Weekend Coffee Share; Trail Ride Fun!

Welcome to my coffee share! Can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? I made some homemade chocolate chip cookies and they are scrumptious. Lately, I make a half a batch as we just do not eat enough of them fast enough before they start to taste stale, and who likes a stale cookie? This way we eat them up within 3 days or so and they easily last and stay yummy. I had a frustrating work week this last week. There wasn’t anything difficult about work, just a bit frustrating and am happy to have this weekend off. I woke up this morning and enjoyed a wonderful chat with my daughter. She always makes me feel better and I so enjoy our chats! Thank you sweetie, she sometimes reads my blogs. She wants to write in her blog, but hasn’t really done much with it but I believe someday she may write. All in good time and only if she really wants to. I enjoy blogging so much, and to each is own and what ever makes you smile or feel good is what its all about!

I have to remind myself how nice it is to have weekends off. This is something I have always longed for and its so wonderful to look forward to the 2 days off in a row after working over 20 years with a broken weekend. (Meaning my days off were split up and I did this forever!). I really need this weekend and am feeling so much better today than I was yesterday after a long work week. YAY, FOR WEEKENDS!

Before I head outside I am so happy the kitties help soothe my soul. Only Dinah will sleep on my lap or near me on the bed. She greets me every morning and enjoys lots of pets. Duchess comes around more on her time and is more aloof. She doesn’t sit in my lap but I have had her sleep next to me on soft blankets. It is so nice to come in after a busy day and relax with the kitties. Duchess isn’t so friendly with the dogs. They are big dogs so I get it, so she will go in her bedroom if they are in the family room. I don’t post many photos of my dogs, they are hard to take photos of as they are always moving around. And because of their size far less cuddly! I love them dearly. I say we need to go outside and I decided to share not one video but two today. I have fun with them and so I thought I would share. I hope you enjoy them too! 😀

Fun sharing my ride today after many days of rain! Wildflowers are beginning to bloom!

As I was riding today and enjoying my time at the stables all my problems washed away. It is great to have a place where you can lose yourself in thought and let those peaceful feelings fill your soul. I know many people run or walk or work in their garden. What do you do to relieve stress? I suppose sitting down to a good book would work too. Or maybe getting lost in a good movie! For me since I have this beautiful animal that needs my attention and care, I so look forward to being outside and at the barn with all those wonderful smells. After I took this video I thought I should take one walking into the stables so I can show you where Chloe lives and where I spend my mornings and my weekends! I hope you enjoy! ❤

Walking into the stables after walking around the block. It was a beautiful day today!

As I walked in I caught a horse rolling in the grass! It caught Chloe by surprise as she jumped because she didn’t see him rolling around at first. But she just did a little spook and then continued to walk calmly. She is a sensible horse which I am so thankful for because sometimes they can spook and just not calm down if really scared. Here in Norco and at many stables we use what we call DG dirt which stands for Decomposed granite, often shortened to DG, is literally that – granitic rock broken down into fine particles that hold together better than simple dirt and come in a variety of colors. It is amazing as it will pack down and it doesn’t turn into mud. Horses are so big and heavy that you would not believe the holes they make just by moving back and forth in one place, like where they eat each day. So as the ground gets pushed around and holes or low spots are made which can make the stalls uneven, we put in wheel barrows of DG dirt in those areas to beef it up and level it out. You can make banks if needed to help when it rains so the water will run out of the stall. I can’t say enough about it, it really makes a place that could be very muddy when it rains not muddy at all! AMAZING DG!

I hope you enjoyed my short videos today and you got to see the barn. I enjoyed sharing coffee with you as we wrap up our visit. As I sit and write this it is just after 10pm but where I live the time is changing tonight and I will lose an hour of sleep! YIKES! But I am not even tired yet so I will stay up for another hour and then hit the hay. Tomorrow my time will now be in sync with my son and family in Arizona since they do not participate in daylight savings. I just had to look it up and only Hawaii and Arizona do not participate in the time change.

Thanks for visiting and I have to thank Natalie who hosts our coffee shares and you can find many who participate here. I know there is a lot of work put into all who blog and I will try and visit as many as I can this weekend. Enjoy and cheers!

Horse crazy trail riding Grandma,

~Diana ❤

21 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Trail Ride Fun!

  1. How fun! Your week and weekend sounds beautiful in every way. I can tell that you are enjoying spring. March is so beautiful in California. I smile when I read about your trail rides, and time at the stable. ❤ Have a wonderful new week.

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    1. Thanks so much Maria! Things are blooming everywhere! I love all the wild flowers and other bushy blooms. Some more rain tomorrow which brings more blooms! I’m so happy you can virtually enjoy the stables with me as it’s so fun to share the videos! Have a wonderful new week too!! ❤️🐴


  2. I hope your weekend is going well, DST and all. And cool that you get a real weekend! I sued to have my “weekend” in the middle of the week, but it always was two days together (a life time ago when I was an air traffic controller). Looks like a good ride. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

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  3. Thanks for visiting Trent! I was really stupid for not thinking about myself with my old job as I did the schedule and only gave myself 2 days off in a row every once in awhile. I tried so hard to make my employees happy, that I ended up not thinking about my happiness. Haha, lesson learned! I need to be more selfish! 😉 I’m getting in some great trail rides!! Have a great week ahead! 🤠


    1. It looks like one of those beautiful California days, and sweet ride for you. The setting, barns and stables, looks very nice. Walking works for me. Yesterday we painted our front door. We moved on December 31rst and continue to still have little projects to work on. Eventually I hope to get to a place of actually sharing more than I have been. Take care and enjoy your evening.. 🤗

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      1. Thank you so much sweet friend. I’m glad your move went well and that you have been able to do things like painting your front door. It truly was a beautiful California day. More rain tomorrow! I hope you’ll be able to share more eventually, no rush and thank you so much for stopping by! ❤️ Take care and have a WONDERFUL week!! 🤠❤️

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  4. Thank you, Diana, for sharing your videos of your trail ride and where Chloe lives. Looks like you have nice weather there and with flower blooms, it’s a wonderful time to be outside. Have a nice weekend and a great week ahead! #WeekendCoffeeShare

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  5. Thank you so much Natalie for visiting and for hosting #WeekendCoffeeShare! The weather here is really nice and it’s wonderful to be outside. I’m so happy you enjoyed my videos of my trail rides. Have a wonderful week ahead! ❤️🤠


  6. As you know the barn is my stress buster and riding is what saves my sanity. It also inspires me to keep fit so that I can ride well. I loved your videos. I am NOT going to let Biasini know that Chloe can have snacks while out hacking. We don’t have any spots with nice greens like you do in the forest but Biasini sometimes tries to snatch at leaves on trees as we go past them. I like the look of your barn and I did not know about that type of dirt. We have concrete flooring and then rubber stall mats and on top wood shavings for bedding in the stalls. They get mucked out each day and fresh shavings about 3 times a week. Have a good week ahead Diana!

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    1. YES! The barn is the best stress buster and what keeps me sane too!! And you made me giggle about Biasini and eating on the trail. Haha, definitely not a good idea but every once in awhile I let her take a bite or two…. I thought I’d describe that really good dirt or DG as it is amazing. In all the barn stalls here they have dirt with rubber mats and then wood shavings for bedding. The paddock’s are all dirt, even the outside paddocks and that’s where all the DG dirt is used. They all get mucked daily. When I had the outside paddocks we all have to buy our own shavings. It’s not provided in the board payment. Only the box stalls come with shavings.
      Have a wonderful week too!! ❤️🐴❤️🐴❤️

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    1. Thank you so much Liz for visiting! I’m thinking of planting some wildflowers as I just Love flowers and all their pretty blooms. I’m happy you enjoyed the videos, and my trail rides! Have a wonderful week! ❤️🐴

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  7. Okay, you may have given me an answer to a question I’d not yet formed. We have this corner of our property that is steep and rises about 8 feet from the nearby ground and I’m working on a walking trail that slants down across the rise. I’m almost ready to grade it and then will need some kind of ground rock to form the walking surface down to the lawn. I wasn’t sure what to use but maybe your DG is just what I need because the trail cuts across a place where rain runoff would be a problem for any kind of sealed surface. I’m going to if our local rock places have it and may give it a try.

    I can do only a few cookies anymore, but advice like yours, I can enjoy all day long.
    thanks for the visit.

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  8. YES! The DG dirt works wonders. Over a hundred miles of horse trails here in Norco are all layered with this DG dirt. If there’s enough rain, it will wash out meaning we have DG trails in hills and there is no curbs so they rain will carry the DG into the road a bit, but it takes a lot of rain to do this. The more it packs the better. I know there is b bigger “gravel” you can use, which is more like small rocks. This DG dirt is very fine and does not create a muddy mess! I hope it’s something you are looking for! ❤️

    And yes, I’m learning to cut recipes in half!! Works out perfect! Have a great week!!


  9. Beaton

    If I had my own way, everyone would be taught to blog hahahaha at least if not for themselves and the 1001 things they can learn from keeping a blog but also so they can better apreciate work done by those who do…

    Here’s to an awesome week

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  10. I would have to agree with you as I am learning so much and I think blogging can not only teach you but clearly you can learn from others!! Haha, I’ll take all of this as a compliment as I know I share a small piece of this world that others may not experience!! It truly is so much FUN!! 🐴

    Have a great week too!! 🤩 ~D


  11. justthingsnothingimportant

    Hi Diana, and Chloe, I took some time off to get some sewing done as I got a few orders so I am just getting time to catch up on blog reading lol I really enjoyed your pictures and videos I love the sounds that horses make it makes me happy 😀 And there is just something about the smell of being around horses that makes me so happy. Have a wonderful rest of your week and hug Chloe for me ❤

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    1. No worries! Glad you could catch up and I’m so happy you enjoyed my post and videos! When I watched them back on the first video I let Chloe take a couple of bites of fresh grass and once we started walking she sneezed several times! So funny, something tickled her nose. It’s so FUN to share and I’ll give Chloe a hug from you!! ❤️🐴🤠

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