Weekend Coffee Share; First Weekend in March

Welcome to my coffee share, can I get you a cup of coffee? or maybe some tea? I am reminiscing a little as I share this pretty photo of the botanical garden. Such pretty blooms! As I write this I am staring at a small stack of gift cards that I have received and can you believe I have no idea what to buy? One of the gift cards is from my work, a Christmas gift. I think it is for $25, thoughtful and sitting here unused. I then received from my Equine Veterinarian office rebate offers from the manufacturer who makes the pain pills I purchase and give to Chloe. I have mailed away for rebates over the years, and I have never received anything ~ until now. WOW! I have now received 4 separate rebates and I may have one more coming for every bottle I purchased last year. I mailed these to the manufacturer about a month ago as this offer expired by March 31. My Vet had sent to me photocopies of my purchases through their office. These Equoxx pills are easy on the horses stomachs and help with arthritic pain which Chloe has in an old injured back leg. I now have about $100 in Visa gift cards. What to buy? I have no idea? Something I have to sit and think about I guess…..

I have some good news. My puppy dog is fine after blood work and an aspiration was done on a lump on her belly. They said it was a fatty tumor that is benign and she needs to lose a little weight. We will look for some diet food for her, but she is a breed that can be a bit heavy. I am so VERY HAPPY she is okay. I needed that good news and thought I would share. I am also really happy that my horse Chloe is doing great too. She seems very happy in the place she is living, she is not stressed and has been fine through this last month. I took her out on the trail Saturday morning and took these photos. I just can’t help myself! 😀

I think Chloe really enjoys our rides together. I know she especially likes going out with other friends at the stables, but she is more than willing to go out by herself with me which makes me so very happy. I have to say that there have been times throughout the years that her back leg seemed to be more sore and she limped more and so I thought maybe our days are numbered and I should retire her from any kind of work. But I keep her moving and amazingly it has really helped her and of course I think the pain pill I give her helps her too. It would be like taking one Ibprofen a day, and lately I have been splitting the pill to half a pill a day and she is doing great! I had turned her out in the arena the other day, and she hardly limped at all. I think she is really doing extremely well for a bad injury that has healed. (She had broke her “knee” called a stifle. It was a hairline fracture that has completely healed with a lot of scar tissue. She is lucky to be alive and to be doing so good, its amazing!)

My Trail ride this weekend!

It was so quiet as I rode down this street, I thought it would be fun to share a video. Sorry for the jerkiness as I zoomed in on the mountains! Haha, I really wanted to share them as these are the mountains that are so beautiful when we get a lot of snow on them. When I shared my last video, I had friends point out how Chloe listens to me as I talk and she does so even more in this video. As you watch and hear me talk you can see her ears turning towards me as I say her name and chat away. I just love it every time I watch it back, she is so aware of EVERYTHING! ❤

The other day I was out by ourselves and I went around a shorter route and down a cul-de-sac and as we were heading back to the stables we could hear a rumble. It was deep and she stopped in her tracks. I knew exactly what it was but of course she can’t see this rumbling and it was deep and loud and I’m sure the ground even trembled a bit. It was a Harley motorcycle that was in a garage behind a house. She didn’t want to go forward opting to turn around and I thought it will take us longer to backtrack then to go the direction we were heading. She was afraid, but I have taught her that it is okay to go a bit faster past something she fears so I asked her to trot (which is like a jog) and we moved past the scary rumbling and then went back to the walk. I praised her and we continued on relaxed. She would have been fine if the motorcycle was in plain sight. Because it was hidden, she didn’t know what it was! She doesn’t get rattled easily, a seasoned trail horse, I LOVE HER SO!

I am happy to say that I am very thankful I can enjoy the trails on my girl. One day, hopefully a long time from now she won’t be able to go out on the trails and I will be there keeping her as comfortable as I can as she ages. I can’t help but share as this is what I do every day and every weekend. I’ll spice things up a bit as you all know with my other hobbies, this weekend I am enjoying the beginning of March and my outside fun on the trails! Thanks for joining me and I hope you all are having a great weekend too!

Here is a link to many more coffee shares and thank you Natalie for hosting. I so enjoy sharing!

Crazy horse gal,

~Diana ❤

21 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; First Weekend in March

  1. Hi Diana –

    I was wondering if you were going to stop by this weekend. I just know if the choice ever comes down to us or Cloe who’s going to win (I know what horse people are like) but was pleased to find you here when I was doing a final pass through the long list of attendees this weekend. Did you note? We have 35 guests to the coffee share this weekend! I can’t get to everyone unless I chuck everything else I wanted to get done. I wanted to start a new story today, but now it’s almost time for on-line church and we have a weekly phone call with the son in San Diego and dinner with the oldest and his new bride tonight so story progress may be limited, all for good reasons, but still mildly disappointing.

    I loved your account of Cloe and the hidden motorcycle. That could have been my sister’s horse, Sugar, in her day. She was a high spirited Arabian who had sever episodes of what I call explosions of fright where my sister was almost seriously injured. Those were the days. . .

    Glad you made it today.

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  2. Chloe seem very special. I’ve always had stronger bonds to the mares I’ve had. The geldings are fun and playful, but the mares becomes very special, close friends. At least that is my experience. Thank you for this lovely coffee share. I am happy to hear that your dog is OK. What a relief. Have a wonderful new week Diana ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Maria! Yes, the bond with a mare is amazing and much different than with the geldings. She is very special in so many ways. I read from a well known trainer that these mares that create that amazing bond are like this because they are intact, and since geldings are well, gelded they are more playful. I’m so relieved about my dog, BZ is a sweetheart! Thanks so much for visiting and have a wonderful week!! ❤️🐴🤠


  3. So happy to hear your dog is doing well Diana and thank you for taking us along on this lovely ride in the sun! Please give Chloe a big pat from us all and if she likes carrots here’s a few for her too 🤗🥕🥕🥕

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    1. Thank you so much Xenia, she’s doing good my little over weight shepherd mix. Her name is BZ – just those 2 letters. My hubby named her. And thank you for your kind words. Chloe will love the extra pats from you and she Loves carrots so I’ll give her extra from you all!! So sweet! ❤️🐴

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    1. Thank you so much Anne! She’s learned over the years to walk out, since I had to try and keep up with my girlfriend’s thoroughbred mare. Those thoroughbreds have huge strides, so Chloe has learned our walks are very forward. I like that as it’s more aerobic since I’m not trotting or cantering. I save those exercises for her when she is loose in arena. I’m in Love with her color too. It’s so unusual and she is getting really dark as she sheds her winter coat. She has I think 2 to 3 different shades as she moves through the seasons each year! I’m so happy you enjoyed my video, I love to share! ❤️🐴

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  4. I love the ride along it almost feels like I’m out having a ride & a yarn with you & Chloe. Stunning mountains it must be amazing to watch the mountain change with the seasons.
    I remember when I used to ride Danny (before he got too old) & I would sing “old Danny boy’ at first his ears would turn then just lay flat back till I finished, it was always hilarious, he is known for being quite a grumpy ole boy, he didn’t mind old MacDonald had a farm. Danny & I often reminisce about it down in the paddock. I’m so glad your puppy dog is fine I have so wanted to ask but obviously not wanting to upset. Fantastic getting gifts cards what fun & the rebates an added bonus it’s like Christmas just keeps going for you, awesome. Have a happy saddle of a week ahead my friend.

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    1. Oh that’s my intention, taking you along with me as we trail ride together, almost!! I’m so happy it works!! 😀🐴 I can see your Danny boy listening to you sing. Haha, what a hoot and I’m glad he’s there for you to reminisce with! ❤️
      I actually just found out this last week my puppy dog is okay. I had to reschedule first vet appt and they are at least a weeks wait to be seen. Then the blood work and cytology for the lump took another 3 days so it took all these weeks to get the best answer!! And I should be happy with the flush of gift cards! Haha, I’m thinking about horsey stuff, maybe a new (UV protection) riding shirt. I have I think 4 riding shirts, maybe I’ll get a couple more to protect my arms in the summer months. Have a wonderful week too! ❤️🐴🤠

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  5. Diana, I’m glad to hear your dog is doing well and Chloe is happy where she lives. She’s a smart and beautiful horse. Thank you for sharing your updates, sunny photos and video with #WeekendCoffeeShare. Have a great coming week!

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    1. Thank you Natalie, that was the best news from my vet this week and I’m so happy you enjoy having coffee with me today. I so enjoy sharing #Weekendcoffeeshare. Have a wonderful week! ❤️


    1. Thank you Trent. I’m realizing as you say it’s a good thing to have extra money with these gift cards! I’m thinking of useful items, I could use these UV protected light weight exercise shirts I use to ride in and be outside at the stables. I will purchase a few more for sun protection especially as Spring and Summer are coming soon. Have a great week! 🤠

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  6. Hi Gary!

    I’m so happy to share and yes, so many coffee share attendees, it’s wonderful!! I’ll have to keep going through the list as I too have to squeeze in not only my writing but also my reading time! Lol 😀
    I totally understand the family needs, and thanks for understanding us horsey people!! I so appreciate your wonderful comments and oh boy, your sister had her hands full with that Arabian back in the day. They are such a high strung breed!! I’m so happy I could share this weekend! ❤️


  7. justthingsnothingimportant

    Sure does look like it was a beautiful day for a ride, how long of a ride do you take? Chloe always looks so relaxed that makes for a nice ride for both horse and rider 🙂 I am so happy our pup is dong good and that it is just a fatty tumor my sister’s dog has one as well also on her belly she was scared when she first found it till they told her what it was and said it’s normal as they get older and for her breed of dog. And thought for some of your gift card is do you need any yarn to make your horses that you crochet, and do you ever sell those little horses you make they are super cute it’s just the kind of thing I would buy 🙂 Have a great week and enjoy your Chloe.

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    1. My rides are as short as a mile which takes about 20 minutes to 2 to 3 miles or up to 45 minutes to an hour depending on the blocks or route we walk. I would say we are consistently walking out on trail riding a mile or 2 at the most each week. I’ll save the longer rides for the weekend, my days off. What a relief for my pup, I’m glad your sisters dog is okay with the same thing. AND that’s a GREAT idea for my gift cards. I can always use more yarn! Haha, I feel like smacking the side of my head with a “why didn’t I think of that!” Thanks friend!! I have sold the little horses I’ve made but just to friends who own horses, I’ve never advertised. I’ve thought of making some to sell at our local craft fair. I have also made and given them away too!! You have a wonderful week too and I’ll give Chloe a carrot from you!! ❤️🐴🤩

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