Weekend Coffee Share; April Fun

Welcome to my weekend coffee share! The weather has been so wonderful we can sit outside on my porch and admire my roses that are blooming. Oh how I love Spring! Can I get you some coffee or tea? I think for those who celebrate I need to say Happy Easter. I do not have any little ones around for all that usually goes with the festivities and this is the first Easter Sunday in maybe 15 years that I am not working. I am planning on riding at the stables in the morning and then I need to figure out dinner. I did not plan at all for Easter Sunday, but I will go to the store and put something together. What do you usually do for Easter dinner? Any traditions? I use to always have a ham or turkey dinner of some sort. I’m hoping to have something nice and delicious.

I have been wanting to stay positive as there is always life that pulls us this way and that. There is a sweet friend at the stables that has gone through surgery for cancer and is now going through Chemo therapy. She said the surgery went well and they believe she will be cancer free after the Chemo is completed. She is such a strong woman, horse woman are amazing as she is coming to the stables on the weekends through this tending to her horse and I think having her horse is therapy and is helping her get through it all. She had hired someone to care for her horse during the week, but this person wasn’t showing up and so she asked me if I could help her and so she is paying me to ride her horse twice a week. I figure since I just have Chloe now, it would be my pleasure to help her. I know there are others that have lost loved ones and so I try and share happy fun things, and hopefully can help people smile. Even if it’s just for a little bit, life is tough and rough but can be joyous and fun too! I feel like I am not explaining myself very well, but hopefully ya’ll get my meaning!

I have to tell you the funny part of my good friend here at the stables, her name is Bonnie and that is my sister’s name! And even more interesting is guess what this horses name is? YES! it is Chloe! Hahaha, so there are 2 Chloe’s at the stables and now I ride both of them. My Chloe lives 2 barn stalls down from this Chloe pictured above! I am also taking care of another horse at the stables to help another friend and that horses name is Ava. So I am taking care of all girls, or mares! Let’s go girls! Haha, too cute!

I have to make sure I have the horses name next to the name Bonnie in my cell phone so I don’t text the wrong Bonnie. I actually have already done this as there was another Bonnie at our barn but she moved her horse, she is still my friend. So I have 3 Bonnie’s in my phone – popular name I think! I think Chloe is a popular name too. This mare named Chloe is very well trained and super sweet. Her owner wants her to get out on the trails and we have gone out and she is very good. I will ride her with a buddy for awhile because our trails can be scary since they are city trails. Our trails are not country trails so it takes time for the horses to get use to everything going on outside of the barn. She is easy to ride and fun in the arena. This last week I also rode my horse on the trails with my best friend.

We are really warming up here as we hit 85F (29C) today. We will be in the 80’s all this next week and so I will relish this before the summer heat arrives. I have been enjoying riding the trails and am very thankful my horse will go out by herself. She is very brave, steady and a great mount traveling around the blocks knowing every turn. I call them Chloe trail rides because she will sometimes make a turn left or right ~ to her liking! She’s so smart!

Here is a short video I wanted to share of her munching away on some grass after I had her turned out. She absolutely loves the grass, they all do. She gets plenty of food and always has some hay to eat in her stall all day long. The fresh growing grass is such a treat and I don’t let her eat too much, but it is a delight to let her graze. I hope you enjoy! ❤

I Love the stables here where I board and keep Chloe. The horses are well taken care of and the facilities and people are amazing. There are like minded ladies and men (only one man here owning and riding his horse), he is outnumbered with all of us horse crazy ladies! He is such a gentleman and helps us ladies with moving that DG dirt into stalls and other chores if needed. We have a great group and I am truly thankful for all our pony friends. We all look out for each other! 😀

I wish everyone a great Easter weekend and (maybe) you’ll be able to enjoy the time with family. I know there are many areas that this is not possible and my heart goes out to you all. I know I have been able to get in some cherished family time which makes my heart full. I am sure everyone will be safe and I hope for smiles and good times. I enjoy sharing and I will include a link here if you would like to visit other coffee shares. I will thank Natalie for hosting, she is doing an awesome job and its so wonderful to read and meet up with others.

Caring Cowgirl,

~Diana ❤

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  1. Happy Easter to you despite not celebrating. I’m so glad your weahter is so good. I’m so sorry about the woman at your stables going through cancer treatment, but I trust that she’ll beat it. Horse ladies are definitely strong! I can’t wait to try horseback riding again once the lockdown ends. Have a nice week ahead.

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    1. Happy Easter to you too Astrid! Thank you for visiting and the well wishes for my friend. She’s so strong and tough. I hope you enjoy the horseback riding after the lockdown ends!

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  2. One guy for two stables full of crazy horse gals. . . sounds great to me and I’d be pushing DG around just for the pleasure of their company. Hi Diana, that is funny how you ended up with two Bonnie’s and two Cloe’s in your life at one time. I predict some fun confusion in your near future though. We’re see better weather up here too and my wife is looking forward to the warmer days we hope will arrive soon.
    Happy Easter

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    1. Oh Gary, you said exactly how he feels because he definitely enjoys everyone’s company. He just bought me lunch today with another horse gal. What a fun day I had at the stables riding horses and sharing some friendship. I’ll probably share the confusion as I go forward with the duplicate names! 🤣 Warmer weather has been so nice!! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter! 🌷


  3. I am so glad you can help out your friend who is having the cancer treatment. On April 18 I will celebrate 21 years of survival after cancer. I did not have chemo just a very big surgery. I had just bought a horse when I got the diagnosis and a friend rode her for me. Please tell your friend that she can survive this and I am living proof of it.

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    1. Hi Anne,
      I’ve been thinking of my response to your wonderful response to me all afternoon. I will definitely pass on to my good friend your 21 years of living proof. I want to give you a big hug, you are so brave and strong. I feel like these words can’t describe the kindness you share as my heart is heavy as I’m praying another dear friend of mine does not have cancer. She just had a CT scan and they found lumps in her uterus and she got a call from her doctor Friday night that she has a lump on her lung and a cyst on her kidney. I couldn’t sleep last night as I’m so worried about her. I know I need to find a PCP as I have new insurance with my new job. I get a little pain especially when I eat greasy foods so I think it’s my gall bladder. I’m trying to not be paranoid and need to realize medicine today is so good. Instead of being scared and afraid, we need to stand strong and together. You are an amazing woman and all you share shines through and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing. Love, Diana ❤️🌷

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      1. You must get good doctor. I was lucky that I had some problems and my doctor sent me off for an endoscopy. They found the tumor and it went from there. I was very lucky that the tumor had not metastasized. If it had my outcome might have been different. I have also had my gall bladder removed about four or five years ago. That is a very simple surgery. I did not even have to spend a night in hospital. So if you think you may have an issue with yours get it checked out. Now! It may be just fine or if you have gallstones I can attest to the fact that it is a simple fix. So there you have it .I sound like a overbearing Mother but you should have no fear of the medical profession . The life you save could be your own!😀💕

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      2. No, no, you are not overbearing and I you are so right and I’m being silly and paranoid. I actually use to love going to the doctor and wanted to be a nurse along time ago but ended up working in a laboratory…. Now that I’m older, I’m more afraid which is silly. Since I don’t have a mum, I needed to hear this and to know the gall bladder removal is a simple out patient surgery is good news if it’s something I need done. Thank you again! I’ll call this week to find a doctor with my new health insurance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!😀💞

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  4. Hope your Happy Easter was full of the Happiest Easterness. We have the traditional Lamb on Friday & Fish on Sunday & oh the Easter Bunny is always generous. A “prayer”, a “high five” & “you got this beat”, to your precious friend. I hope chemo doesn’t knock her around too much. Thank God for our ponies they help get us through soooo much don’t they. So nice you can help her & her pony out. Such fun with too many same name friends would be funny to organise an outing & have not the one you thought show up, hilarious.. Great there is a bit of testosterone around the stables, sounds like true gentleman. May the week ahead be choc ( ; full of pony friend pony fun.

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    1. Happy, Happy Easter! I Love your traditions! You always bring so much positivity sweet friend and I’m going to “high five” back and pray too. My friend has two more chemo sessions to complete in the next month but is doing amazing! She told me today she went and bought a show horse and it’s with her trainer, and she is planning on showing in two months!! She will show her at this big DelMar show in western trail. She has the most amazing goals and nothing is stopping her!! 😍 Amazing! It truly is an honor to help her with her sweet Chloe! I truly think horses are great therapy, they do get us thru soooo much!! Thanks always for your wonderful comments! ❤️🌷 Have a wonderful week ahead!! 🤠🐴❤️

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  5. Beautiful roses and horses, Diana. What a fun coincidence with the names Bonnie and Chloe. I hope your friend’s chemo therapy goes well. Happy Easter and have a great week ahead! #WeekendCoffeeShare

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    1. Thank you sweet Natalie! And yes, I can’t believe the same names, so funny!! My friend is so brave and strong and is doing amazing, thank you for the well wishes. Happy Easter and have a wonderful week too! ❤️

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