Weekend Coffee Share; Family and Horse Fun!

Can I offer you a cup of coffee or tea? I have so much to share and I can really ramble if you get me going. Should we have some Speculoos cookies from Trader Joes that goes great with a cup of Joe? Yes, sounds yummy! I have missed a few coffee shares as I have been really busy these last few weeks. After I visited with my daughter, the following weekend I visited with my son and his family for Mother’s day. I had such a great weekend with them and it was my daughter-in-laws birthday too! What fun celebrating with them and I soaked in all the family time I could get. It was so fulfilling and I am so happy and thankful for this time with my grown children. I thought I would share a few photos from last weekend before I share some super fun horse news!

My grandson is walking all over the place, climbs on the couch and into everything! They just run around and wear out grandma but it’s all great FUN! Alice and I have fun coloring. When I finished up my weekend and was going about my work days this last week I came upon a video of the most beautiful horse that was being worked with a trainer I follow online. To make a long story short I thought to myself I want this horse! He is so beautiful and my sweet horse is getting older and has old injuries that she manages with but I am thinking soon I will have to retire her from trail riding. I thought to myself I think it would help if I had a project and a new horse so that I can let Chloe enjoy her retirement and I can be fulfilled by riding a new horse to train and be my next trail horse. Hmm.. I might even train him up to attend some small horse shows! Fun to dream! πŸ˜€

As I went through this process, it was fairly stressful and I thought I have to give it a try and if I am able to buy this horse then it was meant to be and if things do not work out then this horse was not meant to be owned by me and I would then have to look for another. Here he is, the stars aligned and I bought an off the track thoroughbred from a horse rescue who rehomes OTTB’s for a life after racing. He now has a new career and life with me! His registered name is Midnight Murphy and for now I will call him Murphy (but will see how that name fits him as I get to know him).

I am OVER THE MOON, EXCITED! There is a video of him that I can’t share because it isn’t my video but he is just so handsome and beautiful and all of the things we love about horses. He turned 3 years old May 1st and he never raced. He is Kentucky bred and he is very big and that could be the reason he never raced. He is 17h tall which is very tall for those non horse people. I wasn’t looking for tall or short, I was looking for temperament and he is very calm, quiet and is sensible. I told the trainer he needs a good brain to be a trail horse in my town. She said he would be perfect and that he is like an old soul in a young body. I think of these big guys as gentle giants, and so my journey begins with this beautiful registered thoroughbred!

He currently resides in Oklahoma so first thing in the morning I will be calling for horse transportation. It’s been a dream of mine to own one of these off the track thoroughbreds and as I dreamed watching video after video after video I thought it crazy that I could ever buy one then have it shipped half way across the country to California. Covid has really spurred the industry of adoptions (along with other furry friends), and with the help of this wonderful trainer who is Monty Roberts Certified, Jamie Jennings has helped retrain off the track thoroughbreds with gentle methods from her training. With the exposure with her podcast which I follow and listen too – Horses in the Morning – the rescue who normally adopts out maybe 20 – 30 horses a year, last year they adopted out more than 100! I think the number is 103 which is fantastic! I thought with all the people interested I would not have a chance to adopt, but I did! And I couldn’t be happier. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I feel it only proper to thank Jamie from the bottom of my heart for all she does for these beautiful animals! ❀

I will keep you posted on how the next few weeks go as I get transport set up and hopefully it won’t take too long to get a hauler to ship him to his new home here. I can’t wait to meet my new boy! ❀

We are enjoying some really cool weather with lots of clouds and a spitter-spatter of rain here and there. I am taking in all the cool weather because the summer is around the corner and with that comes the heat. Maybe this year will be a cooler summer. We do get them sometimes. Chloe is always willing to go out on the trails and I will taper her outings a little bit to begin the process of retirement. In the meantime, my trail rides are so enjoyable and she is such a JOY!

As I share my coffee with you today I am thinking about my family and my horses. We only have this one life and I am trying to enjoy it to its fullest, the best way I know how. I hope you enjoyed your coffee and I hope you all are enjoying your life too! And if you have any dreams, don’t give up on them because you never know they just might come true!

As I share these two with their brotherly love it makes me think how I am sending hugs to you! Remember to stay smiling and enjoy what you can when you can and thank you for visiting with me today. πŸ˜€

Happy Excited Cowgirl!

~Diana ❀

P.S. I missed the regular coffee share linkup. It’s been a very busy weekend. πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Family and Horse Fun!

      1. Hi Diana
        First of all, you know how I took my blog break recently
        Well I left around the time we were still grieving with you after the accident and horse loss and to come back to hear about midnight Murphy being adopted – what a nice thing to come back to.
        Reminds me that it is bonding to share all types of news – the good the bad and the ugly – and the extra joyous aha times like the stars lining up for you to bring home your new wonderful horse.
        And his “old soul” reminds me of our brown lab, whom we adopted In 2020 – he is only four now but has a side of him that is “chill” – and very wise.
        Anyhow, love the cat brothers photo at the end too –

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      2. Thank you sooooo very much Yvette! I think it is good too share like you say, the good the bad and even the ugly. And yes, so amazing how things have worked out in my favor, I’m so amazed and happy!!
        Aww, your old soulful brown lab sounds amazing, I love that in animals, he sounds so sweet! Thanks so very much for your wonderful heartfelt comments! ❀️🐴

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  1. Oh, that is amazing that you got a new horse and that our sweet Chloe will get to retire πŸ™‚ I tell ya I am around so many very tall thoroughbreds every day of the week and I look extra small next to them lol. I know most of them can be very good trail horses if retrained right and it sounds like you got a good retrained one that’s awesome! I am so happy for you and I can’t wait to see more pictures when you get him home. πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you so very much!! And that you are around so many thoroughbreds, that’s so COOL! Oh I wish you could meet sweet Chloe, she is so there to please and deserves the best care which I’ll do my best for her. ❀️ I can’t wait to share more, when he gets here!! 🐴πŸ₯°

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      1. Oh no worries! I took it as a great comment a rather endearing one, made me smile and warmed my heart. So it was a nice slip up, you can say our Chloe any day!! ❀️🐴

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  2. I was wondering if you were ok & of course you were & OH MY CRICKEY, I am sooo excited for you. Murphy such a sweet faced big boy. We have had 2 off track horses in the past both absolute gems, I used to work at a horse stud that retrained these magnificent horses(all horses are magnificent but you know) l’m dribbling on here, anyhoo. It will be wonderful to follow your journey with the newest member of your fam. Love the photos of you with the fam such fun times for Mothers day. Squishy brotherly love too cute. Congrates my pony friend. Give sweet Chloe a carrot & hug from me.

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    1. Oh thank you so very much Linda!! That’s sooo awesome you worked at a horse stud farm that retrained these gorgeous horses!! I’m still like pinch me! Is this happening? and yes it is and I’m over the moon EXCITED!! He won’t be arriving for about 3 weeks as shipments across the states are slow these days.

      Thanks also for your fuzzy warm comments about the family and those cats always amaze me how they cuddle and my son gets the best photos!! I’ll give miss Chloe a carrot and hug from you tomorrow!! Hugs back at you and your furry friends!! ❀️🐴❀️

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  3. WOW! This is very exciting news. He looks like such a nice fellow. I look forward to learning more about him once he arrives Will you be able to take your friend who rides Roscoe ( not sure I’ve got that name right) out with you and the new boy for a few rides. That might help him to adjust to his new surroundings. I shall tell Biasini that you have a new horse coming. It is nice that you are retiring Chloe before she gets into difficulties. That is a kind thing to do.

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    1. Hi Anne!
      I feel like saying WOW too! Because I wasn’t exactly planning this it just sort of happened. When I showed this horse to my husband he said why don’t you get him? Oh my, that’s when I thought I’m going to try my hardest as it’s all kind of a different process adopting these horses. There were times I thought I’m crazy, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him and I thought so much how Chloe deserves a nice retirement. She’s walked me all over our trails for many years now and I’m ready for a new adventure with another horse! He’s so handsome, I can’t wait to meet him.

      He should be here in about 3 weeks as shipping is backed up these days. You do have the name correct, my friends new horse is Roscoe and eventually that will be the plan. One little hiccup is I have to board him at a different stables because there’s no openings near Roscoe or where I’m keeping Chloe. There will be other people I can ride with as it does take quite a long time before they can go out by themselves. I’ll partner with who ever I can until I can move him closer to Roscoe. I’m actually going to work in the arena for a few months first. I’m so excited!

      Thank you for telling Biasini, he’ll be excited too! ❀️🐴

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  4. Diana, Such wonderful family time. I love all the big smiles in your photos. Congratulations on your new Kentucky bred horse! He’s beautiful and I love his eyes. The brother cats look so sweet together. I hope Murphy’s trip to your place goes well. I look forward to seeing him more on your blog. Have a wonderful week!

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    1. Hi Natalie!
      Thank you so very much for visiting with me and your wonderful, kind comments! I’m so excited and can’t wait to meet my new horse and I too hope he makes it safely. He’s being transported by one of the best horse transports and they gave tons of experience so he should be fine. Have a wonderful week! ❀️


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    1. Thank you so much Trent! That’s cool you dated a horse – thoroughbred girl! Haha, I am laughing because I wonder why those of us (crazy horse women) who are married why our husbands put up with all this horsey stuff!! It’s also very expensive, but in my mind and heart it’s what I love the most and we are only here once so I want to make the best of it!! 🀣❀️

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      1. lol, I guess I have known a few “horsey” women. A friend from school, who grew up with horses, as an adult competed in dressage. I visited her farm a few times as it is pretty close to my parents house.

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  6. Oh my – a new equine relationship for Diana. We may almost never hear from you again…
    Murphy is quite the looker too. I don’t know all the ins and outs of horse racing but have heard some about how hard it can be for the horses because for some owners racing is an aggressive business. I don’t know how true that is, but I can see how it might be. But I do know for sure these creatures, if allowed to, are more than able to become great and trusted friends who recognize and can love their people as much as we can love them.
    This is a great piece of news Diana and made me smile for you.
    Blessings indeed.

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  7. Hi Gary!
    Thank you so very much for all your kind words. You made me giggle because I do feel like a kid again (almost) and wish I could just spend hours and hours at the barn with Chloe and my new boy! Haha, but then adulting comes into the mix and darn it all, I have to go to work and stuff!! I’m wanting to keep up with my blog too. But if I miss a coffee share here and there I’m either visiting family or I’m lost at the barn!!!


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