TreeSquare Challenge; I Love Trees, Part 2

This photo is from my archive just over a year ago. Trees see so much and can be around for many, many years. Providing some shade and now memories as my boy Zack is now running free and it brings warm fuzzy feelings seeing him from time to time in my archives. This tree challenge is so much fun and I hope you enjoy my theme for this day, and I am sure you will have no trouble guessing what that is?

Another from my archive and to be honest I may not be riding alone as my bestie girlfriend may be with me but I can’t remember. I go on so many rides! Which is my therapy, my Love, my horses. I will look for a photo with the two of us together. That would be fun to share too!

This is from last year and my girlfriend has since retired her chestnut mare, Gracie. She has bought a new horse to ride on the trails with Chloe and I, and Gracie is doing fine in retirement. πŸ˜€ Now on to my recent photos that I want to share as I got ready for this challenge there was some beautiful flowering jacaranda trees on the trails. I’ve shared some of these photo’s already, but saved a few that will be new!

As we walked under the tree I looked up and took this photo! I thought it was cool! It may not be completely in focus as I didn’t stop, just clicked away. Can you tell my theme yet? The photo above is the only photo without one of my horses in it and so that is my tree theme today! Trees and my beautiful horses. Here are a few more photos, after all I do not want to leave anyone out!

I didn’t plan on using a photo of Murph and I like this photo except I cut off his nose. Haha, it’s eclectic and different is how I have to look at it and at least it has a decent tree shot included! Murphy is doing really well and I will share more of him in my coffee share this weekend. So if you follow me, you will see him in action as I have some video to share! (A good tease, don’t you think?) I would include a link but I haven’t written it yet. Maybe I will title it with “Murphy in Action” so it will be easy to find! πŸ˜‰

And we have come full circle! I was sitting in a chair waiting for my farrier as Miss Chloe was standing under this shade tree. It is the same tree in the first photo with Zack and Chloe, just from a different angle. We have gone back a year, gone on some trail rides and finished up with some beautiful shade from a tree that isn’t all that big, but sure can provide some shade. There is some meaning in all of this somewhere, maybe it’s look back in your past with loving fond memories but also look forward as you never know what the future will hold. Here I am with a new horse Murphy, to be here as I Love and take care of my aging mare, Chloe. They all have my heart! I hope you all enjoyed my trees for today photos and thank you BeckyB for this wonderful challenge.

Tree Loving Cowgirl!

~Diana ❀

16 thoughts on “TreeSquare Challenge; I Love Trees, Part 2

    1. Hi Becky!
      I’m so happy you can join me on my ride to see and visit all the cool trees around the neighborhood! Thank you so very much for your kind comments! ❀️🐴

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  1. A beautiful post Diana and it’s lovely to see how the horses and trees always find each other. The purple flowers on the jacaranda look especially gorgeous! πŸ’œ Wishing you happy trails and big hugs for you all πŸ€—πŸ§‘πŸ΄ xxx

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    1. Thank you so very much! They do seem to find each other and it’s been fun to keep my eye out for those photo ops as I ride. The jacarandas are done blooming and am so happy I got those photos! Sending hugs back your way, have a wonderful weekend too! πŸ’œπŸ€©πŸΎπŸ΄

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  2. Trees really does make all the difference in the world. I talk a lot about trees as the lungs of the planet with the kids, with my kids at home, and the kids at work. Thank you for sharing your lovely horses too ❀

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    1. Thanks Maria! They truly are the lungs of the planet and that you share and teach this to the kids is wonderful!! I’m so happy you enjoyed as it’s so FUN to share! ❀️🐴


  3. The pepper tree is hugs and a new one to me. I love how the trail is shaded .that must help when you have heat where you are. I love the look of the western saddle in the first photo. I could just swing up onto it and join you on a trail ride.

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    1. Thank you so much Anne, that would be great FUN if you could swing on up on that comfy western saddle and join us on a ride! We sometimes pick the more shady streets to ride down if it’s a hot day. Very thankful for the shade trees!!

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