Bright Square Challenge ~ Fun in the Sun

Welcome to my post to my interpretation of Bright, for The Life of B ~ Becky’s challenge for the month of April. The theme is in my title and what fun to share what brings some light and smiles in this wonderful month. The word “Bright” brings so much to mind and for me I am sharing what I found the last few weeks that inspired me to share. This photo I thought was perfect to start as on my walk the sun was shining so brightly coming up over our local hills on this sunny morning. So amazing how brightly it can shine up and around the tree tops!

To continue on the sky theme as I rode on this fun cloudy day I just could not believe the silvery clouds with the sun shining so perfectly around them in the sky. This just brings sparkling cheerful thoughts of enjoying nature and all the beautiful field flowers that will soak up the suns rays that push through the clouds. I just felt this was a glorious sight, look at that colorful yellow hue, it’s brilliant!

I know, I know don’t use cell phone while driving. But I promise there wasn’t any cars anywhere near me only that one in front of me and I couldn’t help it, look at that beautiful sun setting! I even had a buggy windshield, it was worth the shot. I love how it glows above the mountain so magnificently! This just makes me smile brightly! πŸ˜€

When I pulled into the driveway from my long drive home and after watching the setting sun I couldn’t believe it was a full moon. I had to try and take a photo! I thought this isn’t too bad considering I only have a cell phone for my photo taking. I feel as full as the moon after spending a weekend with my grandchildren. I hope you enjoyed my Bright, joyous, fun post full of what I interpret as Bright for this week. I plan on sharing weekly for the month of April. Becky’s wonderful challenge is so FUN and you can join daily, weekly or when ever you get the chance. You can find her here!

Smiling Brightly,

~Diana ❀

14 thoughts on “Bright Square Challenge ~ Fun in the Sun

  1. Me and my thoughts

    I love a bright sunny day it’s just beautiful! I am not a fan of heat that comes with Summer even though we only get a few days each Summer that even hit 90 degree mostly high 70’s to mid 80’s and without A/C I am a big baby about it lol Today we just beautiful here in Wa with a nice cool breeze. πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m glad you do not get many hot summer days. I could not survive them without our air conditioner! Bright sunny days sure make me smile too! Sounds like a lovely week there in WA!! 🀠

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      1. Me and my thoughts

        Heat never bothered me when we lived in CA but not lol I am 29 years older so I can’t handle it when I visit family lol It’s such a beautiful spring week here. πŸ˜€

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