Weekend Coffee Share; Sunday Dec. 6th

I have been baking brownies, chocolate chip cookies and some giant ginger cookies this evening! All go well with a nice hot cup of coffee and I made mine decaf since its the evening for me now. I can’t believe how fast these weeks are flying by as I had started a coffee share last weekend and only had written a sentence or two and was unable to finish. I ended up deleting that one and started all over again for this weekend. I am really loving my new schedule but I will say for some reason I am finding it difficult to etch out time for my writing. I am trying to keep up with my reading which includes many, many blogs that I follow. I don’t want to get discouraged, so I will do what I can when I can if that makes any sense!

As I assess the last month I will say that I am feeling very happy with my decision to change jobs to a day shift position at another lab. The hours are actually swing shift which is even better. I am now feeling really needed at my new job becoming an asset as I hoped I would be with all my knowledge and experience. I plan on writing a blog post about my job and all that I do there which will include some job history too. I have read a few other bloggers that have shared and it is fun to read what ya’ll do for a living and how you got there! I thought I would give it a shot and am hoping I can get that completed by end of this next week. How is your coffee? need a refill? I have been keeping busy with Christmas decorating, horse back riding and of course my crochet. I have lots of photos I like to share!

My cute little tree topper looks completely adorable up on the top of our Christmas tree. My son thought I was nuts when I picked it up at the last store we were at and I thought this will work great! He looks so proud standing at the top of our tree. We bought a smaller tree than our old Christmas tree. Our old one was probably 18 years old and it was getting harder and harder to put together. We really don’t need such a big tree and now they make them with lights already on the tree. That’s what we bought and it is so pretty. I just have a lot of homey ornaments and decorate simply so my little bird fits right in. I have a big star that is just too heavy for the top of this tree which fit fine on our old big tree. Haha, I am going on and on about all this and I must say this year is just full of changes, new job, new Christmas tree, we even bought a new (used) car! I think I could write a novel about all the changes. Maybe I will write a separate blog post about all the changes our family has had for this year because its been more than any “normal” year!

I am working on my third set of fingerless mittens. They crochet together pretty fast and I almost have the pattern memorized. I am planning on sending them off as Christmas presents so I will continue onward. The one pictured is actually a blue grey, looks grey to me in this photo. I have a dark green yarn, brown and burgundy red. I will take more photos when I get more done. Super fun to make and are perfect for a little warmth in our mild winters. I find my crochet projects very therapeutic as I love creating things and this medium provides incredible colors and I love watching my work come to life! Whether it be a mitten, a scarf, a nice warm hat to a crocheted farm animal, Star Wars figure or a potted cactus. I have so much to work on and I find myself so excited to come home and get my projects going. I must say I am rather addicted to these fingerless mittens. I am not sure why, I just think they are useful and pretty! I can’t think of a good segway to the next subject, can I get you more cookies? a coffee or tea refill? We are now heading to the stables!

What a beautiful day for a trail ride and as we (my horses and I) were heading down the trail the sunlight was shimmering off the tops of all the palm trees. It really was magical and I was just taking in the day and enjoying every minute of my ride. I tried to get a photo of the sparkles but of course it is difficult without a good camera with a zoom lens. I decided to include the photo anyways, just because it is worth remembering this beautiful day! I like how bright the sun is in the corner of the photo, and it was a pleasant 65 degrees today. I can’t complain at all. It was a fun day at the barn with my ponies Chloe and Zack. ❤

Thanks for sharing coffee with me and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to this next week trying to keep up with all the busyness this holiday season brings. I really want to send Christmas cards to my friends and family this year. I use to do this and I think this year would be a good year to get those cards out and mail them. I love the holiday’s and I am so happy we got our decorations up right after Thanksgiving this year. We had to make some changes with the new tree and all but totally worth it! Happy week ahead!

Busy, Sparkling Cowgirl,

~Diana ❤

P.S. The ship’s are the Millennium Falcon and the Enterprise!

25 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Sunday Dec. 6th

    1. Thank you kindly Kellie! The smaller tree is so pretty and I can switch out ornaments from one year to the next. The mittens are addicting to make, I hope you give them a try! And they are warm but you can use your fingers for your phone!! Thanks for visiting! ❤️

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  1. Well….that was a fabulous coffee share! I LOVE your teddy collection . And the horse is a darling too. I have a Christmas horse. He has been with me for many years and one eye is missing now. But he stands on top of the piano every year.

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    1. Thank you so much and I’m so happy you’ve kept your Christmas horse even though it’s missing one eye. He sounds adorable! ❤️ I’m so happy you enjoyed coffee with me as I sure do enjoy sharing! ❤️☃️🌲❤️


  2. Lovely positive coffee share Diana! I am sorry I am late.
    The blooming flowers at the top just screams California 🙂 So pretty!
    How wonderful that your new job is what you were hoping it would be. I would love to read a post about your work life!
    I think your Christmas tree is very personal. We went with an artificial tree as well. One of my colleagues had an almost brand new tree, but wanted a different model and was going to throw her old-new one out! Instead she drove it over to my house. It is perfect. I have some decorations, but ordered some new lights that I am going to put on before the decorations, expecting them to be here any day, hopefully today 🙂 It’s a rather big tree, about 7ft.
    Last night my boss gave us a surprise Christmas party! No-one had expected a thing. It was awesome, a lovely dinner with desert, Christmas music, and gifts. I’d better be going, the new day is screaming my name. Thank you for the coffee!

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    1. Thanks so much for taking the time in your busy schedule to respond! That’s so great you were able to get that Christmas tree! Mine is 7ft too, better than the 9ft one we had. And what FUN! A surprise Christmas party! The Christmas spirit is in the air! We need all the positive vibes we can muster with new lockdowns in southern California! You made me smile!!! Thank you for that and enjoy your week! ❤️🌲☃️❤️

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  3. super glad to hear that the new routine is falling into place even though you still havent carved out a writing niche time… I suppose as things settle more it will pop up
    wow loving the Christmas, havent done anything Christmassy yet… but am toying around with the idea of dressing up as Santa… I mean already have the beard for it hahahaha
    The fingerless gloves are super awesome and definitely looks grey in that photo too

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    1. Yes, really enjoying sleeping at night. My clock is now in sync and so just need to fit in all the other things I enjoy and especially my writing! You would make a great Santa, you do have a nice beard! 😍🤣
      Thanks for your sweet comments about my fingerless gloves, so FUN!! I’ll be sharing more photos of all the different colors. Maybe in the sun and against the other colors the grey will look more blue. I guess it’s a grey/blue color! Haha!
      Have an awesome week! 🤠

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  4. Love Love Love just like totally everything. So happy your job is going great. Christmas is such fun, all your teddies too cute & of course the Christmas horse. Mum bought me a Christmas horse decoration every year for a few years she wanted to buy me a pony but couldn’t afford it, that was her fun compromise, I Love her too bits & her funness. Star wars deco is too cool. Your gloves look so nice, your tree topper just adorable I love making the family wonder “what is she doing now” lol. So the trails look like sandy foot paths are they there especially for horse riding?? in suburbia?? that is like the coolest thing ever!!!! is there a speed limit for you as a rider on those trails not that you want to create a take off habit but “yeehaa” Hiho ponies away.
    Sorry i’m a little like a roo caught in headlights, so cool. Have a awesome yeehaa rest of the week. (:

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    1. How can you not love Christmas!! I know there’s some that don’t I suppose, but thanks so much and your mum is so sweet trying her best ❤️ loving your mum too! She sounds just the sweetest ever!!! And I know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as you are super duper sweet and fun and all that good stuff!! 💞

      The answer is YES!! Where I live in Norco, CA – they call themselves “Horse Town U.S.A.” and they have over 100 miles of dedicated horse trails – so you just walk out the gate and one side of every street is a dedicated trail. You can walk, trot and canter or gallop, but there’s lots to look at so not many gallop because you could end up in the street if your horse spooks!! These trails are throughout the city.

      It’s a small city, about 27,000 people live here and at one time more horses. I’m not sure the ratio any more but suffice it to say there are tons of boarding facilities (peoples backyards) and/or you can buy a house that is horse property. We tried to buy horse property 15 years ago but what was for sale at the time was either too expensive, or the house was too small for us family at the time (3 kids, 2 adults) anyways, we live in Norco but the housing track I’m at doesn’t support horses. I’d have to move across the street. Silly, I know but I can walk to the stables where I board if I wanted too, just over a mile away.

      That being said, I can ride my horses on the horse trails to my house! I’ve done this many times and I absolutely love where we live!! It’s what some call, country living in the city. Suburbia is being built up all around our small town and the mayor and public office folks are trying really hard to keep it horse town. You can have lots of livestock here with little question. Chickens, goats, cows, llamas and there’s someone here that owns a camel! The neighbor where I stable my horses has a Z-donkey, a mix between a zebra and a donkey! Oh and she has bison too!! I guess I should write a post about my town!! Haha, I’ll have to Google Norco and see what comes up! Thanks for your questions, sorry for the long answer! Haha! Sending hugs! ❤️

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      1. aww shucks right back at ya sunshine. wow I know what I’m putting in the suggestion box at our local council. They wont even put up horse riders about, road signs, I can only try, we have a few dimwits in our area who try spook our horses when we ride the police are pretty good at handling those precious flamin treasures for us. I’ve never heard of a Z-donkey, zonkey, how cool. What funky awesome locals. We have a Bison farm bout 40min drive inland. They sell ice cream & cheeses from the milk & bison meat, I have tried the cheese yuuumm but cant quite bring myself to try ice cream & meat yet. Your home town sounds lovely. Have a wonderful rest of the week I love a good yarn with a wonderful kindred friend anytime. (:

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  5. Thanks for the name of the ships
    I she a little story to share about an x-wing fighter!
    But first – I also prefer artificial trees and we get smaller each year’ — this year I splurged kn this cute little beach themed tree – drift wood – white lights – little buoys – and too many blue crabs – it looked better in the store and I offered it to my son’s gf and she wants it so I will be using an even smaller plain tree
    Funny how we change – eh ? I do recall times when real trees were the rage –
    But artificial has so many perks – as you noted

    Glad the new schedule is unfolding well –
    And the gloves seem like they are made with a njce soft yarn 🧶 and will be such nice gifts
    My cousins have me a bag of kitchen towels — where the tops are crochet and can hang on the stove ?
    I am gifting them out and people love them ((but my hubs asked me to please not put them in our kitchen)
    Ok – thanks for the update and love the horse photos too

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    1. Your very welcome and thank you so much for visiting!! Yes, the yarn is very soft that I’m using for my mittens. I love your Christmas tree story 😀 and yes, we do change over time I think!! I remember real trees being the rage too!

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      1. The sea themed tree seemed like it would fit this year. But doomed from day 1 because the hubs and I both hated the drift wood (looked like old dinosaur bones in a way) and then too many blue crab ornaments so we took the wood off and most crabs and half the buoys –
        And added one strand of red and white beads on and we took off some of the netting – and some parts are beautiful – like whatever fake pine it is – and the sea stars near too and soft white lights –
        But after the last ten days I am not into this tree and offered it to son and his gf. Giving it to them this week and glad to see it go – had to ramble because it does show how holiday trees have different vibes

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  6. My quick story
    – we used to have a jumbo XWing fighter in the attic and when I asked my hubs to get me the “plane” from the attic he was puzzled? Like really puzzled
    When he realized what I meant – I was corrected – not a plane but an X wing!!
    Now I am in the know on a couple more of these hahaha

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    1. Hahaha!! That’s a GREAT story! We are a huge Star Wars and Star Trek family. Someday I’ll have to pull out my collection and share photos! I just may have a huge XWing fighter too, I can’t exactly remember as it’s all packed away. Too funny!! 🤣

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      1. That would be great to see your collection- I am looking forward to it
        And Diana – the real life incident was actually a little better when the story – because I had to leave by 7:15 am and aske hubs to help me by getting g the airplane out
        He was so puzzled
        Came down twice
        “Baby, there are no airplanes up there”
        And me
        “Honey – that huge one – the plane Chad got you for Xmas as a gag gift”
        Husband goes and returns from attic with
        “Yvette – we need to talk- this— well this is an xwing – not a plane”
        And so it was – I was schooled and glad for the lessons
        May the force be with all of us as we learn these important distinctions

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