Weekend Coffee Share; As The Wind Blows!

How is your weekend going so far? I can’t believe it’s Saturday and it’s late afternoon. I am actually drinking some ice tea because it is a warm January day. It was 86F today and very windy. We get winds here called Santa Ana winds. These winds originate inland and affects coastal Southern California where I live. I thought I would try and get in a ride this morning before the wind was to pick up. I didn’t succeed as the wind blew us down the trail but I am so proud of my ponies today! I thought it not a safe idea to video my ride, but before the wind really kicked in I did take a couple of photos. 😀

As I head down this block, the wind was reasonable and just gusty. I thought I could head down this way which made my ride twice as long before the wind would get stronger. I checked the weather app earlier in the morning or was it last night? And the wind by late-morning was to be around 12 miles per hour, or so I thought and I thought I had plenty of time. Little did I know that within the next 15 minutes or so the winds were going to pick up. You can’t really see the end to the road ahead, but it turns where you see the mountain rise in the background past Chloe’s ears in the photo to the right and as we headed down the turn to the start of the next block home the gusts turned into 18 to 20 mile per hour sustained winds, with stronger gusts! We had to cross the street and as we walked this next block home with what felt like howling winds which were very warm, my ponies just walked along like another day on the trails. I am so very thankful for their steadfastness.

They didn’t seem to blink an eye to the wind, and I am thankful these strong winds were not blowing any debris, lose tree limbs or trash which can all spook even the steadiest horse. As I made it up to the last block and street to the stables I could feel Chloe increase her pace. Yes girl, I know you want to get home and I did too! I did not plan on riding in this rip roaring wind! I think I would rather get caught out in the rain! As I arrived at the barn the other ladies that own horses there were all saying, boy are you brave! Haha, I didn’t plan on this I said. It really wasn’t that windy when I left and I was gone all of 45 minutes! CRAZY WEATHER!

I am giggling sharing these photos as my good friend Jane was sitting nearby as we chatted and Zack just would not stop begging. Haha, he just would not stop with his goofy sideway looks! His way of begging for something please! I thought why not take more photos. Oh my, I have so many photos of these ponies, I never tire of them and love to share. I am so very thankful I can ride them on the trails as they age and they are a bonded pair. I think Chloe would be fine without Zack, but Chloe is Zack’s best girlfriend and where ever Chloe goes, Zack goes too! It just is, what it is!

Can I get you a refill? As I sit and think about this last week I was feeling rather emotional. I know that is normal right? There are many reasons for these emotions, missing my family in Arizona ~ so much so I am going to try and visit in a few weeks if possible. I am hoping to visit there in February because my grandson will be turning one near the end of Feb. Wait what? I can’t believe it and I am so excited about baby Teddy’s birthday as this year has gone by fast and am so sad it has been near impossible to spend time with my grandchildren. No wonder I am so emotional. I am also saddened by all affected by the virus. We have employees out and some in the hospital. I am now getting tested weekly. I just checked and I am negative, so thankful as I continue to be needed at work filling in holes of absenteeism. This next week I will go in early and stay late, thankful I get paid over-time now. I think it will just be for this next week, hoping things get better soon.

As we all deal with all these changes and I have read of others affected by more lockdowns in their area, or mask wearing where they hadn’t been but now it is deemed necessary. I am thinking maybe sharing and writing about this is somehow cathartic. So, I’ll say it here to stay safe and stay strong. We will all make it through these crazy times and all we can do is take one day at a time. I am glad to see vaccines rolling out even though it will take time for this to become effective especially since there are booster shots involved. Some how I feel better expressing my feelings on this subject, so thanks for listening. On to happier news…

I do have some really happy news and that is my daughter adopted a kitty last week. If you were to read through my blogs (or have been a follower) my daughter once owned one of the brother kitties that I share that both now live with my son in Arizona. Wolfie was such a handful (that is an understatement) and one of the biggest problems is he would not stop eating the Guinea Pigs hay and so he would upset his stomach and she ended up at the vet so many times that she decided to give him up. So, off to his brothers house he went. (That’s her brother and Wolfie’s brother, Haha!) It has been one year now, and she found this beautiful black kitty that is about a year and a half old. She hasn’t decided on a name, but she is sweet and calm. Here is a photo. 😀

Thanks for visiting and having coffee with me today. The link up you can find here, and thank you Natalie for hosting the coffee share. ❤

Happy crazy trail riding Grandma,

~Diana ❤

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful coffee Diana and great to hear Zack and Chloe were so good on the walk and got you back to the barn safely 🥕🥕 Stay safe and well and wishing you a blessed Sunday 🤗💜🐎

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  2. 86!! WOW! Isn’t that a totally crazy temperature for January, even in CA? You could start your garden 😉

    I totally understand how hard it must be to not be able to see your grandchildren. I can’t wait until it is safe to see our families again.

    With so many coffee shares this week I almost missed your, I am so happy I didn’t. And how fun that so many people are joining! I hope you are enjoying your weekend ❤

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    1. Yes, that is a bit warm for January and we have 3 days in the 80’s then it will drop back down to 60’s and in the 40’s at night. We have rain coming by end of next week which is needed. I should look at starting my tiny garden! Good idea!! I do wish I had your green thumb though… But I shouldn’t give up on gardening. 😀🍎🍅
      I can’t believe all the coffee shares! So awesome, I’ll have to set some time aside to read and catch up!
      I’m having a great weekend and I hope you have a great week ahead! ❤️

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  3. Hi Diana, Chloe looks so gentle and Zach looks playful in your photos. I know what you mean about the wind gusts. I don’t go cycling when the wind is strong because it pushes the bike and makes my ride not enjoyable. I’m glad you and your ponies got home safely. I hope all’s well at work for you with no more staff getting sick by the virus, and you’ll be able to see your family in AZ this year. Thank you for joining #WeekendCoffeeShare.

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  4. Thanks for visiting Natalie! I’m so happy to see so many coffee shares, that’s so awesome and I’ll try and visit as many as I can! And yes, in hindsight I probably should have not gone out on the trail yesterday but it all worked and made for a good story! Proud of my horses. I can see riding a bike in wind would not be fun either!
    Thank you for the well wishes for work. I’m praying for good health for all! Have a great week! ❤️🐴🤠


  5. Hi Diana, Is it just me or are you posting later this week than normal? You didn’t almost forget us did you. . . ?

    About that trail ride in the wind, wow! Your two ponies are amazing. I don’t recall much about my sister’s horses, but one of them in particular would have thrown her rider and stormed off lord knows where. We might still be looking for that Arabian nightmare of a horse.

    Finally, okay, I’ve protected you long enough. You obviously are a sucker for charming animal stores and I have one I should have passed your way sooner. Save this 10 minute read for when you need to laugh at how one very young boy cared for a favorite pet from the wild.


    Hope you have a great week ahead of you and, yes, you get that date locked in to visit your family. My kids missed so much by not knowing my mom better before she passed away. Get over there to see yours ASAHP (As Soon As Humanly Possible).


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    1. Thanks Gary, I usually get to my coffee share late Saturday or Sunday. But am trying to be more consistent! Lol 🤣

      Arabians are very flighty and can be rather a nightmare to own, sounds like your sister’s horse was one of those. I’m happy that people can understand the steadfastness of my horses as they do trust me and I believe they knew it was safe albiet windy. And we weren’t far from home, so proud all my riding is paying off with them!

      Thank you for the fun share as I read your wild animal story. So cute to adopt a little pocket squirrel! Fun times for you to share time with the little guy.

      I plan on messaging my son here soon to secure a date to visit. I like the ASAHP! 😀 Very appropriate, and I will do what I can to get there soon!! Have a great week! 🤠🐴❤️


  6. Chloe and Zack knew there was no danger to you and they behaved so well. I love the photos of them. There is a horse at the barn here who begs just like Zack! I know we have to take the Covid situation one day at a time but it is easier said than done, at least for me. We had an hour’s video chat with our son this morning. He is working on a project in Montenegro. He will be there for two months and then home to England, As he is working for the government he will get testing once a week. He is very cautious but I still worry sometimes.

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    1. Thank you Anne, I do believe you are right that the horses did not feel any danger and boy were the winds blowing. So thankful I’ve had them for so many years now, our connections strong and trusting. I’ll keep your son in prayers to stay safe as I totally understand the worry. It is helpful to get tested often, for at least piece of mind. Thank you for sharing coffee and visiting today! ❤️🐴🤠

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  7. How time flies when your having fun. Family growing up so fast. I think it is totally justified to have a sad time with everything that’s going on it shows what a beautiful caring person you are.
    Weather changes always fun when out for a ride. When I eventually take Zina out, I am going to have to take Danny, as they will both flip out. It is no biggy as Danny has a way of calming all horses down, Danny was always the first over a bridge or past something that might be scary. But he did have his moments of playing scared pony, such fun. Treats create hilarious times for ponies. Morning tea at pony club the horses knew what it meant & often when we called out morning tea the little kids ponies would line up automatically, hilarious fun.
    How beautiful a new kitten for your treasure, gotta love how they have to own what you are doing.
    I hope your work colleagues/friends recover soon & you continue to stay well. Wow that was very chatty of me. Have a awesome week ahead. You Cowgirly cat lovin Grandma you.( :

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  8. I love your photographs. I haven’t gone horse back riding in years. I remember going with friends once on a guided trail tour. My horse that day was a bit of a character and I remember feeling like the horse and I were the comic relief in a sitcom or cartoon. See while everyone else (horse and rider) were traveling forward my horse was insistent on moving in reverse. We got each other sorted out of course and had a laugh and a nice ride together. Beautiful animals!

    Thanks for the virtual coffee!

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    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed my photos, so FUN to share! I actually went on a horse back riding tour in Yellowstone national park with my family years ago and as an accomplished horse woman I thought I could ride anything. But these trail horses can have other ideas and one of these rented horses only wanted to eat. It was rather funny as we had to wait as he stopped to eat here and there during the ride. I’m glad you got things sorted out, haha. They are majestic! Thanks for joining me for virtual coffee! 🤠🐴❤️ ☕

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  9. Oh I love the chats, so thank you for visiting and LOVE how your horses are like mine. One calms the other, we make a great team. Much as yours do for you too!!
    Haha, I love how the morning tea at pony club got all the little kids ponies all lined up! Sounds like that was FUN!!! 🤣
    And well, thanks again for all the well wishes. Kitties demand their attention on their time, silly kitties! Saying prayers for all who are sick and for others to stay safe! Have a happy week ahead my sweet pony sister! 🤠🐴❤️

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  10. Sounds like some crazy winds afoot glad you didn’t get blown away hahaha … Harare is sunny and rainy at the same time how crazy is that actually its rainier than it normally gets for around this time of the year
    Santa Ana winds sound scary though can they get dangerous, lets say one was hanging about pumpkin rock hahaha
    Horses look dope as always here’s to a great new week

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    1. Thanks B! I am so glad you are getting some rain, and I love it when it is sunny and rainy at the same time. Haha, its done that here too! Yes, the Santa Ana winds can be soooo strong that they can blow over tractor trailer rigs on the highways!! So they put out high wind alerts in those desert areas where the winds howl at ungodly speeds! AND high winds are usually a concern for fires – one spark and we are done! and the winds just spread the fires and its just disastrous! Because of winds/fires/electricity as one really bad fire up in Northern CA was caused by downed wires from an electric company – they do rolling black outs now during wind events in certain areas. Anyways, why am I going on so! Haha, up on Pumpkin rock probably wouldn’t be that bad, as it’s not too high elevation and there are no trees in sight! So it would be safe! Lol 🙂

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    1. Thank you so very much! I so enjoy sharing and it seems lately I write a Weekend Coffee share which I link up with other coffee shares! It’s quite fun and addicting! And I also try and write a Weekly Smile post which is linked to another person who hosts these as well. I enjoy sharing even though it seems I think I am repeating myself as I do the same thing each week… Well, I try and spice it up with sharing crafts and things too. Haha, it’s just fun to share! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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      1. Msdedeng

        As long as you are having fun with it. That’s what matters. Yea, I was impressed with your knitted gloves. I kept come handy when riding a bike or a horse like you do. I ride a bike every other day and find that my hands a getting callused.

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