Weekend Coffee Share; Rain and Smiling!

Can I get you a cup of coffee? I enjoy mine with my favorite sweet Italian cream. I also have tea, hot or iced as well. I am having a nice hot cup of coffee as we have a cold storm outside and it has rained almost all day today. We are getting a ton of snow in our local mountains so when the storm blows through and the sun shines we will have beautiful snow capped mountains to admire. I am happy to see my sister and her hubby from Idaho as they are in town visiting friends and their son who lives here nearby. My sister use to own my horse Zack and I adopted him when she moved as she was unable to take him for a few reasons. One of the biggest reasons is it was in Zack’s best interest to leave him here because the stress of moving would have been hard on him because he has EPM. He is symptom free and has been after being treated five years ago. We were able to squeeze in a short trail ride this morning before the rain. It was fun to all be together again! These are my pony sister’s, two are great friends and one is my sister riding Zack. 😀

We arrived to the stables with a break in the weather. We all got the horses out and ready to go (tacked up) and asked others at the stables if they could take our photos. Lucky we did this before the ride because we rode back with it drizzling. I just got my horses back in their stalls when it really started to come down. We thankfully decided to just go on our short ride as we looked up and saw many dark clouds heading our way. What a good decision. Although we wouldn’t melt in the rain, it’s just uncomfortable to get all wet. I had a big jacket on which isn’t water proof but it takes a lot of rain to soak it through, but when riding your pants can get pretty wet especially your thighs. Haha, I have been caught out on trail and have gotten pretty wet in the past!

I’m so thankful Jane took these photos as I do not have many of me riding. Thank you Jane!! I also am enjoying these photos because you can see our faces as I am the one usually taking photos and I take them from behind so often. Haha, a lot of horses butts and the backs of my friends! It’s the best I can do so many times out on the trails. These photos just make me SMILE! We will go out again tomorrow as this storm is suppose to be gone by tomorrow morning. There are more storms on the way with some pretty chilly nights. We are at 44F tonight with it dropping down to the 30F’s Monday night. With this cold front the snow levels are down near 2000ft in the local mountains so some of the high deserts are getting snow as well. With such a low snow level the mountains will just be blanketed ~ I know I’ve mentioned this already. It’s just such a beautiful sight! I can’t think of a good segue to the next couple of photos I wanted to share so I’ll just say kitties and grandkids!

My son so kindly sends us these funny photos of these two brothers. They are quite the characters and as you can see love each others company. I have shared many photos of them throughout my posts and this was the latest photo. They are so beautiful and they make me smile. This beautiful black kitty my daughter adopted about a week ago which I shared last week. She finally decided on a name “Evie” which is the name of a character from the movie V for Vendetta. My son said that there is a Pokemon name Eevee (which is how you say “Evie”) and the whole family agreed it is a great name for her! When we asked my daughter how she is settling in, my daughter replied “She’s doing good, but she thinks she owns the place!” Haha, “She does own the place don’t you know?” I replied. Cats, if you’ve ever owned one I think its they own you! Dogs are the other way around and love them too!

I’ll end with saying I’m missing my grand children and thought I’d share as the last few weeks I’ve just been a bit homesick for them. That’s just the best way to explain it when you miss family. I’ll be able to visit them soon enough (I hope) but as I will never get tired of saying, I am so thankful for technology and the instant sharing and video chats. ❤

Thank you so much for visiting my coffee share today. I enjoyed sharing my weekend and even though I have stopped and wondered if all I am doing is repeating one weekend to the next, the stories I share are often woven with different events and I sometimes get lucky to share some fun photos. I hope you all are safe and sound and enjoying your weekend. For us here, winter is truly here bringing in the much needed rain and cold weather. If you would like to read other coffee shares, the link is here. And thank you Natalie for hosting our gatherings.

Happy Cowgirl Grandma,

~Diana ❤

30 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Rain and Smiling!

  1. Thank you Kellie! So fun to share. Yes, that’s our summers here where we get 38C and above sometimes. It’s a dry heat though, with little to no humidity thankfully. I’m enjoying this cool rainy weather. Stay cool and thank you for visiting! ❤️🤠


  2. Antoinette Truglio Martin

    Great pics with the horses. And I get the missing grandkids. I am with my lovies for two months. I think it may be time to think of an alternative living situation so I can watch the wonder as they grow up.

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    1. I’m not giving up on my dreams to live closer to my grandkids. I’m envious of your two months with your Lovies ❤️ I’ve taken a different path in the road as it were to make my dreams come true, and will just take it slow to figure out this path and see where I land! Thanks so much for visiting, the horses look good I think too! ❤️🤠


  3. Diana, I love all the smiles in your photos. So glad you saw your sister in person. Hang in there. You’ll get to visit your grandchildren soon when it’s safe to do so. Have a great week ahead! #weekendcoffeeshare

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  4. Glad your sister got in a short ride on Zack before the rain. Did Zack react to seeing her? I’m sure he has some memories. I can’t wait to see the mountain photos. Glad you got photos and videos of grand kids, human and feline 🙂

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    1. I have to say Zack doesn’t have a huge reaction to my sister, but I think he remembers her well. She really enjoyed riding him for the 3 days she was here and I’m so happy he was well behaved on the trails. He has really aged this last year dropping muscle tone but I think he’s at a good weight. It’s sometimes hard to watch aging even though we all go through this whether it be furry friends or humans! I’ll share mountain photos for my smile post this coming week, can’t wait!! ❤️🙂

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  5. I can understand you are missing your Grandchildren. Alice is so pretty and Teddy is a little darling. Nice to see you our with friends for a ride. And dare I say this….I am happy to see you are wearing a helmet. I know you are all just walking and on a sandy trail but one of the saddest no helmet stories is Courtney King Dye. She rode for the US in the 2008 Olympics and a few years later was just walking a horse , the horse tripped and she went down . She sustained brain damage and lost the use of one side of her body. She does not ride now. Tragic and all for the want of a helmet.

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    1. I’m a huge helmet wearer and my sister usually wears one but I don’t have one here that fits her and she didn’t bring one. I have other friends who frankly don’t care. One even said to me, well, I could have a stroke tomorrow… We all wear seatbelts! Look how many lives those have saved. You are right, even the shortest slowest trail ride you can get hurt easily by a spook or worse a stumble like you noted. That’s such a tragic story about Courtney King Dye. I was wondering if anyone would notice when I posted these photos. I’m happy to be safe when possible! Thanks for this as I think it’s important. ❤️🤠🐴

      (P.S. we lost a prominent trainer here in town a few years ago who was out on the trail, the horse reared and fell and that guy hit his head and later died. Many ladies at my stables began riding with helmets after that because it was said if he had been wearing one he would be alive today. So sad, but am happy to see more here wearing helmets!)

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  6. hi
    how cool
    to get the photos with you in them and not just of the rear view 😉

    and cheers to the cats (live the newbie and Evie is a great name) and grandkids – hope you get to see the family soon – i know what it is like to be needing the visits and you are so right about technology and connecting!

    oh and any news on the piano 🎹?

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  7. Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful comments! A few face forward photos of us on horseback are very cool to me too! Lol 🤣 I’m planning a visit to AZ next month and can hardly wait!! My son surprised me with a video chat last night, it was my granddaughter who wanted to show me some things, bless her heart! As for my piano, it’s in a good out of the way location and we haven’t done much to get it removed. I’ll probably post something when the time comes. Thanks for asking! ❤️ Have a great week!! 🤠


  8. Love love love never enough yeehaaing. i just smiled & smiled & smiled my ridiculous grin as I do sitting on my own reading your funness. How awesome riding out with fam & friends. Fantastic photos. Even funnerer in the rain. I ticked Anne’s comment about the helmet, gotta love a kindred safety Gal like us. We would all have a blast I reckon if we all had a ride out together.
    Your family are just so gorgeous such treasures your little grankiddies & little Teddy is growing up so fast. The cats look like such squishy purry fun. Stay warm & have a yeehaa happy week.

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  9. Thank you so very, very much!! Your enthusiasm is contagious and makes me SMILE and GIGGLE!! (Kinda like a school girl) but I be way old now, but young at heart! It is such great fun and would be even more fun if us gals who have connected up could ride together. At least we can enjoy each other’s rides via blogging and our fun-filled horsey posts!! ❤️😀 And thanks, the furry family and those kiddos, all so ADORABLE!! Have a great week too!! 🤠🐴🐎🐈‍⬛

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    1. That’s a long time Susie, but I know you need to be with hubby. I totally understand and would be doing the same thing if in same position. ❤️ My heart aches with yours but also you are a super hero too your hubby!! ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. AWW, I’m so very sorry. I should never complain again. I know there’s lots of grandma’s and grandpa’s out there wishing they could see family. My heart goes out to you. ❤️

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  10. justthingsnothingimportant

    It’s so wonderful that you got to see your sister and go riding with her sounds like it was a fun time. Love seeing all the pictures you post of you little cutie grandkids and your sweet kitties.

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  11. Thank you so kindly!! It’s so fun to share. My sister left for home to Idaho with her hubby Monday and they made it back just in time. Some parts of the highway are now closed due to all these storms and cold weather. They had great timing!! I hope you have a good week! 🤠🐴❤️


  12. Thank you for taking on a horse with EPM. Opossums can do a lot of good, but that’s not part of it, and having grown up with horses, I know how challenging managing a large mammal’s special needs can be – props to you! I hope you get to see your grandchildren soon! I’m sure they miss you too!

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    1. Thank you so much for you kind comments. Yes, he has special needs and he’s worth all I do to make his life a good life. He also has insulin resistant and has laminitis about 4 years ago, so special diet too. He’s doing great!! And yes, my grandkids do miss me too. We just video chatted Sunday. They sure warm my heart, it was so great to see them and talk to them and my son! Thanks for stopping by! ❤️🐴🤠

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  13. always the photographer and never the subject lol well great seeing in the subject of a picture…
    Its been rainy in the past couple of weeks so a hot cuppa will do its almost becoming a bit too much but then its been very dry past couple of years I almost feared we were turning into a desert.
    V is For Vendetta is one of my all time favourite movies actually the B I sign when I comment is taken from the epic opening sequence which is concluded by and it is my and you may call me V
    ~B ^_^

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