My Weekly Smile; Jan. 12, 2021

Welcome to my weekly smile. I have to say I am telling myself to just smile as I was messing around with my WordPress sight trying to manage all the emails that go to my AOL email account. It really doesn’t matter but everything posted through WP whether its notifications or posts or whatever goes to that email. So, I went through the settings and turned a bunch of stuff off under the title “emails” but it somehow stopped sending the notifications to my phone app. So I have posted several posts since New Years and was wondering after this last week why I wasn’t seeing any ones comments. I was thinking maybe my posts didn’t post or something and that’s when it clicked in my head, I think I screwed things up!

I only go on my laptop to write these posts. I enjoy typing on it much better than trying to write posts through the phone app. That’s where I found all these comments I haven’t been seeing, so I apologize and feel lost in space! πŸ˜€ This last week I have made a few blunders, and this is one of them! I also messed up the beginnings of a lemon bar, putting 3 cups of sugar that was suppose to go into the lemon curd into the cookie layer underneath. I had to throw it all away and start all over again. I have to laugh at myself, read the recipe carefully Diana!! So I am smiling at making mistakes, because it seems that is my theme this week! πŸ˜€

I am also wearing a nerdy Star Wars shirt to go with the mask. Now that I am not a supervisor, I don’t have to have that “in charge” look? or you know, be the responsible looking supervisor. I can be my geeky self and not worry and of course I also work as responsibly as I can and everyone knows that I work hard and do a good job. Anyways, I really wanted to get this smile post out there as I know I don’t need to apologize but as I went through as many missed comments as I could and I tried to respond I may have missed a few folks. I just love the comments and interaction so I have to say, sorry if I missed ya!! Here’s to leaving things alone the way it is set up which works great and I will not mess with the settings again! (I even uninstalled, then reinstalled the WP app on my phone so it would reconnect with the correct settings!) Sheesh, I was really wondering what was going on for this last week or so! Haha, I need to slow down and read instructions and leave some things be just like they are when they work just fine.

I hope you all have a great week!

Crazy setting changing gal,


22 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Jan. 12, 2021

  1. Always important to have the support of the feline family they’re so cute. I can totally relate to the technical debacle, I would love to send out blogs & messages from my tablet but I need glasses & I could not be responsible for what I may end up sending. lol. I Love the coordinated nerdy you so much fun. We would be so cool together at work you be star wars I’ll be the unicorn. Hilarious mischief to be had.

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    1. I hear you, and thought of you when I ran into this problem. I remember you sharing you weren’t getting your notifications too! So frustrating… I’m going into my reader to at least respond to my own blog comments! Thanks Susie! πŸ˜„


    1. Now that made me SMILE and giggle!! Thank you, I figure a lot of people think science fiction as nerdy, but I’m with you! I Love to have FUN!! With all kinds of stuff. Have a good week too!!


  2. I always use my computer for WP – I’ve tried my phone, but the computer is so much easier. The email thing is awful, though. I have an account only for WP. I try to shut off every email notice i can, yet that box is always so full that the account is worthless.
    Here is to making mistakes – I have made plenty lately!
    I like the Star Wars mask. It’s great you can be nerdy at work.
    I hope you are having a great week!

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    1. Yes, it’s crazy how that one email account is just about worthless. And maybe I’ll just start using my WordPress for comments more often on my computer instead of relying only on my phone. Haha! And thanks! Fun to be nerdy!! I’m having a great week and I hope you are too!

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      1. Amazingly I still get a few emails from my sisters on my AOL account πŸ˜€ and where I board my horses, the owner will send emails, so I have to check account every week or so. I should just switch to gmail altogether. I know there is yahoo too….

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      2. Well check out proton mail for free encrypted email if you want another option
        And yahoo – yuck
        There is also outlook – used to be hot mail
        And then of course Gmail – which I have mixed feelings about –
        But they did start this feature where sensitive emails have more saggers features
        And I was kidding about AOL – I know a dozen folks with aol emails – I was joking because in early 2000s they were so huge and had their own network and seem so dinosaur – lol – but I know they are still out there and holding their own

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  3. Hi My friend – I have been there with lost in space (and nice metaphor to connect to star wars mask – hahah – nice connecting)

    I turned off notifications and have not regretted it even though I do still miss stuff

    and love the cat pics – and the boys saying “hang in there” and “you’ve got this”

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    1. Haha, I didn’t realize the connections! that’s kinda cool and I didn’t even realize it! Thanks for that! I turned all the notifications back on… I don’t know, Its okay. Haha… I am happy you love the cat pics, they sure are handsome! and give good advice too! Hehe!

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  4. Your sons kitties are very very cute, even for someone who is not a cat person. They look so soft. I am glad you can relate and be yourself at work πŸ˜‰ I actually wore a mask for the first time this week, when I took the bus. Our health department put in a new recommendation that they suggest wearing a mask when taking the bus, earlier they’ve said that no studies show that wearing a mask helps. Well, well…Sure hope the craziness is over soon.

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    1. I just love those kitties! They are so photogenic, and I can’t help myself but to share what my son sends to me. I’m so happy you enjoy them too! I do not know what to think about the mask wearing since the state of CA has one of the strongest mask wearing mandates with excellent compliance and yet the spread is really high here in many areas. So it makes you wonder if the masks even help? I am thankful I am really use to them now, and I almost feel naked without wearing one when I go out except to the stables. I do not wear outside there and we are always more than 6 feet apart. I sure hope this craziness is over soon too! ❀

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