My Weekly Smile; Sept. 23, 2020

Welcome to my weekly smile! Some teeny tiny flowers blooming today!

We do not see the seasons change much here in Southern California but I am excited it is now Fall. My tiny garden in my other container is done. I had fun growing my tomatoes and bell peppers this summer. We are not cooling off as much as I would like as we still are hitting 90F to 100F degrees high (32C to 38C) but getting down into the low 60’s at night (15’sC). I sure wouldn’t mind a rain storm to blow through, where are you rain? I am smiling as we head into Fall, what makes your smile? How about some horse fun, that always makes me smile! πŸ˜€

Before we go to the stables, I ran across this cute guy on my walk this morning. As I walked by he ran up to the fence when he saw me, friendly little thing as its little tail twirled in circles and he was doing his little “oink” “oinking” noises. He had me giggling to be honest. I do not know the people who live here so I didn’t stay long at the fence and quickly took this photo to share. Haha, I could have a little piggy, or some goats and even some chickens living here if I wanted. But even though they are all adorable animals, I feel like its just one more thing to take care of so we don’t have any more than what we have ~ 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 horses, plenty! πŸ˜€

Funny story, my girlfriend was taking care of my ponies the other day and had them all lose in the big arena. As she was finishing up her chores over near the paddocks, she looked in the arena and saw Zack and her horse Gracie but she couldn’t see Chloe anywhere. She started to walk a little closer to the arena but could not see her and thought maybe she got out some how, But how? you never know, maybe a gate wasn’t latched? But as she looked through the trees and she could see Zack who was blocking Chloe’s black tail and Chloe did not look at her so she couldn’t see her white blaze! Haha! She blended right in with the tin siding! Especially when there is shade, Chloe just blends right in and we were cracking up with my bay roan who is the color of rusted tin! She is way prettier though! Haha!!

Fun day with the horses!

As I was riding Zack with my bareback pad (which has no stirrups) I thought how about going faster! Smiling here as the video turned out way better than I expected. My hand as I watched it was bouncing up and down when I was bouncing on Zack’s back as I was taking the video. But I guess my wrist and the phone didn’t jerk up and down like I thought when I played it back. YAY! And I have had in the past some people tell me I should buy a GoPro but I am just too cheap. These short handheld videos work just fine for me and what I want to share. They are enough to smile about right? They sure make me smile and giggle too! I ain’t no professional, just a pony loving gal enjoying my day.

I always have fun with these pretty ponies and I already thanked my girlfriend for a fun day. I will say this again, as I think anyone who spends time outside the weather plays a part of a great day. It was nice but I can’t wait for it to cool off. Thanks for visiting my Smile post! πŸ˜€

Riding and watching my camouflage pony!

~Diana ❀

15 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Sept. 23, 2020

  1. The start of autumn is always welcome (to me), though I don’t know about 100 F days! We are going to hit 80s today and tomorrow, which will be odd since we went into the 20s the other night! Perhaps you are right and you do not need to add to your menagerie πŸ˜‰ Colorful camouflage?

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    1. Thanks so much Trent! I got interrupted and had to quickly finish my first response. That is odd you are getting those high temps with the very low evening temps! Crazy weather!! And to think we are working on moving to AZ, where it’s even hotter in the summers. πŸ€” Hmm… At least I can say we are acclimated since we experience hot temps here too. I’m so busy I can’t imagine adding any more animals, Lol – I agree! πŸ™ƒπŸ˜€

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      1. No, we had cool days, but it has warmed back up. Tonight may get into the 40s, but it was 80 today and will be again tomorrow. One good thing about this part of the world is that except for really bad heat waves, we often have cool nights all summer. Close the windows first thing in the AM, open them again before going to bed…

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    1. I’ve been riding a lot in the arena with my bare back pad and I’m working on trotting more to build up my muscles! And my horses too! Thanks so much Anne, I’m so happy you enjoyed the ride with me!! ❀️

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  2. Little plot of flowers so sweet. I WANT A PIGGY, lol oh my crickey i would have hung out at that gate for hours, too adorable.
    Love the comouflaged Chloe & her face in the video when you spoke to her, have to love their attitudes. The videos you do are great it shows your rad talent for balance & coordination. I wonder if you got a magnetic phone holder like for a car, stuck it to your helmet, hahaha i’m so gonna try it. Who needs a go pro really. Love the vids say Hi to the fam have a awesome weekend.

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    1. Haha! When I was on my walk I heard something rustling in the leaves behind the fence and out popped this piggy! And I kept on walking and it was running back and forth at the fence so I stopped. I thought heck, I’ll go back and take it’s photo to share!! Friendliest piggy! πŸ˜€ Probably the people wouldn’t have minded if I stayed longer but it was pretty early in the morning. Lol –
      You are the sweetest!! With all your wonderful comments and all. ❀️ So fun with the ponies and taking photos and videos! Thank you for the compliments, haha, never thought of getting like a magnetic phone holder and stick it to my helmet! Lol – Have a great weekend TOO! ❀️

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    1. Aww, thank you Dawn for this wonderful comment! ❀️ They seem like people to me too! They do seem to have this beautiful language when you are around them every day. Not only those expressive eyes, but also they whinnie to me when they see me arrive each day. I feel truly lucky to have these BEAUTIFUL animals. 😍❀️🐴

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  4. Diana, Thank you for sharing your photos and video. The piggy is cute. Chloe is smart to stand in the shade, away from the hot sun. Chloe and Zach are so sweet to you. I bet that’s because you take very good care of them and they feel your love. Have a wonderful week!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments Natalie! Chloe does seek the shade, and yes, they seem to really enjoy my company so it makes me feel good to be part of their herd! I do try my best with their care and they are very kind horses! ❀️ Have a great week!! πŸ˜€

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