Weekend Coffee Share; Early December Fun!

Welcome, can I get you a hot cup of Joe? or hot tea? I have hot cocoa too, and some mini marshmallows for the top. It’s been so chilly but I know not as cold as some places. My sister just texted me today and she is in Colorado and she said it is really cold there at 18F, brrr….. And I was complaining yesterday at 55F. I had three layers on and my hands were freezing. I did not ride yesterday but had fun visiting my bestfriend with Gracie who is now two stables down from where I board my horses. I don’t see her every day any more so it was fun to catch up with her and I spent the morning there and then tended to my horses. Gracie has settled into her new home and now has some new neighbors, horse neighbors that is and so it goes as we move into a new chapter with our horses. As Gracie is now officially retired, I am not at that point yet with my horses so I am able to ride out on the trails with other stable friends or as we fondly call each other pony sister’s! πŸ˜€

This morning when I woke up the sun was shining brightly and the gloomy clouds were all blown away. I was excited and finally went out on my walk. It is amazing how good that feels to get out and walk. It got my blood flowing and I was feeling warmed up and ready to start my day. Today I was able to get out there on the trails and I rode with another good friend, Jane. We had a wonderful ride together.

Since my ponies are serviceably sound (that means they have some issues where they may limp or have some pain which we control with pain meds, but they are still rideable and exercise is really good for many arthritic older horses.) I usually do not go out on the trail for more than an hour. We have a short trail loop that is just about 25 minutes depending on their walking speed. Today we went longer which was a perfect 45 minutes and Jane took some photos of our ride. I’m so happy she thought of taking some photos which isn’t always easy on the trail! Haha, she had to do selfie mode and try and find me behind her!

The trails we ride on are well groomed and run through a newer housing track. All the houses here are horse property houses. Usually the trail is only on one side of the street as you can see in the photo. We are in a hilly area so if you wanted to get your horse in shape there are many hills to go up and down and the views are gorgeous. However, my horses are past their prime and like I already mentioned with their leg issues steep hill riding is not possible or not really fair to them.

We can do small inclines with no problem as it’s impossible to avoid some up and down in the course of our rides. There are some pretty flat blocks, and so I break it up and will do some very small hills one day and do flat riding blocks another. The really steep hills are left for the younger, sounder horses. I asked Jane for a recent favorite photo that she took so that I could share on my blog and she sent me this next one. Great choice Jane! It is BEAUTIFUL! πŸ˜€

I thought this was at a golf course at first, but as Jane and I chatted she explained where she took this photo which was at the top of one of those steep hills in this pretty area. This is just a front yard and I love the vibrant colors with the beautiful sky, such a wonderful day out horse back riding! She rides more often than not by herself. I am so thankful when I can join her ride. We are so truly blessed to have all these wonderful trails right outside the front gate!

Can I get you a refill? I have a few giant ginger cookies to finish up and you can have one too! I want to thank you for visiting today as we wrap up this weekend. I am getting ready to go shopping as I want to finish up the Christmas gifts list. I am waiting for a package to arrive I ordered online and after my shopping today I will put a box together for my family in Arizona. We will video chat on Christmas day and watch each other open our secret Santa gifts we do each year, and the gifts sent for grand children!

I better get this published! I can’t believe this weekend is just about over. I hope you all have a great week ahead. Maybe next week I can actually complete my weekend coffee share as the weekend starts, instead of when it is ending. πŸ˜€

Happy riding these pretty horses!

~Diana ❀

19 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Early December Fun!

  1. The enthusiasm from the horse stories is super catchy!! love it and of course great photos.
    Glad Christmas tings seem to be on track,its mid summer this side of the world and the closest we get to snow on Christmas day is that it usually rains on Christmas day lol

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    1. Oh thank you sooo much!! Glad you enjoyed as I’m so passionate about those giant creatures!! 🐴
      I Love hearing about the other side of the world, mid-summer Christmas sounds different but we don’t get snow either, so a nice rain shower would be nice! It’s been very dry this season so far here. Hope you have a HAPPY week ahead!! 🀠🐴❀️


  2. Wow oh my crickey pony sister love the trails I always feel like I’m right there wit yall. You & the ponies look so happy. Great photo choice the view is very vast, I love the deep chestnut colour of your trail buddies horse. There all too beaut really. Have a grand rest of the week. ( :

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    1. Thank you sooo very much!! I’m so HAPPY that when I share you feel like you’re there too!! Definitely my intention! Yay! It is really beautiful here in southern California!! My friends horse Irish is super handsome too. I’ll take some more photos to share since he’s my new trail partner with Jane. Have a wonderful week my friend! 🀠🐴❀️

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  3. I always love your rides out along the sandy sidewalks. And the photo of the green yard it a delight. But my favorite is the one of Chloe and Zack standing so nicely tied to the rail. And thanks for the cocoa and the nice little marshmallows !😊

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    1. I always have extra marshmallows after Thanksgiving because I put them on the top of my sweet potatoe casserole! Then I don’t know what else to use them for so I’m happy they go well with hot cocoa!
      And thank you, they do stand nicely tied and of course I have some tasty berry flavored horse treats waiting for them after I took the photo. Such nice trails here, so I’m a happy cowgirl and I’m glad you enjoyed!! Have a great week! ❀️


  4. Cara

    This was so interesting seeing the trails you ride on, I’ve never seen anything like that before (I’m guessing they don’t exist over here in the UK)! Thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

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  5. Ah! Sun! We won’t be seeing that for the next 6 months where I’m at, lol! I rarely ever take my little driving mini out in the winter, though I think I might put on his Santa hat and bundle up and go out this weekend. He’s 23 pushing 24 as well, and after many years travelling every where being a show horse, he gets to chill and enjoy the trails and roads once in a while now.

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    1. Thank you so kindly for your wonderful comments!! Sorry you won’t be seeing the sun in a long time! I’m thinking cloudy cold weather. Where do you live?
      That sounds like fun to bundle up to take the mini out driving, what FUN!! And I’ve done a lot of horse showing in my day too! Stay warm and safe! Diana ❀️🐴

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    1. Thank you! I went to a cafΓ© (back when they were open) with my daughter up North where she lives and this one time I happen into this place the waitress hands me a coffee mug with a “D” on it – Oh my, I said to my daughter “I have to take a photo to use for my coffee shares on my blog!” Since it has a D for Diana of course! Haha, I do love that photo – but I don’t own the mug!

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