Weekend Coffee Share; New Year, 2021!

Can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? as we sit and enjoy this first weekend of this new decade. In this crazy world we are living in today, I have to keep my head grounded and enjoy my family, togetherness, good food and great company. We keep the company very small, my bubble is not that big as we try and stay safe. As I sit here writing my daughter is making us dinner and the smell is amazing. As she is browning onions and bell pepper the kitchen is filled with such wonderful aroma as she teases the guys (my son and hubby) this will be a vegetarian dinner. They will love it as she is a wonderful cook. It will be a “meat” and potatoes dinner only the meat will be made with lentils, mushrooms and quinoa. She made vegan pancakes this morning without any eggs! What? and they were delicious. They were banana with mini chocolate chips, yummy! I am so happy she loves to cook, and she has so many cookbooks she has often told me she gets lost in recipes. Haha, that can happen when you have too many to choose from. As I am sitting here thinking about food, I wanted to share what we did today. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you we drove up to my daughter’s to spend the New Year weekend with her up North.

We got there early today Jan. 1st and there were not a lot of people so the shops and eatery’s were not crowded. As the day wore on, more and more people filled the streets. My family and I were happy to be on our way to avoid the crowds. I will say it really wasn’t that crowded, but definitely more people than when we arrived. While we were there we bought lunch at a take out place and my better half and I had bratwurst sausage with sauerkraut and it was one of the best brat’s I’ve ever had! (We clearly aren’t vegan, but support my daughter and I should really eat a plant based diet. Not such an easy change to make, so I try and eat healthier every day.) My son had cheddar and bacon sausage and my daughter had a huge Bavarian pretzel with cheese. 😀

I am writing my coffee share in the middle of my weekend away and so I will probably post an after weekend smile post next week as we are going to Pismo Beach tomorrow morning and we will have the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had at this famous cinnamon roll place in Pismo. AND it is just one or two streets from the Pacific Ocean! I have shared our cinnamon rolls from there in previous posts when I have visited here but my hubby has not been there yet as I often come to my daughter’s with just my son. My husband works every weekend, so I have traveled more with my son or by myself than with my husband. We asked him to take this weekend off and to be honest I have been trying to get him to retire. We will see if this will be his last year or last few months. He only works 2 days a week and has been doing this same job for the last 10 years. So he hasn’t had weekends off in that long. Only rarely when we decide to travel or make a special weekend vacation is he off of work. I digress, it will be so fun and special to eat our cinnamon rolls on the pier in Pismo and smell the ocean and watch the waves. The seagulls or pigeons will be nearby begging! Can I get you another cup of Joe? or more tea?

As I wrap up this evening so I can get this posted I will tell you that the dinner we were smelling as I started this post was absolutely delicious. Here is a photo of the finished product! My hubby is from the south and his Mom from Arkansas and as it goes all or most southerners eat black-eyed peas to bring good luck to the New Year. So for the last 36 years we have made black-eyed peas with our New Year dinner. My daughter found a really good recipe as they tasted great. Everything on the plate was super tasty!

Here’s to a Happy, Lucky, Prosperous New Year!

~Diana ❤

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  1. Hi Diana. Solvang used to be a family favorite because of our family Danish roots. While my mom was alive, every few years she’d find some reason to take the drive down with us. My wife and I did it again ourselves several years ago and it’s probably a good time to return.

    Thanks for the memory of some great family times.

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    1. Your very welcome Gary! It’s fun to share and I’m glad it brought back such great memories. I hope you and family have a wonderful New year weekend!! 🤠❤️


  2. Oh my crickey now I’m hungry, ( ; That’s the biggest flamin pretzel I’ve ever seen.
    What a gorgeous family you are, it’s great to torcher the men sometimes & what better way than with food & a wonderful cook. I googled Solvang, as I am geographically challenged, how adorable & what fun. Does it snow in that part of America? I didn’t google that question, lol.
    So great you got to spend that time with your fam. Have fantastical rest of the weekend & week ahead.

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    1. Thank you so very much! It was a huge pretzel and she wasn’t able to finish it in one sitting. Lol, and no snow in Solvang. Too close to the ocean or near sea level. It’s actually beautiful there weather wise. And the men enjoyed the meatless dinner, thankfully! I need to check my settings as I am not getting all these wonderful comments in my notifications on my phone. I was messing with them and must have screwed something up! YIKES! Have a great day! 😀 ❤

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  3. Thank you for sharing these photos of you and your hubbyand your “baby” girl. Have a pleasant rest of the weekend and continue to stay safe. I was happy to see that you and hubby both have masks!

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    1. Thank you so much Anne. I was messing with my settings here on WP and must of turned off my notifications going to my phone. Ugh, frustrating because I love all the comments and interaction. I’ll go back through my settings and hope I can fix what I did. I am going through all these comments on my laptop! I am so happy to share, and am thankful we could be together for New Year. Yes, most everyone here in CA are good about wearing masks and my family is good too, everywhere we go. I think they are a good thing. Thanks for visiting my New Year post!! ❤

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  4. Oh, I laughed at your daughter tricking the men about the meatless dinner. My husband used to be a vegetarian and I must say his veggie dishes were pretty good too. Vegan pancakes sound delicious!

    I’m so glad you stayed safe while going to Solvang. It surprises me that shops and restaurants are still open where you are. Eateries have been closed since early November and non-essential shops closed mid-December too here.

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  5. It sounds like an amazing start of the year Diana! “The book Loft” I recognise that place. Enjoy the rest of this wonderful weekend with family. Your New Years dinner looks amazing. We are not vegetarians either, but I try to only use meat in our food twice a week, or so, and enjoy vegetarian dishes the rest of the week. Thank you for joining this week ❤

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  6. Diana, Your post brings back fun memories of my road trip in California along the Pacific Coast Hwy. Your dinner looks delicious and what a great start to the New Year with your family. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021!

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  7. is it too late to to eat black eyed peas for New Year’s good luck hahaha I mean they dont know what day it is right ?
    Sounds like the year started off good hahaha I have a healthy respect for the vegan life but could never be me, ok let me say never say never but it would take a world changing miracle for me to give up the meat lol
    Sometimes people joke about it since have “dreadlocks” and true rastas are vegan then I have say but I never said I am a rastafarian I just dont cut my hair simple lol

    cheers to the week

    PS scrolls back up again..no horses in this one hahaha

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