My Weekly Smile; Feb. 18, 2021

I decided that I needed to smile and this beautiful rose I saw and stopped and took a photo sure makes me smile. It’s that beautiful pink color! And I can imagine the beautiful smell as I just Love the smell of roses. How are you this week? I am doing good and as I sorts things out I am the type of person that looks to the future and remembers the past with super fond memories. I have been enjoying our mild winter and for those of you in places of wintery weather, my heart goes out to you all. Especially in those places that do not commonly have such frigid cold and are suffering with power outages and the like. I pray for warm weather soon!

I have been working and enjoying my time at the barn with my horse Chloe. She makes me smile as she is always very happy to see me and we enjoy the trails whether it be with a trail partner, or not. My best friend and I have been able to go out which is great therapy as we chat about life as we ride along! When my friend is not available, it is just Chloe and I. She has so many trail miles and knows the way, like she has GPS in her brain! Which she does right? She totally knows the blocks, the turns and knows exactly where she is going!

We are all tacked up and ready to head out on the trails. She and I just ride along and I take in everything. From the song birds, to the clouds in the sky. To the cars that go by, which on this day there were a lot of folks that waved as they passed by. This is rather common in our town since it is a small community and everyone so friendly. Today I got more than normal waves! I felt so special. Haha, it truly was such a nice feeling. Here is a video of my trail ride on this day. 😀

This trail ride was so wonderful for us both. Enjoying this pretty day today!

I am actually riding out on the trails more often than not which is my goal. I own horses because I love to ride! I sometimes wish I could afford a couple more horses so that I could get back into competition riding, but at this point in my life it is just a dream. Maybe it will always remain a dream because competing is expensive, and I don’t have that horse at this time, but I love every minute I spend with my girl Chloe! I think we all should have dreams, its important to our psyche and so this is what I dream. I dream of living near my grandkids some day too. It may or may not happen, but for now it is something I have had to put on the back burner because I just got a new job. So we will revisit this in another year or two.

I really wanted to share a smile post this week, it makes me feel good to share! So my smile is for the mundane things I do each day (they aren’t all that mundane, haha, but it is the same routine day in and day out!) Makes me feel warm, sane and happy.

Have a great day, week and weekend!

Horse Crazy Grandma,

~Diana ❤

14 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Feb. 18, 2021

  1. justthingsnothingimportant

    Your Chloe sure is a beautiful girl, I sure miss riding just the smell of being around horses makes me so happy. 😀 I am so happy you got time to go out riding it’s relaxing. I hope have a blessed weekend.

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    1. Thank you so very much! When I let her graze a bit I was next to her petting her soft coat and I leaned in for that horsey smell! So I agree the smell and just being around horses makes me happy! I’m trying to slow down and enjoy each day with her as it seems like I use to be more rushed. Now I can take my time and enjoy my time too! Have a wonderful weekend too!! ❤️🤠🐴

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  2. yayyyyyy, I was ok so probably a little too excited to see your blog. So glad you are feeling a little more you. The rose is beautiful I love in the little video when you said Chloe’s name her ear turned, like she checking out her surroundings but she’s listening to you always. I love her patriotic gear so pretty. Its always fun putting new gear on our ponies. I used to get shamed on as I was always putting my poor Danny in pink, lol. Have a wonderful weekend, lots of waves & hugs from Aussie pony gal me.

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    1. Hey Aussie pony gal! I just couldn’t stay away too long and I’m so happy to share my trail rides! I had another pony pal who watched the video and she pointed out how Chloe is listening to me too and I had to watch it back as I hadn’t noticed. Aww, melts my heart as they are so aware!! I was wondering if my horse friends here would notice too!! And you make me giggle! Pink on Danny? Haha, I think that’s adorable!! Real men can wear pink! 🤠 I bet he looked dashing!! Sending HUGS your way for a wonderful weekend too! ❤️🐴

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  3. Thank you for the trail video. That is really nice to see and such pleasant weather. I can’t complain as we have had some good weather here this week. Very cold and more snow but Biasini and I went out for a ride in the forest. Snow drifts up over his knees. But so beautiful. Chloe is such a lovely looking mare. She as a beautiful color of coat and a kind eye. I noticed on the video when you say her name her ear flicked toward you. Love that!

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    1. YES!! You noticed her ears flicked towards me too! I hadn’t noticed and so I’ve watched it back. They are so aware, and tuned into us it’s so amazing! I’m so happy you all have mentioned her ears as another pony friend noticed and mentioned it to me. Thank you so much for your kind comments too! She is such an unusual color, and you don’t see many around like her. And she certainly does have the kindest eyes. She’s got a kind heart too! I can’t believe she’s turning 17 this year and we’ve been together for 15 years now. ❤️

      I’m soooo happy you have gotten in a forest ride on Biasini. That sounds like a lot of snow but you are still able to get out and exercised! Snow FUN!! ❤️🐴🤠

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  4. Glad you are able to spend a lot of good time with Chloe! I love that photo of her,mismatched colors or not. It might have been foggy, but it looked like great weather on your ride. Have a wonderful rest of your week and a good weekend 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Trent! Yes, I’m so happy to have this time with Chloe. Now she gets my undivided attention! And it really was a nice day, started out foggy, but by the time of the video just clouds in the sky. I can’t complain at all as it was great weather! I hope you have a good weekend ahead too! 🤠

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