Weekend Coffee Share; Family Fun and Murphy in Action!

I think I have made up for last year where we couldn’t visit family as we are getting in lots of family weekends recently. My hubby hadn’t seen my daughter’s house she moved to that she is leasing so for the 4th of July weekend we drove up to her place to spend time with her. It was a great visit however my son in Arizona called me Saturday night and he and his family decided to drive to California for an impromptu visit. They drove through the night while the grandkids slept and then they stayed in our room since we weren’t home. We drove home the next morning to spend the 4th with my son and family which included fireworks!

Oh where are my manners, can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? Hot or cold? I have some cookies to go with, store bought but I think good to go with either beverage. I wanted to share some photos from last weekend because you know, I am always so happy to see my grandkids and share. I always try and get a couple of selfies too! SO FUN!

I do miss my grandkids immensely but it has helped to be able to visit them this year. I think you can see how excited I was to see them and I don’t think I have taken or shared selfies in awhile. I have one more photo I wanted to share as after I took it I realized it has three generations in the photo. A happy accident, and it’s a cute photo of the guys in my family!

Family is so important to me and I have extended family I wish I could see more often as well. I have all my sister’s and brother, it is hard to figure out who I want to visit next and as I try and figure out my traveling plans the time just keeps passing by. I have sister’s that read this blog and I do want to come visit and am hoping I can figure out when I can come out and spend a weekend. It will all work itself out eventually, and they all know our immediate family’s have priority. I at least can share on social media all that’s happening which includes here as well! 😀

Can I get you a refill? Top off the tea or coffee? I wanted to share some fun horse photos and a video of Murphy in action! I also took an action shot of Chloe in the arena trotting around that turned out pretty good. Both my horses are doing really good. I keep them separated and they are not turned out together at all. I want them to have autonomy and I can tell you that Chloe is much happier not having Zack by her side on the trails. He use to nip at her and was a pesky fellow, and she put up with his antics but is much more relaxed walking by herself or with my girlfriend or any other horses that are ridden out with us on the trails.

I had him turned out in the arena and he is learning to trot and canter when I ask him and he is so big that his strides cover the ground pretty quickly. Our arena is really not that big, which is a good thing as he can’t get going too fast. He is definitely on the lazy side as horses go and that is exactly the way I like him as he needs to be relaxed and sensible once we get out on the trails.

He is so beautiful and fun to watch him in the arena. At the end of the video I like how he just stops and stands there as that is a really calm and lazy horse. I hope he stays this mellow, I think he will! I also had a set back over a week ago where I did not have the bell boots on his front hoofs. At the end of the video you can see them, they are rubber with velcro that go around his pastern and hang down around the hoof. This will help him not step on the back of his shoes with his back hoof! He did this and pulled off a shoe, so I am hoping the bell boots will be the fix and we won’t have any more shoes come off.

Thank you so much for having coffee with me today. I am sharing last weekend this weekend, but that’s all good. This weekend I am home and just riding the horses and so not much to report. I missed last weeks coffee share and thought this way I can catch you up on all the happenings! Thank you Natalie for hosting the #weekendcoffeeshare link and I hope you all stay safe, healthy and happy!

Busy Grandma Cowgirl,

~Diana ❤

26 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Family Fun and Murphy in Action!

  1. Diana, I’m glad to hear you had such fun July 4th weekend with your family. Your grandkids are adorable. Chloe and Murphy look great. Thank you for sharing your updates, photos and video with #weekendcoffeeshare.

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    1. Hi Natalie,
      I’m so happy you enjoyed my weekend adventures. Thank you for your wonderful comments, and it truly is a pleasure to share with the #weekendcoffeeshare. 😍


  2. Hi Diana. Good to hear from you and great to see your family shots. We too love our extended family and are enjoying finally getting to see ore of them now that lock downs are being lifted.
    Your large mammals are looking great too.

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    1. Hi Gary, I’m so happy we all are able to visit with our families again. It’s good to hear from you too and thanks for visiting and your wonderful comments! Have a great week ahead! 😀❤️


  3. Glad you had visits with family! Your granddaughter looks like a female Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes in that one photo 😉 Glad the horses are doing well. I guess when you have a race horse it is good if he is mellow and a little lazy… Have a great week!

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    1. Haha, she does look like Calvin! Too cute! And yes, I probably keep repeating myself how lazy and calm he is for that exact reason. My first horse when I was 10yrs old was a retired race horse and boy could he run. He ran off with me and we both fell out in some fields a long time ago. So with that memory, I’m so happy Murphy never raced. I love the race horse breed and these ones that don’t race or can’t race because of injuries that heal need new homes so I feel grateful and lucky to own lazy Murphy!! Have a great week too!! 😉

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  4. I am so so happy that you got to see your grandkids ❤ How wonderful ❤ I know you miss them. It' been a hard year for everyone not being able to see family and friends. Hopefully things goes back to normal for everyone soon.

    Murphy is one handsome horse. You are going to have so much fun with him! I think I missed how tall he is? Did you tell us already?

    Thank you for the coffee!

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    1. Hi Maria!
      Yes, I’m soaking in every minute I get with the grandkids. ❤️ It’s funny because with all the trying to move closer and doors just not opening for us to make that move, I’m happy we stayed here where we’ve been because my son and family want to move from AZ. They really don’t like the heat there, and it seems worse every year. It may be awhile before they move but I would be really sad to be there if they were to move again. It’s been a tough year not seeing family that’s so true!! Things are slowly opening up, so happy! 😀

      Murphy is so very sweet, you would love his personality. He loves people and loves attention. He is 3yrs old (turned 3 on May 1st) and he stands at 17h tall! I’ve had some people say he’s not done growing, oh my, I hope he doesn’t get much taller. I know he’ll fill out, but he is HUGE!! I’m getting used to handling him as I was worried he would run into me, or not be respectful. But he is a sweetheart, keeps his distance if he feels goofy, he doesn’t run me over. Haha, he’s been so fun to get to know!! He’s very smart and has a good brain! That’s what I was looking for so I call him my gentle giant! Lol ❤️🐴

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      1. Things happen, (our don’t happen in this case) for a reason. I too thought that I was going to end up in AZ, you know about it, and now I can not for my life see myself living there. It will be great in the end. Do you like the new hours at work?

        Murphy looks like a wonderful horse. He was trained in a race stable? Right? The horses I’ve met that were started there have all had excellent ground manners from being handled so much. There is one very special former racehorse in my heart that I cared for intensely several times a day for two years, after she had a horrible freak accident. I thought I was going to loose her several times. Looking forward to following your adventure with Murphy. ❤

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      2. You know what? You are exactly right about things happen or don’t happen for a reason since you and I both were trying to move to AZ. That’s so interesting!! And it’s what is meant to be, as you are like a kindred spirit to me in so many ways! Thanks for such wisdom, because I had to just accept things and see what the future has in store for me (and family).

        And thanks for the insight on Murphy as yes, he was trained at a racing stables and his ground manners are excellent. (I didn’t know they work with them so well) I kept thinking how can this 3 yrs old horse behave himself thinking he’s just out in a pasture but he’s such a gentlemen, and even if he’s goofy and spooks say on the lead line he does it away from me, not at me or runs into me so yes, he has been handled well. I didn’t know about the special racehorse you cared for and how scary to almost loose her but sounds like she made a full recovery. Don’t they just have your heart, the sweetest dispositions!! Thank you sooooo much for sharing with me, that’s helped me and makes me love Murphy even more!! What a fun adventure! Can’t wait to keep sharing!! ❤️

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  5. Love the family photos! I hope the tooth fairy left something for that tooth that has gone! Our Grandson said he would like thousands of dollars for his. We all just laughed! Murphy is just lovely! So nice to see him in the video! Thanks for the coffee and the chat.

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    1. Aww, thank you so very much! Yes, thousands of dollars for a tooth, they are so silly aren’t they? They definitely make us laugh these grand kids. I’m glad you enjoyed the video of Murphy, he’s the sweetest guy and doing good! Thanks for visiting and the chat too!

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  6. Hi grandma cowgirl
    Love the grand children photos from last weekend and also fun seeing Murphy in the bell boot
    Glad you had some down time this weekend
    And family is so precious – we had some family visit this weekend and it was fun

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    1. Howdy Yvette!
      How fun to have family visit, I’m really soaking in all the family time especially after last year!! Those are some goofy photos, I’m glad you like them 😀 I love to take them and share. I’m so happy you stopped, always great to chat with you! ❤️

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  7. Thank you so much for the coffee Diana and so lovely to see you enjoy happy times with your family 💜 Chloe and Murphy are both looking good and the boy’s laid-back nature is perfect for the wonderful new life you’re giving him. Please give them both a big pat from us all 🤗🥕🥕🐎 xxx

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    1. Thank you so very much Xenia for having coffee with me today. And your wonderful kind comments put a huge smile on my face as I think Murphy is fitting in so nicely into my equine family and being part of my family in general. You’re the sweetest, and big, warm pats to Eivor and Pearl! And a treat from us if you give them some. ❤️🐴🤠🐾❤️ xxx

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    1. Thank you so very much Eliza!! Thank you for stopping by and you are a sweetheart, such wonderful comments!! Family is the best, so fun to share my family and horses with you all!! ❤️

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  8. Love the photos! I hope you get to see your sisters soon. It is difficult once you have your own families and go your own way. Darn near impossible once you all have grown kids and grandkids that are all coming and going!

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    1. Oh boy, you are so right about that dedicating time to visit all my siblings but I also have my kids and grandkids!! It truly is almost impossible. Thanks for visiting and happy you enjoyed the photos!! ❤️

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