My Weekly Smile; Sept. 30, 2020

I am smiling at the weather! YES, we got some foggy mornings and I usually stay inside when its really foggy but this last week I decided to get my walking in and headed out into the fog. I thought it spooky and creepy, like maybe there is a fog monster hiding out there somewhere? Haha, it was cool to be out but I kept thinking lets keep this walk short. I had to talk to myself and say “keep walking Diana, it’s not that creepy, just go another block!” I have lots of blocks to walk where I live. There is this really short block, its ridiculously short so I rarely walk it and the next block is a good block. It’s almost a mile around, but I should have taken the third block which is longer and more hills. I am happy I got myself outside and moving, despite the fog! 😀

I know this doesn’t really matter, but I had to turn this post that I started this last weekend into my smile post because I just could not find the time during the weekend to get my weekend coffee share completed. Holy smokes! I get so busy it is sometimes hard to fit in time to write. I have trouble keeping up with my blog and all the blogs I follow, so I am doing my best. I know I should never feel any pressure as then it would not be fun. I so enjoy my blog!

Speaking of fun, I thought I would share some fun photos of the stables where I keep my horses. It is a big stables at least a couple of acres if not more. It has many turn outs and there are 2 turn outs that are in the front of the property when you drive in the gate. I decided to take the horses and turn them out up front, which is just far enough away from where they live in their paddocks that it was like going on a little adventure!

These are nice big turn outs and they can run around if they want to but they mostly moseyed around checking out their surroundings. They are looking towards the street where the neighbors across the street where outside doing some things in and around their car. It is a through street so there is always cars driving by as well. I decided to turn Gracie, my girlfriends horse out in the paddock next to Chloe and Zack. Since I did not know how they would react, I thought this to be safer for Gracie. She is at the bottom of the pecking order in this tiny herd.

I always have so much fun at the barn. They did really good in the up front turn outs until it was ready to go back to their paddocks. I took Gracie out first and as soon as Chloe lost sight of Gracie, they both started yelling for each other! Here I am leading Gracie and she is neighing SO LOUD! I told her it’s okay and I will get your friend in a minute. Then I went to get Chloe and Zack. Chloe was trotting back and forth along the fence line screaming for her friend! Well, it was very loud neighing. As soon as I reached the gate she stood quiet as she knew I was going to put on her halter and lead her back to her friend. And Zack, what a trooper. He just stood calmly watching these crazy women, running around like they lost their best friend!

I put on Zack’s halter as he stood there so quietly and I always lead the two together. It can be tricky walking two horses as I have one lead in each hand. I have been practicing doing this for over a year, so they are very mindful and respect my space as I am in between them as we walk along. As I opened the gate, I let Chloe walk out and held on to the rope as I let Zack come out and off we walked back to Gracie. Chloe did not neigh any more and am thankful for her respect to me and Zack. A fun day, and my training and consistency with these huge animals paid off. Good Ponies! ❤

As I walked them back to the paddocks I decided to wash them off as Chloe actually was very sweaty after running back and forth along the fence line. I also think it is good to get them cleaned up and make sure they didn’t accidentally injure themselves while turned out. They are pretty good about these things, but it is a part of grooming making sure all is okay.

Thank you for visiting my smile post today. I had a wonderful weekend and week so far and I am really looking forward to some cooler Fall weather. We are having a bit of a heat wave this week, and as I write this it is 106F (41C) outside right now at 4pm. YIKES! I think I am ready for winter, any day now!

Smiling, horse loving cowgirl!

~Diana ❤

18 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Sept. 30, 2020

  1. so spooky, there isnt even anyone else around it just looks foggy & eerie, haha, I think i would have just done laps in the driveway no matter how small the distance, lol, hilarious I would’ve totally ended up scaring myself. The stables look so friendly & inviting, gotta love watching the horses get their legs organised before a roll, all bets are on if we see a horse roll as to wether it will roll all the way over or not. Never a dull moment had when around ponies. Love your share as always. Have a wonderful weekend. ( ;

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    1. It truly was a bit eery, and thinking no one would see anyone as visibility was so poor! What if someone snatched me up? Haha, so silly really. But I could here all the birds, roosters, crows and doves, I thought I’m not really alone. 🤪
      And thank you as the stables really is a nice warm friendly place!! We use to say your horse is worth $100 bucks for everytime they’d roll over! Haha, they are so cute. Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful week and weekend! 💕🐴

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  2. We had a very foggy day earlier this week. The fog lasted until after noon. Looks like a nice day out with the horses, even with the ladies getting a bit emotional when separated. Hope you have a great week!

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    1. The fog is so interesting! And can be lethal for highway driving. I’m always happy when I’m at home if it gets super foggy! And yes, those horses are too funny. The emotions were so high that day for them! Haha, silly ladies!! Have a great week too!

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    1. Thank you so kindly!! They are very near and dear to me and I’m so happy they make you smile as much as they make me smile! I think they are beautiful too!! Have a wonderful day! ❤️


    1. Thank you so much Maria! It’s so fun to share and am looking forward to some cooler weather. I agree, this should be a time to relax. I’m happy you enjoyed my smiles! ❤️

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    1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog! I just Love sharing and am not the best photographer, but LOVE photos. One day I’m going to buy a nice camera! I’m so happy you enjoyed, the fog was so thick on this day. Lol 😀

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