My Weekly Smile; Jan. 28, 2021

Welcome to winter in my corner of the world. We get snow in our local mountains and it is a beautiful sight. I decided to drive to a street nearby my house to get this view. It’s rather pretty with the clouds I think. As I write this smile post I am listening to more rain as a big storm has arrived and we will get more snow in the mountains. The skiers and snow boarders will be in heaven. Where I live we have all these outdoor activities only an hour or so away from you in almost any direction in southern California. If you want to scuba dive, or surf, or go whale watching the pacific ocean is right here for all your fun-filled beach activities. If you love to ski or snowboard, the local mountains have plenty of ski slopes at many locations in the winter. The amazing thing is you can enjoy the snow by owning a cabin or renting one, and visit the wintery months without having to deal with commuting in snow or living in freezing cold weather. I grew up here so it is a great place to enjoy what ever is calling your name. I know you all know my outdoor activities, my horses. šŸ˜€

I am REALLY SMILING BIG! I have been able to ride this last week after last weeks rain storm seven days. That just amazes me as I haven’t ridden that many days in a row in years! The shortest ride lasts about 30 minutes and I rode two rides about 45 minutes. This is the whole point of having these cute ponies is to be able to ride them out on our local trails! Not only am I enjoying this immensely, but I know the horses are enjoying our rides as well. They are eager to go out and I believe are getting some really good exercise. It’s a win, win for all of us and I have been joined by my best friends at the stables for a couple of the rides I am counting. I am a lucky gal, and am thankful that I am now at a location where I have easy access to the trails so there is no excuses not to tack up and head out for a ride! ā¤

I know I write a lot about my horses and I do share my rides but for this last week what was exciting was to get out there on the trails almost every single day. I mentioned that another storm is here and it will be raining all night and all day tomorrow so I won’t be able to go out again until sometime this weekend. I am so happy my horses are doing good, are in good shape and are more than happy to get out on the trails! I am smiling from ear to ear!

Thank you for visiting my smile post this week. What makes you smile? I am enjoying our weather, my horses and looking forward to working on some of my crafts with all this rain. I may pull out a gardening book I have so I can start teaching myself how to garden. I have tried a bit and posted about my teeny tiny gardens. I have been thinking I have enough room I would like to make an attempt at a bigger veggie garden this year. I want to put more effort into this and see what I can grow. I hope you have a great day in your part of the world!

Happy Trail Riding Cowgirl!

~Diana ā¤

18 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Jan. 28, 2021

  1. Having those snow-capped mountains so close is great. And it is nice to live somewhere with so much to do so close at hand. Glad you were able to get out on your horses so much this week, despite the weather. I know CA has been battered this week. Have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Thanks Trent! I absolutely love the views and it’s why there’s so many darn people living in CA! I can’t complain since it’s all I know really. My happy place is on the back of my horses so I just had to share! Have a great weekend too!

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  2. Hahaha, my happy place for sure and I can’t help myself I just had to share! I will have to take a break for a couple of days and can’t wait to ride again! šŸ¤£šŸ“


  3. justthingsnothingimportant

    The mountains in California are one thing I do miss about living there, we used to live up in Cristline and I loved it up there we would get so much snow that you could not see the cars lol. Seeing the world from between horse ears is the best view of the world. Been raining a lot here but had a little sun this morning so I was able to enjoy a of time with the windows open šŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day.

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    1. We bought a house up in Twin Peaks back in 2000. We only lasted one year as we didn’t really enjoy the mountain life like I thought we would. It turned out to be rather expensive living up there so we sold the next year. It was one hell of a winter when we were there with feet of snow and we lost power for days. It was an experience of a life time though…. One thing I didn’t like was the black ice. It was hard, as all three of my kids were young back then and trying to get them to schools, oh my, was a challenge in the snow/icy roads. BUT these magnificent mountains are really beautiful. I am glad you got some sun, nice to be able to get some fresh air! Have a great weekend sweet friend! ā¤

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      1. justthingsnothingimportant

        Oh yes the ice and black ice is crazy up there it really has to be your thing to live there and yes it is pricey to live there I couldn’t do nowadays lol Have a great weekend I hope you have time to go riding ā¤ šŸ™‚

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  4. hahahaha. Oh my crickey. I had a laugh as I do when you share, as I took a drive home from town the long way yesterday, a change of scenery & dam girl our mountains look like little cross country trails compared to your majestic magnificent life altering test of endurances with snow on top. How perfect to have that & from between the ears of a pony, it feels so good when we get to ride everyday a pony owners dream. May your weekend be as magnificent as your mountain view from a perfect trail ridden time. Even if it is stormy weather.

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    1. Yes, the mountains in the Pacific North West are all very big and grand indeed. These local mountains I share top out at 10,066ft high (3.0km) haha, so pretty darn high! We are lucky these cold storms come through so it gets cold enough for some good snow for those avid skiers. I saw on our local news where they interviewed a skier who stated he was just surfing in the morning and decided to drive to the mountains and ski! It is just over an hours drive from the coast to the local mountain resorts. šŸ˜€

      Another YES! My dream to ride every day! Or almost every day. I am going to enjoy this beautiful day and will share more photos as the mountains are glistening again with more snow after our recent storm. I’m in horsey heaven! ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

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    1. Thank you sweet friend! I am extremely thankful and I am so happy I moved back to this barn that has easy access to the trails! The snow keeps on coming with another storm and I will share more photos. So very beautiful! ā¤

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