My Weekly Smile; May 20, 2021

Welcome to my weekly smile post. It has been a crazy month and I talked about the happenings in this month on my last coffee share post. My last coffee share I missed the coffee share link up, so if you missed it you can click here. One of the most exciting news I shared was that I bought a new horse, and I’m grinning from ear to ear! I am also very EXCITED! I have some more news to share as things are just falling into place and I feel so blessed. I have to thank all my friends and family for all their wonderful support with my crazy decision to buy a Thoroughbred retired racehorse. This horse I bought never raced so I shouldn’t say he is retired, but for whatever reason the trainer/owners who bred him decided that he was not worth racing and so he was responsibly donated to an Equine Horse rescue who rehomes these beautiful animals. I am excited because a place to keep him opened up at the same ranch I keep my horse Chloe. I take this as a sign that this all was meant to be as how ironic I bought this horse and a stall became available!!

Ultimately, this is what I wanted all along but when this horse came up for adoption (the horse rescue is a non-profit, I am donating a designated amount which helps the rescue feed and take care of the horses.) I had to make a decision without having a place to keep him because there were no open stalls where I board. I reached out to a good friend and its actually the boarding facility I had Chloe and Zack at last year and she said they had openings, so I went forward with buying the horse. I was planning on having one horse at one stables, the other horse at the other stables until an opening would become available. Happily, a stall has opened up and my new horse is being picked up early Friday morning in Oklahoma and being transported to California and will arrive early Sunday morning! YAY! (I was told it could take up to 2 weeks, it only took 2 days when I got the call with a schedule for pick up!)

I am smiling about my horsey adventures. My girl Chloe is 17 years old this year and although she looks great, her legs are having issues. She is serviceably sound which means she can still go on walks on the trails and I give her pain meds to make her more comfortable. These pain meds are like Ibprofen to us and are easy on her stomach and I know helps with the aches and pains of the arthritis she has gotten in her joints. Since she is still able to be ridden, I have plans on using her to pony my new horse on the trails to help him get use to everything out there and that will help when I start to ride him out on trails in the future. I will then plan on reducing the trail riding as I slowly transition Chloe into retirement.

I have some time, I am thinking at least one year as I go through this transition. Mr. Murphy is 3 years old, so I do not want to rush him either. A young mind is impressionable, and he needs training so I am hoping this mix of a senior seasoned trail horse with a young (hopefully) gentlemen will work for all of us as I figure out how I will work with them individually and together! Haha, I don’t even know if what I am saying makes sense but I have lots of ideas and I can’t wait to see how this adventure evolves!!

As I put all my horse thoughts down here I wanted to share a trail ride I went on a couple of weeks ago by myself on Chloe. We were on our main street in town and it’s such a pretty street I thought I would make a little video. They are always fun to make and I just love to share and I hope you enjoy! It’s just all about the horses this week, they sure fill my heart and make me smile! πŸ˜€

I sure love the trails and my bestie girlfriend has a new horse too! Her horse Roscoe will be great to trail ride with my new horse too, once I get to that point in his training. I am just incredibly happy everything is falling into place. This will be an exciting weekend and by Sunday I will be able to share in my coffee share more photos of my new horse! I haven’t decided what I will call him, Murphy is a nice name but I might change it, however Murphy is growing on me. There is also seeing what his personality is like once you get to know him. We will see!

Super Happy Cowgirl,

~Diana ❀

P.S. If you are interested, if you type in Midnight Murphy name on you can see his breeding. If you click on his sire or dam’s name it will show you their breeding. You can then click on their sire and dam’s name and see more relatives. I did this and it went back to Secretariat, Bold Ruler and Nasrullah. (So much history! I just love it!) He has excellent bloodlines with his sire (dad) Midnight Lute winning over 2 million dollars and was trained by Bob Baffert. Bob Baffert’s horse won the Kentucky Derby this year (lots of controversy over this win and drug testing.) This is all just so much FUN!

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  1. What an exciting development! Congratulations to you, your new horse and the horse rescue organization. When you adopt one horse, you make room for the rescue to help another. A wonderful cycle. And you are so thoughtful about making a retirement plan for your Chloe. Every horse should be so lucky to have someone who makes careful plans for their working life and beyond. Loved the riding video clip, too!

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    1. Thank you so much for following my blog and for your WONDERFUL kind comments! I have been so lucky to have my sweet mare as long as I have as she has had a devastating injury to her stifle joint many years ago. So her and I with friends just trail ride, and even though I miss arena work this is what’s best for her. I can’t believe how everything is falling into place and I’m still like pinch me! It’s a dream come true to adopt this thoroughbred! I’m so happy you enjoyed the video clip! ❀️🐴


      1. Hahaha, I’ll watch my speed. It’s funny you mention this as thoroughbreds get a bad wrap for not being the best for trails. I can see why, running as fast as you can, can be a challenge when retraining for something as slow as walking on the trails. I’m thankful this guy never raced so am hoping he’ll be a lazy dude! He’ll be fun to ride faster in an arena as I train him and we have lots of hills to ride which will help get him in shape! I’m soooo excited!!

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  2. Hi again,
    The name is a tricky subject.
    I do love the Midnight Murphy but as you said – you do have time and want to age sure it fits his personality

    And how cool that your best friend has a new horse, that it only took two days for the transport notice and then the stall opening – truly a blessing in so many ways
    Thanks for sharing the joy with us

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    1. Aww, you are very welcome!! It’s so fun to share with you all! I can’t wait to meet him and see how he does at his new home here in California! Stay tuned!! πŸ˜€

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  3. Wow, how exciting and how lovely you are adopting Midnight Murphy Diana! Many horses that are bred for racing never make it to the track and it’s great his owners are doing the responsible thing by rehoming him via the charity. We look forward to this new journey for you and please give sweet Chloe a big pat from us all πŸ€—πŸ§‘πŸŽ xxx

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    1. Thank you so much Xenia!! I’ll give Chloe a huge hug from you all as she’s still my girl and will be a big part of helping me as I train my new horse. I still can’t believe this is all falling into place and I’ve always wanted to adopt a thoroughbred and I think I found a super nice one!! I’ll be sharing more soon! Sending pats and hugs your way! β€οΈπŸΎπŸ’™πŸΎβ€οΈ

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    1. Thank you so much Robin!! I’m beyond EXCITED!! I’m a little nervous as this was such a huge decision I didn’t want to ever back out of and in my heart of hearts it feels perfect!! I think EVERYTHING is working out so I’ll share plenty of photos once he arrives!! Thank you sweet friend! ❀️🐴❀️

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  4. Murphy looks like he has a kind eye. I’m sure you are excited about his arrival . We will all be waiting for photos and news! I enjoyed your video. Different from the trail rides I go on with Biasini but I would like to find out how he would adapt to the traffic. I think he would be fine actually.

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    1. Thank you Anne. I think Murphy does have a kind eye and yes, super excited about his arrival!! Over the years my sister and I have noticed that the seasoned show horses retired here in Norco to trail riding actually aren’t bothered by the traffic. It’s amazing all the things they see when traveling too and from shows and their experiences there really help desensitize them to all the things in a town or city setting. I think he would be fine too! πŸ’–πŸ΄

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  5. Just love how Chloe knows how beautiful she is. Love your little videos & so cool you have gum trees we call those ones ghost gums or bush light posts as they are so white & with a full moon look really eerie at night & almost glow. Our night rides were often lit with these beauties. How many sleeps now till Murphy arrives???? too excitement. It’s fun looking into their blood lines. Awesome how things worked out as far as agistment goes that means Chloe & Murphy can get to know each other better. I just know that Chloe will tell Murphy how wonderful you are as their pet, there will be much late night neighing chats between them I’m sure. I am so looking forward to reading of the fun you are going to have juggling lead ropes & reins as you take photos,(: (; (: . Have a fun week ahead pony friend.

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    1. Awww, your the sweetest pony friend!! Chloe does know, she’s the sweetest and I was rather busy today with others horses and my new horse!! I just finished a coffee share, he arrived Saturday night and is doing so good! I’m so impressed and proud of him!!

      And thanks for all the wonderful comments! So happy you enjoy the videos and gum trees, we call them eucalyptus trees! They are very white and I bet would glow with the moonlight!! You definitely and always make me giggle. Your the cutest and I’ll have a great week ahead and you do the same now!! ❀️

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