My Weekly Smile; April 8, 2021

Welcome to my weekly smile! πŸ˜€ I was sitting here thinking what makes me smile this week? I love to share but when you share weekly it seems like I just share the same thing over and over again. I know I change it up a bit when I can but a couple of thoughts have popped into my head for this week. I am hoping to write a separate blog post about the work that I do. How I got involved in Veterinary laboratory work is 100% because of the animals I own, I am such an animal LOVER! So my smile this week goes to all my animals! And Duchess in the photo I am sharing just took my seat!

I got up to start cooking my artichoke. I just love artichokes and cook it for about an hour and then enjoy it’s goodness and am having that for lunch today. I walked back from the kitchen and my seat has been taken, haha! I know all animal lovers can relate if you own a cat. I think cats own you, and own the house! I know I can easily move her but it isn’t the only seat in my family room, so I relocated. I have all my crafty stuff near her chair as I work on crochet projects. You can see my laptop as I am getting ready to write this post! She is super happy all curled up sleeping away!

I have written and shared a lot about my cats. They are sister’s even though they look nothing alike. Maybe they had different dads, but they came from the same litter. I adopted them from my son’s family as they had them as very tiny kittens. My daughter-in-law LOVES cats, especially kittens and would have a house full if she could. They added more kittens to the mix and they didn’t all get along as they grew into adults. They tried everything, and it was in their best interest if they came and lived with us and I am so Happy! They sure make me SMILE! πŸ˜€

I could have so many more pets. I actually live in an area where I could have chickens. They would be hen’s and we would have lots of eggs. I suppose they wouldn’t be exactly pets, but they would be more animals to take care of and to be honest I feel like the extra care would fall on my shoulders. I know I have heard they need very little care, but you can’t just ignore them, any extra care right now in my busy life is just not what I want right now! Haha, the thought of chickens just doesn’t interest me at all. Anyways, can’t think of a better segue as you all should know by now my last animal I own is my horse!

Thank you for visiting my smile post for this week. I’m smiling at the 5 animals we have that enrich our lives. They are funny, goofy, lovable and they bring so much to the world we live in. They help keep me sane and give me many, many smiles and fun days. I hope you all are having a great week! I have one more funny photo to share, because cats are just so silly! ❀

Have a happy week and weekend! If you would like to visit more smile posts click here! Thank you Trent for hosting!

~Diana ❀

28 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; April 8, 2021

  1. So lovely to see the animals bringing so much joy Diana, even when they take one of your seats! Wishing you a blessed rest of the week and please give your fabulous five a gentle pat from us all πŸ€—πŸ’–

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    1. Thank you so much Xenia!! I’ll do that for them, they love the gentle pats. I hope as we get closer to the weekend which I’m so looking forward too, I hope it is enjoyable for you and your furry friends! ❀️🐾😍

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  2. Just hilarious I love how the cats move in, sometimes you don’t even see them till you move, or they sit & stare trying to intimidate you out of THEIR seat. lol. Could your dogs look any happier they are adorable. I love all your family, please pat hello to everyone for me. Thankyou for sharing your joy & the hint of psycho at the very end perfect. See ya in the saddle sunshiney cowgal friend.

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  3. Me and my thoughts

    I love it, we have 4 kitties right now and this morning non of them thought I should sleep past 7am lol. But my sweet dog/Charlotte was all cozy under the blanket on the end of our bed she is a good sleeper just like her mama lol. By the way I found a place near my home to volunteer with horses I went today for the first time πŸ˜€ I posted a picture with my new best friend her name is Zues there are So many horses there πŸ˜€

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    1. Our furry friends are just the best, aren’t they? Even when they wake you up early. Our kitties do the same thing! I’ll look for your blog as it’s not coming up on my notifications. I may need to re-follow. That’s so awesome you found a place to volunteer with the horses!! YAY! And that there are a lot of horses there. ❀️🐴

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    2. I can’t seem to find your blog. When I click on your name it’s not taking me to your sight and says it’s no longer available. Let me know what your blog name is called? Or maybe send me a link? Thank you!!


      1. Me and my thoughts

        Ok I don’t know why it’s saying it’s been deleted even if I click on it from this message it says that but yet I post on it all the time :-/ I don’t know how to get help with it.

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  4. I can’t wait to see the “what I do for work” post. I did one about a year ago. Yeah, dogs were domesticated, but cats weren’t they just moved in with us because it was convenient for both species, like a symbiotic relationship or something. -That- is why cats own the house πŸ˜‰ I know I’ve seen a lot of photos of the sisters, and, of course, of Chloe. Some of the pups, but maybe not as many. Nice to see all five in one post!

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    1. Thank you Trent! I really enjoyed your post about “what I do for work” and have been wanting to write one for some time. This weekend for sure!! And thanks, I enjoyed sharing them altogether this week. I think we all have a lot of furry friends!! πŸ˜€

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      1. Amazon blue fronts are average to smallish for a real parrot, but big compared to, say, a cockatiel. They are pretty, but not as big and colorful as a macaw. Still cool πŸ™‚

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  5. Well I smiled several times reading this and looking at the photos. I love your two cats ad the two dear dogs. Miss Chloe is a good looking horse. Is she a Quarter Horse? She has a great hind end ! And I love her coloring . Is there an official name for this color? Thanks for the share and the smiles.

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    1. As I look thru my responses I may have not responded to your comment Anne correctly. Sorry about that. You would have to scroll down I believe for my description of Chloe’s breed and info. I often am using my phone app for WordPress, so I mess things up sometimes! Lol – have a great weekend!

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    1. Oh thank you so much! I’m making these crochet farm animals for my best friends granddaughters! I was wondering if anyone would notice that piggy! I’m starting a chicken and am hoping the colors I picked will work. They are cartoon like anyways, so I shouldn’t fret about the colors. They are super fun to make!! I’ll feature them with more photos when I finish up the chicken!

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  6. I’m so happy it brought you smiles!! Miss Chloe is a PMU foal, (which stands for premarin mare urine). They still are breeding mares to harvest the urine to make premarin as a estrogen replacement for women. The foals are the outcome and often are sent for slaughter or there are rescues out there that still take them in for adoption. The mare is usually a draft horse (more urine) to harvest, so Chloe is part draft, thoroughbred and quarter horse.

    When I adopted her I have papers stating she is a PMU foal born in 2004 with this breed mix.
    Her coloring is called a bay roan. Because she has a bay or brown coloring on her face with a lot of brown running through the roan coloring, mostly on her underside, chest and belly. She has black points like a bay, black stockings, mane and tail and ears. But throughout her body she is a silvery grey color which lightens and darkens from season to season. She will get even more silvery as we get closer to summer! A black roan is very dark in comparison. A roan never turns white as they may look like a “grey” horse but they have a normal pigment skin that never loses color like a true grey horse. Roans are so unusual, and there are at least 3 types. Red roan (chestnut) bay roan (bay) and black roan (dark bay or black). Thank you for visiting, and thank you for your questions!! I’m so happy you enjoyed! 🐴❀️

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    1. Thanks for this info Diana! Chloe is very fortunate to have found a home with you. I love seeing photos of her because I love her coloring. And I can see the quarter horse in her hind end. To my eye she is very nicely put together.

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      1. That’s so sweet of you Anne! I like her confirmation too, and she travels much like a quarter horse. I wish she had that bigger stride and sloping shoulders like a thoroughbred or warm blood. Someday maybe I’ll get a OTTB as I’m following a few racehorse rescue programs. ❀️


    1. Thank you so very kindly!! I feel very fortunate to have my horse, an expensive pet/hobby and she brings so much joy to my life! ADORABLE kittens… Almost wish they could stay kittens! ❀️ Have a great weekend too!


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