Weekend Coffee Share; Sept 19, Wait What?

Welcome and I can explain – Wait what? I am amazed because September is half gone. I just can’t believe how the weeks fly by and so I figured it is worth contributing a bit of time conversing over time and its passage. That’s right, how in the heck do these days, months, and years go by and as I look forward to a new chapter in our lives I am also looking back. There will be a lot of heart string pulls as we go through items packed up that belonged to my parents that have longed passed. I’ve been really bad about keeping things and/or not going through stuff, STUFF! There I said it, we really have too much STUFF! One thing I did want to share is a very old parlor grand piano. My dad’s pride and joy, and I am sad to say it is time it goes to piano heaven. 😦

My kitty Duchess enjoys being up on the piano. We often have a small blanket on it and both my kitties enjoy time laying about on it and it has served its time as a beautiful sounding piano. Back in the 70’s my Dad invested over $10,000 rebuilding the entire inside of this antique piano and we then enjoyed many beautiful preludes, sonata’s and other classical pieces played on this beauty by my father and me. But as she’s aged, she has really fallen in disrepair and for us now as we age we just do not have the money nor think it is worth salvaging her. It is extremely expensive, not only to repair but to move around the country. She has been with me my entire life and through 6 moves as we are in our 6th house with my hubby and I. She has actually lived in 8 houses total. She will be missed and this is my tribute to our Grand Piano! ❀ ❀ ❀

Just want to add that a parlor grand is the smallest of the grand piano’s. It is longer than a baby grand which helps create a deeper overtone when being played, hence why my father chose to buy this and it isn’t as huge as a regular size grand piano. I also want to add that as sad as I am to see the piano go to piano heaven, maybe where it is headed somebody might see its inner beauty and decide to invest in repairs. It will take a lot of money, she may make beautiful music again some day. I will always remember her and the beauty that filled our ears!

I can’t share photos of one kitty and not share the other. They are sister’s after all. Can I get you a refill? I forgot to ask earlier, but then that’s how I roll. When I get going talking it is really hard to shut me up! Haha, sounds harsh. When I was growing up my older siblings nick named me “motor mouth” because I would just talk and talk and talk… I think you get it…. I digress.

I wanted to share something I am extremely excited about and that is my daughter who was the one who turned me on to blogging and hooked me up with WordPress is going to start blogging herself!! YAY! I am so excited as I am so enjoying all that blogging has brought to my life and I know she will really enjoy it too! We are so much alike, I can’t wait to read what she shares! I am so proud of all her accomplishments and it would be so fun to share in our blogging world her blogs as well. She wants to improve her writing skills which in turn will help her at work. I told her to go for it, and it can be a bit scary to hit that publish button but it has been the most amazing journey so far and I can’t wait for her to join in on the fun! GO BLOGGING FUN! πŸ˜€

Thank you for visiting! I am hoping for some cooler weather soon. It cools off at night but it is still hot during the day as it usually is in September. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. And I am so thankful for my blog and my blogging friends. I also want to welcome some new followers, you all are awesome. Thank you!

Pianist, needing a new electronic piano! (someday)

~Diana ❀

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  1. Letting go of any kind is a process and not easily accomplished. I feel with you, imagining all the emotions that piano holds. You are making the right decision. I’ll tell you a secret…my mother urged me to take piano lesson, it was important to her. She was a decent piano player, but wanted to give me all the opportunities she could to make me great. I am not sure how she got our piano. I asked a few times, but did not get a straight answer. That piano had an aura of mystique around it. I took piano lessons for 6 years. I am sure it was useful for me, but I never enjoyed it. I did it without questions, due to love and respect of my mother. Even continuing more than two years after her death. Fast forward to the secret..my stepdad kept the piano, and I dreamed about stealing it one night when I knew he was working in another town. In reality I would never steal anything, but I dreamed that I did many times. The piano was special to my mom, that made it special to me, even though I did not enjoy playing on it. LOL.

    I’ve had many heartfelt conversations with my daughter this week. Many about life and priorities. She has a beautiful mind and I need to listen better. I am going to try my best to do that.


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    1. Aww, thank you for your wonderful reply. πŸ’— It really isn’t easy. As this piano has aged, I’ve been sad but also frustrated because we can’t afford to repair it and so I’ve often thought why do we keep the darn thing. It’s costing us money to have it picked up, so there’s that too… But as the date gets closer to it’s pick up I am getting all nostalgic. I even gave my daughter piano lessons so it’s served 3 generations all these years. My sister’s and even my brother took lessons back in the day but I was the only sibling that got past that “I don’t want piano lessons” stage growing up and my piano teacher told me I’m very talented so I took lessons for 15 years total until I was 20 years old. I’m an accomplished pianist, and thought of it as a career even go to music school. But I didn’t follow that path. My son’s I could not get to sit down to give lessons too, but one son taught himself the guitar and is very good at that instrument!!

      I absolutely love your piano history and completely understand the need to steal that piano back, even though you never would those feelings are very real!! ❀️ What a special gift to have those feelings and memories which are very important to our very being. You are a very wise mother and I know your daughter has the most healthiest relationship and will grow up to be an amazing woman!! Listening is our greatest gift and not always the easiest!! πŸ₯°

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  2. Oh I am so happy to be part of your piano post!
    It is a very dear topic right now because I might be parting ways with a gem of one we own – I bought it in 2005 but it is beautiful upright from
    Turn of century and we have many memories
    / but nothing like your baby grand!
    With the decades and 6 moves and 8 houses –
    And so sending good vibes to you that it will be an easy release ! For the cat too – the one who likes to rest there
    And it would be even better if someone got who would treasure it!

    Also – did you know it is piano month?

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    1. Oh my goodness! I didn’t know it’s piano month and this is my birthday month so even better because the piano is so near and dear to my heart!! Thank you for letting me know this, and thank you for the good vibes as I feel this is the best thing to do at this time in our lives. I gave my daughter lessons on this old gal, so she served 3 generations. I’ll give it a hug and a kiss when I say good bye, inanimate I know but the memories and feelings are real!! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your piano adventures, memories and photos to treasure right? Thanks again for visiting!! ❀️❀️❀️

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      1. Oh I am so glad to connect about this because I am having “issues” with releasing mine – it still works good – but I kind of want to redecorate the room it is in and I am not sure the piano is “us” anymore – if we decide to keep it – we have a friend who will tune it up and get it ginghams for a good price.
        But you know how as we age we need to (or just want to) release some possessions – well that is also how I feel.
        I am not a minimalist – but I do like efficient and “room” – ha!
        anyhow, we almost gave away our piano (through a facebook ad in summer) and had like 15 interested parties – i then got cold feet and decided to pause – to make sure I was ready because it is not like we can go and buy the item again. Especially with yours!!

        and so I also told my hubs how much I appreciated and loved his support with my piano connections – he does not get attached to things ever and his grace and respect has made me love him yet even more.

        and so I do know part of how you feel!!
        and I think the sweetest thing would be to find someone who really wanted it – it would have meaning.
        In the 80s we had friends who burned a piano at their big end of summer party- and at one point my husband teased me that we could that with ours – then he realized how it was a sensitive matter because of the memories with the piece and the artistic craftsmanship. and I am praying that I will find the perfect home for it – because that is what I need for my heart to feel satisfied.

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      2. It’s such a hard thing to part with an instrument as large as a piano that when played can evoke so much emotion. Music is such an integral part to our well being!! They have found that learning to play music can help your brain with math. And there’s so much more. Not everyone is as touched by these huge musical instruments but it touches my soul, as it has yours! πŸ₯°

        I totally understand the emotional attachment and we’ve talked for years about finding a home for ours. I tell myself I’m done and it needs to go, and thought it’s an end to an era, but I’m also a positive person and want to always look forward, to new memories to be made and what the future holds!! I know we will have another piano, just not a parlor or baby grand! ❀️ Thank you so much for sharing your story!! Means a lot to me! πŸ’—πŸ’•

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      3. Also, love your hubs support as mine is the same. So understanding and it’s been hard to make this decision, but it’s the right thing to do. Sounds like our hubby’s are amazing. Just like it should be! πŸ’™

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  3. Diana, I feel for you having to part with your piano but yes I understand the practicality and the costs to move and repair it. Yay to your daughter who’s joining the blogging world. Thank you for the coffee and lovely photos.

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    1. Thank you sweet Natalie!! It’s definitely the practical side of the brain that I need to listen to and do what’s best!! And I’m so excited about my daughter joining the blogging world as she’s going to enjoy it so much! Thank you for visiting! ❀️


  4. linea.marie

    I haven’t read one of your posts in quite a while Mom, maybe over a year or two! And I would have to say that your writing skills have improved dramatically! That is really encouraging for me to see as I hope that not only will my writing improve but also my confidence in my writing. I’m going to have to take one of these weekends to read through your posts… Sorry it has taken me so long to join!

    Thanks for sharing about the piano. It has a place in my heart as well since I also learned how to play on it. I hope you will be able to buy a new baby grand or upright! I’d recommend a digital piano but if you don’t plan to move again then I’d say to go for the real thing. Or maybe I can pick one out for my future retirement and you and Dad can hold on to it for ‘safe keeping’ until then πŸ˜‰ ❀

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    1. AWW!! My heart runnith over with LOVE, gratitude and tremendous pride! I owe you so much for turning me onto WordPress and blogging!! And now it’s my turn to return the favor and encourage you to write and publish. Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m so happy you can see improvement in my writing. It’s so much FUN, and I love sharing!!

      I’m actually okay with an electronic piano, but they are not exactly the same so maybe someday we can get a nice used upright or ? And certainly we can store it for you if you’d like me to take care of a piano for you!! πŸ˜‰ Love you lots! 😘😍❀️

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  5. Hi Diana, What a great story about the piano. When our kids were all single digit ages, we almost bought a new one like you are retiring. I’m so glad we didn’t because not long after, we had to move back to Calif where our home was much too small for one and, after her dad passed away, we inherited her family upright. The resale value of almost any piano is terrible so we would have paid a lot to move it only to find we had no where to put it, except out in the yard with a for sale sign on it, hoping that someone would steal it.

    And, welcome Linea to our little blogger’s weekend party. We’ve enjoyed getting to know your mom and many of us know Cloe as well as we do our other friends. Do feel free to ask for advice from the gang here. We’ve learned a lot about blogging together and have created some fun stuff. You mom can no doubt point you to her favorite authors and any of us would have a list of those we love to follow and read. Need quick start hints? You need only ask.

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    1. Aww, thank you for the warm welcome to my daughter Gary! So very sweet! And also thank you for visiting this weekend and I totally understand not buying that piano. We really don’t have room for the one we have and it’s amazing how we’ve squeezed it in to our many houses. At one time I had a big 2 story home with 5 bedrooms and the grand piano looked EXCELLENT in that house and the living room. Such wonderful memories indeed!!
      Maybe I’ll try and convince my daughter to write a coffee share now and again! She can follow the links (I’m bad about adding to my post, I’ll try and be better!) Lol πŸ˜€


  6. Linda MacDonald

    Oh my crickey, time does fly doesnt it. What a beautiful old piano, we had an old piano not grand just old but loved it & my ex smashed it to pieces whilst my Mother & I where out one day, much to our devastation. I did manage to salvage the ornate trim & will use them as brackets to hold up a shelf at the front door. How wonderful to have such beautiful memories of your Father. Love the meows. You go motor mouth I have similar dribbling qualities & have often asked my friends to slap me to make me stop. haha. So nice you have great connection with your family & fantastic your daughter will be joining us bloggeraters. May we all have many motor mouth dribbling, life managery sharing blogging years ahead of us. Thanks for another great share. My motor mouth cowgirl kindred friend.

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    1. Oh my goodness, I’m literally laughing out loud!! Hahaha, thank you dear friend for this wonderful, fun filled comments! Yes, us motor mouths need to stick together!
      And aghast, the piano smashing, oh dear! But am glad you could salvage the ornate trim to use and have as memory!!
      And I’m so happy my daughter has joined – us bloggeraters 🀣 oh you made my day! I’m thankful for my motor mouth as it is transferring to motor writing, sharing and caring with my kindred friends! ❀️❀️❀️


    2. I have to ask you, do you have a blog site? I’m hoping I’m following your blog. If not, no worries but was looking for you! ❀️ Let me know… You are the sweetest! 😍


  7. The grand piano is a tough one. Yes I also hope someone will take it and get it repaired and it can make music again. The thing is that an instrument like that has absorbed all those years of being played well. It is all in there. I have an upright piano that is very old. About 20 years ago I had a lot of work done on it but then the piano players grew up and left home! Thanks for the photos of your kitties and of Chloe! Have a good week.

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    1. Thank you Anne for your kind comments! Yes, I imagine there are a ton of pianos out there in homes filled with memories! And most of them are probably the uprights. My sister had one that was her hubbies grandma’s passed down to them. And so it goes, like with yours and investing in repairs and then the young ones grow up…. I’m definitely hoping someone sees something special with her as it’s some company that we are paying to come pick her up. It is difficult to find them homes as it were, because of repair costs at least there are people we can pay to remove this cumbersome beast! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! I have a Kitty on my bed right now as I get ready for work! Have a great week too! ❀️

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  8. Ode to the piano !!!! but in in Beethoven’s Ode to Joy notes and nope I cant play the piano but always wanted to, my favourite musician plays the piano, Alicia certainly got the Keys for it. Ia also like violins but I am afraid of being stringed along…
    Anywho its hot outside too so yep will settle for an iced tea
    Cute cats
    and I happened to read a comment on your blog which I found interesting to note how our family never really quite reads our blogs hahahaha anyhow welcome to the daughter who has finally decided to join in the blogosphere…
    I think everybody must attempt a blog if not because they have stories to share but so that they can fully appreciate the work behind those who do, pressing the publish button is a battle

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    1. Love Alicia Keys! I do love violins as well but never learned and thought they looked difficult to play, and didn’t want to be stringed along either! 🀣
      Darn heat, ice tea does sound good.

      It’s funny and ironic because my daughter wanted to blog way before I did but I’ve always wanted to write. I had these lofty thoughts of like a novelist, but that’s just way too hard and not sure what I’d write! Lol πŸ˜† I’ve read that you should practice writing, and so, that’s when my daughter told me about WordPress! Haha, then I broke my arm 3 years ago and that’s when I was home and started blogging for reals! So, I’m way ahead of my daughter but she’s been busy. I’m so excited she’s starting to blog. I told her just once a week is a start! I also agree, that it does take work to write these blog posts. At least I try to make them enjoyable! πŸ€“πŸ˜‰
      Thanks B for visiting with me πŸ’• and I hope you have a good week!

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