Weekend Coffee Share; Enjoying March!

Can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? I just finished up a nice hot cup of coffee as it’s been cool out, the best weather ever to be honest. March is really a beautiful month and I am enjoying every day. We have had some rain which we always need and the sunny days are so enjoyable at the perfect temps between 60F – 70F (15C – 21C). Yesterday it was a little blustery and the sky full of clouds. There was a 10% chance of rain and never rained in my town but it was very cool. Today it is sunny and not a cloud in the sky which I will enjoy in a little bit as I will head to the barn before the morning disappears.

I have been thinking a lot about my garden and I have about 4 containers and 2 have flowering plants in them and I have decided the other 2 I am going to continue on this theme and plant more flowers. I have not had much luck with veggies in the past and with the attention these types of plants need I decided I am just too busy to be consistent with watering and such things that I decided I will just try for some pretty flowers. I know there are a ton of choices out there for flowering foliage and I LOVE flowers so much and have taken many photos that I’ve shared, so that is where I am heading in my gardening adventures!

On to sharing what’s been happening and if you haven’t guessed what I am about to share it’s what I do every day! Haha, more horse adventures. I took another video that I want to share because I can’t help myself! I find it so FUN! I’ll start with a couple of photos first. 😀

As we headed out on the trail instead of turning right we turned left and so this is the same block I shared in my last video share only I am heading the other way. I have had my horse walk quietly by things one direction and when we head by it with the other eye she can sometimes spook or be like “what is that” as she sees it with her other eye. Yes, they have monocular and binocular vision and have a far greater peripheral vision than humans because they have their eyes set on each side of their head. They have a small blind spot directly in front of them and behind them. Because they are prey animals they need to see far and wide to stay safe and flee if needed from predators. They can see things we may not and you can wonder all day long at what has ruffled their feathers if they get upset. You can’t know what they sense as we are not as attuned to our surroundings as horses! Our training involves them feeling safe in our presence and this is a subject that people make a living on or write novels about, understanding horses and being able to work with them so that we have a safe ride. Haha, I don’t want to write a novel on training today! 😀

Heading down Hillside on a beautiful trail ride on this cool day!

I Like how you can hear the birds in the video and even though I call the day blustery there was a little bit of wind that actually picked up as I arrived back at the barn. The wind was cool, which added to the wintery feeling. Now it is officially Spring! We will be slowly warming up but I don’t mind if that takes some time. I absolutely LOVE SPRING! I am already seeing some beautiful blooms and so am excited as I already mentioned to plant more flowers.

As I rounded the corner I came upon the field that I usually pass first. Remember I rode around the block the other direction so now this big field is the last part of my ride. I did not let Chloe take a bite of grass, it is only a treat every once in awhile! I wish sometimes I had a super nice camera for days like this where the clouds in the sky and the sun rays hitting the hills with the lush wild flower field all fell into place and was just gorgeous. My phone camera doesn’t do it justice, but I snapped the photos anyways! Here are my photos ~

I am enjoying Miss Chloe immensely as I am sure you can tell. I am so happy and in a good place in my life right now. I feel very fortunate and never want to take anything for granted, I truly feel blessed. I am going to end this coffee share with you today with my grandkids. My son provides such wonderful photos, I just have to share. My son said the weather in AZ is good too, not too hot yet so they are out going for walks and enjoying it before the heat sets in there. They sure bring me warm fuzzy feelings and huge giant smiles as they enjoy being outside! I think my granddaughter’s photo says it all! They both are so ADORABLE! ❤

Thank you for visiting and enjoying coffee with me this weekend. I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and enjoy the week ahead. Thank you Natalie for hosting the coffee shares and if you would like to connect up with others the link is here!

Trail Riding Cowgirl, and Grandma!

~Diana ❤

14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Enjoying March!

  1. Diana, I enjoyed reading about your week and your trail rides with Chloe. The wildflowers are beautiful and your grandkids are adorable with their happy smiles. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

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    1. Thank you so much Natalie!! I so enjoy sharing and bring a little of my world to others. I appreciate your visit! Have a wonderful week ahead! ❤️


  2. To more horse stories… love the shimmering clouds and the wildflowers
    The grandkids are such a delight, life is so easy at that age before you have to grow up nd start adulting


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    1. Thanks bunches B! Never enough horse stories and glad the shimmering clouds and wildflowers came out okay. Love when we have such pretty days. And so true about being young and the grandkids are such a delight. Haha, super easy life before growing up and have to start adulting! 🤩


  3. Thanks for the video. I love joining you on your trail rides. I like your commentary. I should try to do that when I take Biasini out to the forest. I am now waiting for the snow and ice on the trails to melt and be gone so we can get out there again. Teddy and Alice are just darlings! Thanks so much for this weekend share.

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    1. Thanks for joining me on my trail ride! I’m so happy you enjoy the commentary as I Love to chat on all my videos. I hope you try it as it’s fun. I do get tongue tied a little from time to time. Haha, I never know what I’m going to say but I figure it makes for a more interesting video share! I also thank you as I know you have beautiful grandkids too… They are darling!

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  4. That’s so cool you can show off your crafty ness locally. I never tire of your video rides. Horses are funny aren’t they it’s like when lunging they can have a preferred direction. The clouds are so cool. The photos of your treasured grandchildren just adorable. I wish they made their shirts in adult sizes such fun.
    That’s so funny that our little town hit your news, us locals are always complaining as lots of towns around us are news worthy & we are always overlooked. I wish I was on it I would have waved & said hello to you. lol. ( ;

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    1. Hahaha!! I would have waved back at ya!! Hello from across a very giant pond!! I have a horseback riding friend who makes these blankets she sells at that craft fair and she encouraged me to sell some of my crochet figures (Star Wars) which I think I’ve shared before. Many sold, but not all of them. It was fun and I made a little money. It was nice I didn’t have to pay for a spot, she sold them for me!! I may sell more in the future. 🤩
      I’m so happy you enjoyed my share today with the grandkids and all!! So FUN making the video too! Have a WONDERFUL week! 🤠🐴❤️ Stay dry! Lol

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