My Weekly Smile; Oct. 28, 2020

What makes you smile? I am smiling because today my best friend in the whole wide world rode my horse Chloe while I rode Zack back to the stables I had been boarding at for years! I am so excited to be back as I was missing all my riding buddies. The only stalls they had open are two barn stalls. One barn stall has a run or paddock out the back which costs more money each month but gives Chloe more room. She is a big girl and needs this extra space. The other barn stall is just a box with no run. Zack will get turned out every day so he should be fine in this stall. The price is less since it doesn’t have the run and is right across the aisle from Chloe. He can see her, but not touch her but it’s all good. They will get turned out together daily with trail rides sprinkled in during the week. It’s the only stalls available and I am on a waiting list for outside pens should a couple become available. 😀

I sure miss the trails. I stopped going out because it isn’t as fun by myself and so my friend and I mostly ride in the arena. Her horse has been retired from trails since she has been tripping, and the trips are bad to her knees. So, it just isn’t safe for her and I was happy to oblige as I don’t mind the arena riding, I just rather enjoy the trails a bit more. I am smiling as I think my ponies made the move well, and have settled in the new stalls. I have been feeding them a calming supplement which has natural calming ingredients for the last week and will continue feeding for the next few weeks. This will help them completely settle into their new home. Even though this stable is their original home for many years, they are in completely different stalls. There will definitely be an adjustment period!

I will take more photos but the first window closest to Zack on the barn in the background is Zack’s stall. Chloe’s is across from him which you can’t see in the photo. Zack was a bit nervous as there are only two ways to see out, the back window and over the door. I am praying he will settle in and enjoy the stall until a bigger outside paddock opens up. They will stay warm and dry in these nice stalls. I am incredibly happy the move went smoothly and that all is well at the barn! 😀

You know I take tons of photos so I will share more this weekend. My best friend didn’t want to take the other box stall and decided to move her horse about five houses down from where I am at to a nice stables that the stalls have full roofs. They are pipe corrals with full roofs which is different than a barn. Anyways, I will probably take some photos of where Gracie is living just because that will be fun to share too! Our very tiny herd has been broken up, but it is all good. This has been such a strange year for so many reasons. And as we go through these changes I do believe they are all for the better. I have to smile at this thought as you can’t live with regret. I don’t want to be regretful and think maybe the decisions I had made had its reasons. I feel I’ve healed some emotional wounds when I left this original barn and those emotions and what it all meant at that time seems insignificant when I think of everything I have gone through getting back to where I started! Haha, talk about circle of life! I just did a circle of stable boarding. I’m excited for the future with the new job and barn! 😀

Happy smiling cowgirl!

~Diana ❤

12 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Oct. 28, 2020

  1. Glad that the horses are adjusting to their new home. I’m sure that being in familiar territory, if not the same stalls, will help. I’m sure the ride with your best friend was great 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. My friend texted me later saying just that, what a great ride we had today! I agree, and she’s offered to ride my horses again in the future. It will be fun to do this every once in awhile to catch up on our lives. We chat the whole ride!! 😀


  2. I love the circle of ponies(life). Seems like everyone will be happier. The stables are so cute my old Danny boy would freak out he is terrified of any shelter no matter what I have done. His previous owners many many years ago were allegedly not very nice to him. As for our Zina i’m sure she would demand bed & breakfast fluff the bedding, no please just do I do so look forward to seeing more of your trailing. Give the ponies a pat for me. Have a wonderful week.

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    1. I gave them a pat and a hug for you today!! And of course a handful of horse cookies! ❤️🐴
      They said thank you ma’am!! Mighty tasty! I’ll be taking lots of photos and videos of my trail rides. I can say on day 4 they seem much happier. Glad to be back home as it were. Have a wonderful week too!! 🤠

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