My Weekly Smile; March 18, 2021

We have flowers! This pretty bush has so many flowers and there are lots of bees. I like helping the bees! I also have geraniums blooming which I did not photograph. I will do that for my weekend coffee share. I am having a much better work week and have kept busy. I can’t believe its Friday but I am so happy the weekend is almost here as I am enjoying having the two days off each week. Working in the medical field I have worked my whole working life on the weekends. Yes, I have never had every weekend off EVER! I’ve always worked in 24/7 laboratories open and running samples 7 days a week. I am smiling as I found a job where I work Monday thru Friday in the lab, something I think I’ve earned after all these years!

My daughter’s best friend is due with her first baby in July. She is having a baby girl, so EXCITING! I will be sending another gift I’ll purchase online from her registry but I had these from last year when there were a ton of babies happening in my extended family. Many nieces and nephews had babies last year! My bestie girlfriend knitted the tiny booties and I knitted the baby hat from the same yarn. My bestie girlfriend and I just kept knitting and crocheting all these baby items and this is the last of our stash. It was FUN to make. We are such grandma’s knitting and crocheting to our hearts content! Haha, makes me smile

I just couldn’t resist taking a photo of my pretty kitty she makes me smile too. I tried taking some photos of my dogs, maybe I’ll share but they didn’t come out that great. I’ve never taught them to pose, so the angles are funny or the photos are blurry! Haha, I’m surrounded by animals as there are more of them in my family than the people that live in our house!

I’ve enjoyed sharing what makes me smile this week. We had rain in the beginning of the week and as the week unfolded it has been perfect weather. It’s a beautiful day today and I am off to the barn. I will take care of Miss Chloe which will include a trail ride and lots of treats. She is very spoiled and loved, as we spoil and love all our animals! I hope you all found at least a few things that made you smile this week! Thanks to my friend Trent who hosts these weekly smiles! 😀

Happy Smiling Grandma,

~Diana ❤

10 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; March 18, 2021

  1. Real weekends can be great! I think I said in a comment on another post that I was in Air Traffic Control many years ago and, well, not weekends… I loved when I was able to move to pretty much “bankers” hours. Great to have flowers – in a week we should see the earliest spring arrivals, like crocuses. Knitting machine… 😉 I like the cat photo. Have a great weekend, and a real weekend at that!

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    1. Yes, I remember you saying you use to work air traffic control! Another 24/7 never closing business or job! I’m now realizing what people mean by “hump day” and TGIF!! Hahahaha, loving real weekends! Can’t wait for more flowers as Spring unfolds! Thanks so much for the visit! 😀

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  2. The flowers are lovely. We are still a long way from flowers yet but they will come. Your kitty looks regal sitting so prettily on the bed. I had gum grafting surgery this week. It has gone well so far but I am now tired of eating jello, soup, mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs! Tomorrow I am going to start to eat some more normal food. Woot Woot!!

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  3. Oh I’m so happy your procedure went well! And yes, woot woot for some real food! I hope that all improves and goes perfect for you! And thanks so much for visiting, and am happy to share my early spring flowers to those who are still in winter mode! ❤️


  4. The flowers so pretty, such talent with the crocheting. Really a beautiful quilt would not be complete without a happy kitty cat upon it such sweet owner ship. I am so happy for you that your job continues to go well & you get that precious time with ya pony. Say hello & pat all from me. lol

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