Weekend Coffee Share; July Fun In The Sun!

Welcome to my weekend coffee share and how would you like your coffee today? Or I have tea or juice, apple or cranberry today? I can’t believe it is more than half way through July. And we are feeling the heat and I am always thankful when there is a breeze which makes being outside a bit easier. I wanted to share my teeny tiny garden and I actually just threw some tomato seeds in my container with some fresh fertilizer and thought maybe they will grow and if they don’t that’s okay too. I’ve been so darn busy that this year it’s just going to be tomatoes, and even though I long for a fruitful garden it takes work.

I want to give a shout out to all you wonderful gardener’s out there because you all ROCK! I supposed when you garden (and you are good at it) you become efficient, and you are probably organized and so it all just falls into place for you and your schedule of watering is on point and on and on… perfect gardening techniques I am finding takes practice, and so I mulched around the sprouting tomato plants and I know the container is being watered and staying moist more evenly (I hope!) as I know this is important too.

Haha, I already pulled out a plant early on as I knew I should thin out the container. I then thought let me see what these 4 plants do and I can always pull one or two out if needed. But now that they are getting so big, I want to see what they will provide! They have plenty of room, so I think they are okay. It is great fun watching them grow and I have other plants and flowers I water so I am always outside doing something.

My hubby is almost done with the retaining wall in our backyard, YAY! What a job, but it looks so much better which is wonderful. We will wait until fall to think about landscaping shrubs or ground cover plants. I want to plant some trees too. We have such mild weather here in Southern California I really don’t have to worry about planting in the fall. As I am talking about being outdoors you must know the next subject I want to share is my trail rides and my horses! I’ll start with a video I made today and a shout out to my weekend coffee share peeps! Haha, I hope you all know I say howdy to anyone who stops and visits here! You are all WELCOME! I hope you enjoy! 😀

We were chatting away and as we headed down this street I thought let’s make a video. My girlfriend took out her phone to take a video of me since I am never in my videos ~ how sweet! She accidentally hit slo-mo so her video was all in slow motion, oh dear, haha! Maybe next time she can make one and I can use to share! Thanks for trying pony sister, there is always next time! ❤

After I returned to the barn I hosed off Chloe as it was already pretty hot out and then I turned my attention to Murphy. So I will share some photos and I made a little video with Murph too. It was a fun morning at the barn. It was another pony sister’s birthday. There were cupcakes brought for the birthday and they were delicious. (We like to call each other pony sister’s because of our love for horses! If you have never met a horse crazy gal, well you are reading her blog right now!) 😀

Silly selfie video, but it was fun to make! I was trying to get his whole head in the view of my phone. I did pretty good, but what I am most impressed with (myself) is I was able to give him a kiss and got it on video! Haha, I have tried with Miss Chloe before and there’s just a way that you need to hold your phone. I had so much fun working with him today.

I wanted to wrap up my #weekendcoffeeshare with I connected with my oldest sister and we chatted and I think I have figured out a date to visit her in Colorado. I need to check out airline flights and figure out all the details and this will be at the end of August so I have plenty of time. In just a few weeks I will be heading to Arizona for my grand daughter’s 6th birthday! YAY! She is getting so big and I am so excited. I will say that I kind of wish she was born in the fall or winter, haha, just because it is so hot in August! It’s all good, and I’m so excited my daughter will be joining us too! I hope you all stay cool, safe and healthy!

Horse or pony crazy cowgirl!

~Diana ❤

18 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; July Fun In The Sun!

  1. What a happy coffee share Diana! I can feel you immense joy, the horses, the garden, your house it all comes together 🙂 I am very happy for you! Thank you for sharing with us.

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    1. Thank you so kindly Marie!! And thank you for having coffee with me today as I share my world with you all. Life is too short to not enjoy every minute we can. I’m so happy I can do that with you all. You are very welcome! 😍❤️

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    1. Thank you Anne! I’m so happy to share the videos, and realized I could actually say hello to you all!! I’ll give Murphy a pat from you and please give Biasini a pat from me as well!! ❤️🐴

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  2. Diana, So nice of you to say hello to Coffee Share people in your video. Murphy’s expression was so sweet when you gave him a kiss. Your tomato plants are looking good. It’s exciting that you’ll be going to AZ for your granddaughter’s birthday and to CO to visit your sister. Thank you for linking with #weekendcoffeeshare.

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    1. Thank you so much Natalie!! It was fun to make the video and then it just popped in my head, I could say hello! I’m so excited to do a little traveling to see family soon! I so enjoyed having you visit today and love so much the #weekendcoffeeshare ❤️


  3. Hi Diana,
    I know you said something about horses and tomatoes but you lost me at retaining wall.
    I need one too and am dreading the cost and hassle. Can we just stick with horses? I can’t get in too much trouble there.

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    1. Hahaha! Hi Gary! Oh my goodness, what a job that retaining wall has become. My hubby hired a guy to come in with a bobcat to escavate the slope for the retaining wall. He refused to hire help to put up and stack the retaining wall. I’ll take a photo and share his work of the stackable bricks. He amazes my what he gets done! I kept telling him hire someone to do it, but he’s a bit stubborn. And it’s completed now – Lol 🤣
      So Yes!! We can definitely just stick with horses, haha, it’s what I do! 😍🤠❤️

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  4. Love the videos.. They really bring to life what you share especially when you are mostly the photographer and rarely the subject well unless its a selfie with the horses hahaha
    I think our winter season is ending but the weather cant quite make up its mind one moment its chilly, the next a bit toasty and after that rain… didn’t see that coming its like all the seasons in one day

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    1. I’m so happy to share the videos, they are so FUN to make!! My girlfriend says she’ll make one with me in it but sometimes the transfer gets pixelated from iPhone to Android, we will see if it will work good.
      I’m so happy you’re getting some weather, all in one day is kinda funny though! Haha, there’s a saying in I think Illinois or some state back East, wait a minute and the weather will change! Something like that!! All the seasons in one day!! I like that too!!!

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    1. Oh thank you so much Annemarie!! And aren’t having these grand children such a blessing!! That’s cool that mine and your grandsons are the same age! I have one other young one and I don’t know if I’ll get any more as my other son and daughter aren’t married. It’s such a fun age indeed!! 💕

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      1. You never know, Diana! My eldest son swore he would never have a serious relationship much less children. He has one of the six year olds and another little one on the way. (And you would think he invented fatherhood😂😂😂). (And he will turn 44 on September)

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      2. Aww, then there is still hope for more!! My daughter is 33 (divorced) and my youngest will be 29 this year. Yes, there’s plenty of time, love your positivity too! And that is just too funny – how he thinks he invented fatherhood! Haha 😆

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