Weekend Coffee Share; All About Murphy, My New Horse!

Welcome and come on in so we can share a cup of Joe. I also have tea are juice? I have so much to share as I am spending more time with my new horse Murphy, I like to call him Murph. He is such a character, as he has figured out that his Mom that gets him out will give him lunch and he just LOVES food. Of course, all horses love to eat and they are meant to graze all day long so being domesticated has its challenges for grazing animals. I have a hay net which is exactly what it sounds like, a big net with with big enough holes that the horses can pull hay through. It is a good way to slow down their eating as it takes longer for them to pull out the hay stems. Hmmm…. I think I will get my hay net out this week and put it up so it will slow down his eating and that should last him longer until dinner. I like it when I give myself good ideas! πŸ˜€

He also loves people and he really enjoys the attention we give him and you can tell because he enjoys his head being rubbed and in general he is very pleasant to handle. He doesn’t show any stress and he is so funny when you go to handle him. Most horses put their head up, and may move away from you when you go to put the halter on to lead them out of their stall. Murphy puts his head down and as you put the halter on which he knows goes up around his head, he puts his head lower and lower! Haha, it’s so low I have to bend over to get the halter on! I even pull his head up and even with my shoulders. Dude, you are being kind but almost too kind making me work to put this halter on!

He is so big and tall that when you lead him without some sort of pressure on his nose, he will bump into you or try and rub his head on you and so he needs to learn his space with ground manners. He is not bad at all, just young and not knowing exactly where his space is and stops and anyone handling him starts! I ordered and just received my dually halter from Monty Roberts. His training halter is awesome and has two nylon ropes that are attached to a ring on each side which acts like the chain in this photo I just shared. What’s great is it applies pressure on the sensitive parts on their nose but with the dually it is kinder and will release when the horse gives to the pressure applied. So it is a great training halter, but until it arrived I felt safer and had more control with the chain over his nose. Now I don’t need it and I will save this blue halter for use at a later date.

I have been hand walking Murph all around the property as he can’t be worked (or more exercise than a walk) until I have my veterinarian examine his left back leg. He had an injury to his splint bone and the vets in Oklahoma said he will heal up just fine but needed 30 days lay up. I decided this weekend to let him lose in what we call a round pen. He has been so calm that I thought he would be fine walking around on his own and if he started to show too much energy (like trotting around or bucking or anything of this sort) I would go in and take him out as I don’t want him to re-injure himself. He was as relaxed as could be and just moseyed around. What a calm, sensible easy going guy!

How’s your coffee, do you need a refill? I have more to share as earlier today (and is why I am late writing this post) I had another fun day at the barn. After my girlfriend and I rode out on the trail with Roscoe and Chloe I took out Murph to walk him in the round pen. He walked around nicely lose while I was in there asking him to walk. I can’t say enough how sweet his personality is as he almost wants to be in your pocket. He wants to put his head in your lap, and he will follow me around and when I went out of the round pen he wanted to come with me! Haha, I wanted him to hang out on his own and then I went back to take him out. He nickers when he sees me coming, so darn sweet!

After I groomed him and did all those things I told my girlfriends there I wanted to try on my saddle, just to get a fit and see if my cinch would fit him. I asked them for help because this is something new I haven’t done with him yet and I wanted him to have the best experience possible. I also did not think he has ever had a western saddle on him and they are bigger and heavier so lets see how you do Murphy! I knew he’s had an English saddle as he was ridden and I saw him on video trotting around with the trainer.

I borrowed a thicker pad from my friend and I can see it’s a bit short for my saddle so I will be buying a wither relief pad to go with my western saddle for him when I start riding him. Miss Chloe has a very flat back with her wither just blending into her back. She is great for bareback riding because she has a back kinda like a couch! HAHA! But Murph is a very tall thoroughbred and they are known for having a tall wither, and so I knew I would need a thicker pad with wither relief which means it is formed higher in the middle to go over their withers or backbone. I was worried my cinch would not fit, but it is perfect and fits just fine. Yay!

My western saddle is called a Circle Y flex tree. The tree is made with plastic and is flexible and so I am hoping with the thicker pad my saddle will be okay and not pinch him along his shoulders where it will sit on his back. I will check again about this as I may need to invest in a saddle that fits him but for now I was just happy he was accepting of the saddle and as my girlfriends and I talked and they were helping me they asked if I was going to sit on him. Wait what? ENABLERS! AND YES! I was so wanting to get on and sit in the saddle! SO…

There are a couple of video’s but after I loaded them they are very pixelated and not to clean to look at and its from transferring from one phone to another through apps. There will be plenty of time for videos to share of Murph! He was a champ, took everything all in stride as he took each stride around with me on his back! First time! It was such a fun day and I am so EXCITED AND A SUPER HAPPY Cowgirl!! He is just amazing. I Love you Murph! ❀

This is really long but I just had to share. I hope you all had as much fun as I have had this weekend. I will end with this photo my pony sister girlfriend took of me and she edited it to get closer up and as she says, she loves my smile! I’m in horsey heaven! Thank you so much girlfriends! ❀ ❀ ❀

Thank you for having coffee with me and for visiting today. I have to thank Natalie for the weekend coffee shares she hosts and if you want to visit more click here and maybe one weekend I will hopefully write and share a little earlier! I get so darn busy it gets very late in the evening when I finally get to finish up my posts so I should call this a coffee share after the weekend has ended! πŸ˜€

Excited horse crazy cowgirl!

~Diana ❀

23 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; All About Murphy, My New Horse!

  1. Congratulations! Murphy is beautiful and looks like adjusting well to his life with you. Happy to learn a bit about your world so removed from mine. I can imagine how wonderful it must be to live so close to such beautiful creatures. Lovely post !

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    1. Thank you so very much! As I love to visit and see, learn and enjoy others as they blog about where they live. It’s amazing the common things we share but also the not so common. I am so happy you enjoyed my post and Murphy is doing wonderful. He’s adjusting well, I’m so thankful and happy! Thank you for visiting! ❀️🐴 ~ Diana


  2. Aww Murphy looks like such a sweet, willing and affectionate horse Diana 😍 If he is still meant to be in his 30-day lay up I’d take it very easy for now and allow his leg to heal. It will be good once the vet has been and fingers crossed all will go well. Wishing you happy days ahead and please give sweet Chloe and Murphy a big pat from us all πŸ€—πŸ§‘πŸ΄ xxx

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    1. Thank you so much Xenia! I will be patient, promise! We didn’t do much and I won’t be saddling again until the vet comes. It was a treat though to be able to sit on him for the first time, and for just 5 minutes. I’m in no hurry and yes, fingers crossed he is healing well and I’ll have a good report from the vet. I’m okay if he needs more time to heal as I need to be ready for that in case he needs more time. Have a wonderful week! Love from us here to you Eivor and Pearl! ❀️🐾🐴❀️

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    1. Thanks Trent!! I couldn’t be happier and so proud of Murph! I’m feeling grateful, thankful and that short session really made it feel like he’s my horse. I have been feeling like I’m taking care of someone else’s horse as I do so often. He’s nickering to me now… So FUN! 🀠 Have a great week too!!

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  3. Hi Diana, Murph looks handsome and strong. I love all the photos you share in this post. The last one is beautiful and worth framing. You and Murph both look happy and natural in that photo. It’s great that your friends were there to help you sit on him and go for a short walk. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

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    1. Thank you so much Natalie! I’m going to make a print of the last photo as I think it would be great in a frame! It truly was a wonderful weekend for us all at the barn! I’m so happy to share with #weekendcoffeeshare


  4. yeeeehhhaaaaaa is that how it’s spelt. Your infectious smile & Murphy’s chill dude demeaner says it all a perfect match & what a fantastic bunch of pony supporters. I love Murphys eye brows such a soft sweet expression. I love in nearly every photo his ears are showing you he is listening to you. Western saddles can be so tricky to fit a thoroughbred can’t they awesome you havent had to fork out too many pennies to get started. The new halter is pretty. I remember walking these cuddly giants I constantly had my elbow out like a personal space radar lol until they learnt only cuddles when asked. I can’t wait to see more photos & videos of your adventures together. Hugs & carrot for all. xo

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    1. YES!! That’s how it’s spelt!! Haha, and it was a great weekend and you are right as he’s listening and really is enjoying being with us humans! And yes, hehe, that elbow is a great way to move him over, often! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, I’ve been busy with ponies and work and forgot to check back in and so I’m late responding! I’ll be giving them hugs and carrots, thanks pony sister as I’m sending them back to you and your ponies too! ❀️🐴

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    1. Hi Kellie, I’ll remember that for my next share as I do love the videos too. I’ll make more soon to share! Enjoy your week and thanks so much for visiting! ❀️🐴

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      1. I would probably need a few lessons (or at least some really good tips). The last time I ride I was totally out of sync with my horse. I was so bruised, I didn’t know what was flowing through the rest of me. πŸ₯Ί

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