Weekend Coffee Share; Weekly Smile Fun in April!

Welcome to my weekend coffee share where we share what’s been happening in our lives with old friends and new! What can I get for you today? I have both coffee and an assortment of teas. I have recently discovered how much I like Earl Grey tea and have been drinking it more often. This last week was a busy week as we celebrated birthdays. It was my hubby’s birthday and my sweet daughter’s. My daughter’s birthday is one day after my hubby’s. She came home for her birthday and spent time with one of her best friend’s here who’s birthday is one week earlier so it’s a busy birthday month! I am going to also call this my weekly smile post. I’ve always written these posts separately but this week was super busy so I’ll use this post for both. 😀

My daughter bought tickets to an outdoor symphony at the beach. It was super fun and an adventure to drive an hour to the beach to attend this small intimate style concert literally at the beach. It was held at Bolsa Chica State Beach which is in Huntington Beach, Ca. We arrived early enough to order food that was there for us so it was dinner and a concert that was approximately an hour long. The symphony was performed by Orchid Quartet and these women are part of the LA Philharmonic Orchestra and the music was excellent. The last performance included a keyboard player who travels and performs with the quartet. The only thing about this evening at the beach was that it was a bit chilly. It was barely 60F (15C) with the wind it felt colder. We dressed warmly and brought blankets which helped. It was super cloudy, looked like storm clouds but it did not rain. I captured some fun photos I will share. They make me SMILE!

I loved being at the beach and should visit more often and I am smiling as the drive to and from the concert was traffic free! We have so much traffic here in California and we just happened to be driving the other direction during rush hour and left early because we thought it would take us longer. So thankful it was such a nice easy, fun adventure! I have some video’s I want to share. This music is close to my heart as I just LOVE classical music and some of the pieces I can play on the piano. It was beautiful to hear this string quartet play, so enjoyable. They played Beethoven, Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky to name a few composers. I hope you enjoy!

The second video is Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin and there is the piano player on the keyboard behind the speaker on the left side of the stage. We were sitting at a picnic table in the back. The picnic tables were cheaper and we were a group of four. They had fire pits which cost more and seated more people. My daughter said it was just about sold out online but there were many empty seats so I am thinking the weather may have kept people from attending. Here are more photos of our fun adventure! 😀

Such a fun week and I love the setting sun, how can you not smile watching the sun shining through the clouds! I’m so thankful for all our family and friends!

Thank you for visiting my coffee share and I hope I brought you a smile or two as well. I am smiling and am so happy I could spend these days with my family. Since we were down in Huntington Beach we stopped by a dear friend who is my hubby’s best friend. My daughter hasn’t seen him in quite awhile and we were only 15 minutes from his place so it was fun to visit with him. My daughter had to get back home but am so thankful for the time we get to spend together. It will be my turn to drive and visit her soon as I haven’t seen in person her kitty that I am so excited to meet.

I have to thank Trent for hosting the Weekly Smile and Natalie who hosts the Weekend Coffee share! I so enjoy sharing and thank you so much for visiting. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and wonderful week ahead.

Beachcomber Mom,

~Diana ❤

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  1. The concert by the ocean is very cool, and I’m not talking weather, though you seem bundled up for winter in 60 degree weather 😉 That would be warm on the coast here! lol.It does look like you all had a great time despite the “cold” and the wind.
    International shipping has come to a standstill, and a lot of it is the loading and unloading. There are cargoes that have been sitting off of the coast of LA for up to 6 months, waiting their turn to unload. I was looking at a musical instrument that was shipped in January and they are putting late July or early August for arrival at the stores!
    Anyway, sorry for the sidetrack. Happy birthday to your husband, daughter and daughter’s bestie!

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind comments! 😀 And wow!! That’s what I thought about the shipping and it’s crazy as the ships are here just sitting in the ocean!! Thanks for that info! That’s just so CRAZY!

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  2. OOh Earl Grey sounds super bougie hahaha I hope you enjoy it in a proper tea service set with the cup and saucer and not in a coffee mug but then again… life has no rules
    *sips coffee in a tea cup*

    The last photo lookslike something from a post apocalyptic movie set complete with the sun breaking through the clouds giving a sort of desolute bleakness hahahaha

    Have an awesome week

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    1. Earl Grey does sound super bougie, but I’m enjoying the tea in a regular coffee mug. Haha! I don’t even have a proper tea set! But I do enjoy the tea with a bit of cream and sugar. Lol 😆

      And your right about that last photo, interesting natural affects at your service! Glad you enjoyed! Have a wonderful week! ~D


  3. Beautiful flower, Diana. Is it an iris? How nice that you went to an outdoor symphony at the beach even though the weather was cool. Happy belated birthday to your hubby and daughter! Thank you for sharing this. #WeekendCoffeeShare

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    1. Thank you so much Natalie! It is a bearded iris and I can’t believe how pretty it is as it wasn’t blooming when I received the plant as a gift. Thank you for the birthday wishes as I’ll share with my family! I so enjoy sharing in #WeekendCoffeeShare


  4. First of all that beautiful Iris! What a color combination! And thank you for a very enjoyable share of the beach concert. I listened to both videos. It is good that it sold out so the costs can be covered but I’m sure the musicians would have liked more people to be there. But it was lovely nonetheless. We are so locked down now and the weather forecast is for SNOW on Wednesday. That does not cheer me up .That morning I have a dentist appointment and in the afternoon I am getting snow tires off. So to heck with the snow! thanks for a delightful weekly SMILE!

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    1. Your the sweetest Anne! I’ve never seen such a beautiful Iris and it’s a very big plant! It’s already made babies, I wish I could send you one for your garden! I didn’t think about that, they deserve the sold out concert with such good music, and we all social distanced and had on masks except for the photos I shared. I’m sorry the lockdown continues there, we have really gained ground in vaccinations here.
      Oh darn, more SNOW on the way and I don’t blame you I wouldn’t be cheerful either, and to have to go out to appt and all… Go away snow! Have safe travels this next week!! ❤️

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  6. Hi Diana, You did make me smile. I too love the kind of beach day you two did, but we rarely make it out there. Life is busy and we love our chairs and books and quiet .
    After a short stretch of no-clouded days, our weather too has turned gray. I think winter just wants to be a pill about giving over to spring. Gray days depress my wife and she just wants to sleep until it goes away.
    I’m glad you’ve discovered Earl Gray tea. It’s one of my favorites . The bergomot fruit flavoring has made it one of the most popular of flavored black teas. It is especially good as loose leaf tea because you get so much more of the bergomot aroma. If interested, I can recommend a great source for tea and have a big shelf of different flavors here for my daily wake-up tea time.
    I hope you have a great week coming.
    Sorry for being a tad late – it was a busy weekend.

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    1. Thank you so much Gary for visiting and glad it brought some smiles. I agree, gray days with looming clouds and threat of rain can be depressing if it is constant and you don’t get a break with sunshine! It made for an interesting evening on the beach!

      Where do to shop for your tea? I’m actually drinking it at work where they offer an assortment and yes, the bergamot fruit flavor is just divine. I am getting addicted to it since it’s a free lunch drink at work! I don’t mind buying some for home, just haven’t gone to the store… I hope you have a wonderful week! 😀❤️


  7. Beautiful flower. What fun you all had. I always get teary eyed at live performances (I get a little carried away) just love the music & how beautiful they sounded. From the pics it looked a little chilly but your beautiful family & friend brought warmth to the pics. Great photos, it’s great how invigorating an outing to the beach can be no matter the weather. Are you waiting on a delivery just paddle out to the ships to pick up your parcel. They look huge & ominous, Supermarket checkout of the ocean, lol. Awesome day out & cant wait for the kitty introduction. Hope the rest of your week is joyously fun.

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    1. Thank you sweet friend and I’ve done the same at live performances. It’s like the music touches your soul, and then tears to our eyes!! I’m so happy you enjoyed the photos, you’re so kind. And isn’t that something all those container ships waiting to dock out at sea! Supermarket checkout of the ocean, Love it!! Have a super fabulous week too!!

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