Oh man, he was too big to stop!! Luckily, other boarders had banamine which after we gave it to him waiting for the vet he stopped thrashing around and actually stayed on the ground laying there resting with us petting his head. I now have banamine paste I will always have handy in case this happens again. But like you say hopefully he’ll never have another episode. Darn colic! Yes, dead batteries are nothing…. So happy the horses are doing good!! ā¤ļøšŸ“

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    1. Thank you Maria!! It was such a nice Sunday morning last week, but turned into a scary afternoon. But I’m at a wonderful boarding facility and the care from others is so appreciated. The vet was only 40 min away. Murphy is doing great! So happy!! ā¤ļø


  2. Oh Diana! I am so glad that Murphy is better – and that your other problems were resolved. Loved the photos of your trees. They are so different from our evergreens and poplars. That California pepper tree is amazing! Does it produce peppers?

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    1. Thank you, it was scary but he made it through with flying colors!! Yes, the trees are different here from other places I have visited. And yes, the California pepper tree produces these little red peppers. I don’t think they are eatable, but haven’t looked them up but they are safe around horses. I owned a horse that enjoyed eating the pepper tree leaves. We only have safe for horses trees in and around the stables and in the town of Norco. (Oleander is poisonous to horses, there are more but this one comes to mind!) Thanks so much for visiting!! ā¤ļø


      1. I am always buying plants only to find out I can’t put them in our backyard where Kat can get them. I bought a eucalyptus plant last year. So cute and so bad for dogs! I wouldn’t even put one in the front yard again.

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      2. Oh yes, it can be rather frustrating. My sister gave me a peace Lily after I broke my arm some years ago. It was a house plant, I had no idea they are poisonous to cats! I had an older cat at the time who I ended up putting down after she got kidney failure which is really common. Did she eat any of the peace Lily leaves? I don’t think so, but kidney failure could come about if she did. I never saw any bite or chew marks. But now I’m so careful and look everything up! Egads, you never know what can be poisonous to the different species of animals in your life!! Yikes!!


  3. I too love trees. So majestic and so many varieties. John Muir probably loved trees more than anyone I know. He can fill three pages describing one tree. I love his work. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much Wayne for visiting!! And yes! I Love John Muir and I believe he loved trees more than anyone I know too! I’m so happy you enjoyed the photos as it was really fun to put the post together! šŸ¤ 

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      1. OMG! You have read John Muir also. I am so impressed. Most people I have talked to got bored with his long drawn out descriptions and moved on to a different book. I love his descriptions. I loved the one where he climbed that huge fir to ride out the storm. His description of what happened leaves no doubt he did it. He was an amazing man.

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      2. It’s been a long while that I’ve read his writings but being the father of our national parks and all his conservation work and passion for nature I know he loved trees and many other things more than all of us put together probably! Like you said earlier, he could fill pages with his descriptions of one area or even one tree! I’ll have to look for one of his books as it’s been years. He definitely was an amazing man, indeed.

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