Weekend Coffee Share; June Fun!

Hello and come on in and I have coffee or tea handy. I also have it hot or cold. Today I’m drinking a cold brew as it is a hot weekend. We are heading into a heat wave this next coming week which will get up over 100F degrees (38C) for most of the week into next weekend. It isn’t even officially summer yet, and I know it is cold and winter on the other side of the world. It is so interesting how in my little world I am going to sweat it out in the heat while others are heading into winter.

I can’t believe its June and the weeks just seem to fly by even though I am trying to take in every day and enjoy it to it’s fullest. I have been thinking a lot about the future and when I do I realize we can’t see the future, and even though we can plan for the future what ever will be will be ~ are you humming yet? 😀 Que Sera, Sera ~ I’m just thinking philosophically today about life and all that we can enjoy and even though our plans to move near my grandchildren have been put on the back burner, I will still dream to live near them one day. I can at least visit as often as I can and in the mean time enjoy what I do each day and that’s what I’ll be sharing here today. Here’s a couple of cute photos of my grandkids!

They are so adorable and my granddaughter is getting so big. She will turn six in August! My grandson turned one in February so he is almost sixteen months now, toddling all over the place and into everything. As it should be with little ones, he is a handful but such a joy. I can’t wait to visit them and am so thankful we are able to travel now and visit as often as we would like. My entire family is vaccinated and thankfully we are all doing well. ❤

As I share I realized that I have not shared what’s been happening here at the house. We removed all the carpeting in the living areas and replaced the flooring with a wood-base laminate that is really durable. We just love how it turned out and I thought I would share some photo’s. This was done last month. My hubby is also working in our backyard putting in a retaining wall. A ton of work, what a busy year so far!

The only rooms with carpet is our bedrooms. We will be replacing them with new carpet in the near future. Our kitchen and the entry way has really nice travertine tile so we did not need to replace that and thought the flooring went well throughout the house. What a difference it has made in the openness and feel in our home!

I also can’t wait for the work in our backyard as the retaining wall (stackable bricks) will add support for the slope and eventual vegetation we want to plant. The previous owners never finished the back yard, and we never did either and we have been here 15 years now. I think its about time! These improvements will make our home enjoyable and add to its value.

I am enjoying the horses, trail riding with my best friend and sometimes by myself with Chloe. My vet will be out this coming week to check out Murphy’s leg and I am hoping I get a green light to start doing more with him. I am enjoying working with him and I took a video of him and thought I would share.

He is so funny because he knew I could not pay full attention to him while I was holding the phone to video! He is very smart and it has been fun seeing his personality! I am in no hurry with Murphy and I really want to take my time with him, especially since he is just 3 years old. I am enjoying the process of getting to know him and I am thinking we will have many years ahead of us of fun trail riding together! ❤

Surprise! Two videos today! He is such a character enjoying the water from the hose! My girlfriend at the stables did not know I was doing a video and was telling me about a sick friend and so I was responding which sounds kind of strange in the video but Murphy is so cute with those flapping lips I just had to share. We hope the friend will be all better soon.

Thank you for visiting and having coffee with me today. I always enjoy sharing the happenings around here and boy has it been a busy year so far, I can’t believe it! I have to thank Natalie for hosting the coffee shares providing us a link and you can visit other coffee shares here. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know I am enjoying mine! 😀

Happy Grandma Cowgirl,

~Diana ❤

27 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; June Fun!

  1. hi D
    hope all goes well with the heat wave and i also think about how the other side of the world has winter ❄️ while we sweat!
    loved the second video / you are talented to juggle the hose – the camera and the conversation – well done

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    1. Hi Yvette,
      You have me giggling as it is a bit of a struggle trying to make a video with the hose, camera and then the conversation!! Hahaha, I almost didn’t share but enjoyed it and thought why not! Thanks for visiting!! And I’ll try and stay cool! ❤️ Have a great week ahead!!

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      1. i am so glad
        you sharks the video with your multitask skills showing
        and many years ago i was able to paint with one hand and record my paintijng with the other hand! later on i wondered why i did not just prop the phone on a tripod or make shift stand?? either way / i am still surprised at how steady my camera hand was while painting with the other one!

        and murphy drinking was fun

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  2. Diana, I love your grandchildren’s big smiles and your horse photos and videos. Your new flooring looks beautiful. You’ve been one busy lady with your full-time job, horses, pets, home improvement projects and more. I hope you have a relaxing weekend and your vet will give you the green light to start doing more with Murph. Thank you for linking with #weekendcoffeeshare.

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    1. Thank you so much Natalie!! It’s definitely been a busy last few months, but some how we manage to juggle all these things. I am hoping to video chat soon with my son so I can see those cute grandkids too! It’s so much fun to share and join #weekendcoffeeshare ❤️


    1. Thank you so much Shari! I’m so happy you enjoyed my June fun. I’m missing my grandbabies but am thankful to stay in touch virtually! It’s been nice visiting with you and I hope you have a great week too!

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  3. Isn’t it crazy that it’s mid June already?!
    Well done with the floors! I really dislike carpets and when we bought our house we ripped out all carpets and put laminate floors in most rooms, and tiles in some areas. Now we’re waiting to have tiles in the kitchen too but we need to do some preparations first.
    I loved the pics of your grandchildren, especially the girl to the right. She looks super happy!

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    1. Hi Susanne,
      I’m always saying wow, time just flies!! That’s so cool you got new flooring too! I wish we did it sooner, but am happy it’s completed now! I hope you get your kitchen done soon. Teddy, my grandson is full of energy and Alice, my sweet grand daughter is a very happy girl and I miss her immensely!! She’s such a sweetheart!! Thanks so much for visiting with me today! Have a wonderful week! ❤️ ~ Diana


    1. The floors turned out better then we thought they would, thank you! I bet the tiles are nice and cool in hotter weather but then probably a bit cold in cool weather. Lol thanks so much for visiting and have a wonderful week ahead! ❤️


  4. Love the family pics, will they be horsey, arty or interior design architect, how cool to see their beautiful little personalities shine, such fun. Your house looks beautiful, cleaning horse, dog, cat & human off the floors is so much easier on hard floor than carpet, isn’t it. The retaining wall looks great so far, perfect height for a kitchen garden, lol. Love the pretty ride out with Chloe. Much merryment Murphy, he is such a chill dude even stops to smell the poop. Love the floppy lip hose fun. Hosing reminds me of a cool photo of My son & his horse sharing a drink from the hose after a long ride out. I must see if I can find that pic & share. lol. I hope the friend of the friend is feeling better. Have a yehaa week my pony sister friend.

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    1. Aren’t those grandkids getting big and it does make one think what does the future hold for them? You’re the sweetest with all your kind comments!! It’s sure fun to share and yes, keeping the house clean with all the animals around it sure is easier with these new floors!! Oh that Murphy sure is a chill dude, feeling so thankful for that and I’d love to see the photo of your son and his horse sharing a drink from the hose, if you find it! I hope you have a wonderful fun-filled week my sweet pony friend! ❤️🐴

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  5. Your grandchildren are such cuties! And don’t they sprout up fast. We saw our Grandson yesterday and I think he has grown six inches since I saw him only two weeks ago. He started out as a smaller kid but now my daughter tells me he is “tall ” on the charts for his 6 years. I love your flooring and u think it looks very good. Murphy! he is a very nice looking fellow The TBs are so different in their bodies than the warmbloods. I’m glad he is settling in well and at 3 you are right to take your time with him. I love the photo of you out with Chloe. Is that a jacaranda tree? Thanks for all this tht you shared this week.

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    1. You are so sweet, and we both are so lucky to have these wonderful grandchildren! It’s funny how they can all of a sudden sprout up, so tall!! It’s been such a busy last few months, so happy the flooring turned out so well and so much easier to clean!
      I agree with you the TB’s do have a different body then the warmbloods. And I’m still getting use to his height at 17h high, his legs seem to go on forever. Such a big boy, but such a sweet disposition!
      I’m so happy you love the photo of Chloe! Yes, that’s a jacaranda tree! I’m taking more tree photos so that I’ll have some for a challenge coming up in July with Becky B and it will be all things trees! These jacarandas sure are beautiful!! Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful week! ❤️

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  6. I love the home remodel. Last year we got laminate installed in our living room. Previously it was tile from the last owners. On cold days, it would be too cold to walk around the house with all tile flooring.

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  7. Thank you so much Julie! We have tile in the kitchen and I’m finding it much cooler than the laminate flooring! It was a good idea for you to change the flooring in your living room. Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great week! ❤️


    1. Thanks so much and missing those grands, I’m so happy I can visit them now whenever I can get the chance!
      Oh and I’m so happy you enjoy the horses, my LOVES!! They are my sanctuary, so I love to share and am happy you enjoy them too!! ❤️🐴

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