Weekend Coffee Share; Sept. 12, 2020

I drove in from the stables and walked into the front yard and the honeysuckle smells wonderful. I am getting so many blooms right now and even though the air quality is bad with all the smoke from the fires I can still smell the flowers! We are totally safe where we live and my heart and prayers go out to all affected. The visibility in our area is very poor. You can’t see the local mountains and when you look on the weather app on the phone instead of saying “sunshine” it says “smoke”. This morning it was not too bad outside so I will be heading to the stables. Can I get you something to go with your coffee or tea?

After I rode Zack mostly at a walk in the arena, I took my bareback pad and bit-less bridle and put it on Chloe for another ride. The walking and a little bit of trotting is really good for their joints and gets them limbered up. I say this because as I was riding Chloe after a few minutes she kept wanting to head to Zack. Silly pony, they love each other and she really wasn’t bad, just mostly wanted to herd him around. I decided instead of finishing up her 20 minute walk I would turn them lose together and see if they want to run around. The limbering up usually helps them really feel good. I will share a video of my ride and another video of them lose together! Such pretty ponies! πŸ˜€

Chloe and I riding around our nice big arena!
Running horses! They feel so good and I love it when Chloe runs and calls out!

Whenever they are turned out in the big arena I always try and give them the opportunity to run. If I left them alone, they may move and trot or canter around a little bit. I usually have to encourage them to move, horses unless spooked or frightened are usually pretty lazy by nature. They are older horses, so their energy levels have declined. But every month or so they get such bursts of energy and I am so thankful they have an area where they can run and stretch their legs. Today I am so happy I was able to video Chloe. So fun to watch! ❀

So much fun bathing, grooming and taking care of these horses. I may have to video them getting their treats, especially Chloe who gives me kisses. They have such personalities, and of course bring me so much joy! It would be fun to share that with you all with videos.

He says, treat please? YES, I have a treat for you Zack. I have bathed Chloe and put her in her stall and forgot to take a photo. So it’s Zack at the end so nice and clean. They roll and get so dirty, as they itch and scratch from sweating from the heat of the day. When the bath is complete and they are all groomed, they don’t roll as they feel so satisfied and content. I’m a happy horse mom. Thank you so much for joining me for this coffee share! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Obsessed with my Ponies,

~Diana ❀

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  1. I love these videos! Chloe is the leader for sure. And Zack…well he does not look his age in the free video! They are both having fun. The smoke is a worrying reminder of what is going on. I have heard on our news that we have smoke, a lot of it, in Vancouver BC and even more in Victoria on Vancouver Island from the fires in Washington State. I grew up in Vancouver and I do not remember such a thing happening……ever ! I am glad the fires are a long way from you. Thank you for that nice cup of tea.

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    1. You are very welcome, and I’m so happy you enjoyed the videos! So fun!! I’m really sad my girlfriend can’t ride on trail anymore and I’ve offered numerous times she could ride one of mine, she’s not keen on sharing with me and she can’t tell me why? Strange, my horses are easy to ride in the trails. Anyways, we are working on moving to Arizona. I’ll write about it eventually, trying to get all our ducks in a row, hopefully we can make this happen!!! Saying a prayer everything falls into place! EXCITING!!

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    1. Thank you! Fun to make or take videos to share. They tolerate the smoke well, and thankful we are pretty far away from fires. The smoke is pretty high in atmosphere blocking the sun, so crazy and incredibly sad. Way too many fires!!

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    1. Thank you Kellie! I am so happy to share my videos, so FUN! And yes, I will definitely write about our move as we are finally getting going on making this happen. We’ve wanted to move for the last 2 years, so it will be interesting and fun to share! Praying for lots of rain as maybe that would help the fires. β€οΈπŸ™πŸ€ πŸ΄

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  2. Both Zoey and Zack are such well cared for, happy horses. I loved seeing the videos, and following their life with you. Older horses are a special joy to be around, especially if you’ve been a part of their life for a long time. I’m having a cup of hot coffee as I am reading you positive post. These are exciting days for you and I wish you all the best with the plans. The pieces will come together my friend ❀

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    1. AWWW, thanks so much dear friend. I do love on those horses like they are my kids. And thank you for the positive well wishes as I’m praying all works out here as it’s rather stressful but really EXCITING!! Thanks for sharing coffee with me today. I hope you are enjoying your weekend! ❀️

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    1. Thank you kindly Natalie! The videos are so fun and am thankful they turn out fairly presentable, I’m just an amateur of course. Thank you for visiting and for the well wishes, keeping fingers crossed, prayers said things go as planned to get to AZ. ❀️


  3. Wow, congrats on anniversary such sweetness & love between yas. Soooo happy for you seeing the Grankids that must have been beyond like just beyond joyousness. Will you wear your mittens out riding as the weather cools you could make matching leg warmers for the ponies. lol oh please do…
    I have been wondering how the fires are going over there, its just a horrific time. Love love love all the pony playpen fun the trust & love you have for them is so evident in their behaviour around you. Thanks for the fun.

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    1. Thank you, thank you and thank you for all your WONDERFUL comments! YES! Seeing my grandkids finally was beyond joyousness!!! β€οΈπŸ’™ We are far from the fires but still have smoky air. Can’t see the local mountains yet. Wish we would get a good rain storm to come through. Hahaha, maybe I can crochet something for the ponies! Them ponies sure are spoiled, and thanks for the kind comments as they truly look forward to our time together when I go to stables and play/ride with them. 🐴🀠 I’m so happy you had the time to catch up on the fun!! Take care dear friend!!

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  4. The videos are an especially nice touch love them!!!!!!
    Curious about a couple of things number one how did you “shoot” the videos? Like the first one were you holding phone on horse back???? Is that safe hahahaha
    Number 2 so the horses run on command ….for no reason? hahaha pretend I know nothing about horses which I don’t ha!
    I saw the fires on the news, its crazy whats going on.. our skyline looks hazy too but thats just the usual dirt and smog and its supposed to rain but its just been dry and hot one day it was winter te next it was hot and dry no in between its crazy, by regular schedules it should be raining right now but I guess this is that dar climate change


    Now that you are a pro at uploading videos the right way round tihihihihi I the next thing is to remember to rename the videos before you upload them so they dont show those weird default numbers as the video title caption.

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    1. Thanks so kindly!! Glad you liked the videos and good point, I didn’t realize I could rename them so I’ll look at doing that next time. Can’t believe they are right way up and all! I just have to hold phone the right way when videoing!! Thanks for the tip! πŸ‘

      First, I am holding my phone while riding on horseback! Is this safe? Yes, with my ponies it’s safe and worse case scenario I’d probably just drop my phone in the dirt if I needed the hand that’s holding the phone. 🀣 Otherwise, it’s pretty easy and my ponies don’t do much plus I’m an experienced rider so I do think about safety and feel very confident while riding and videoing! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

      Second, so horses need direction and consistency. So when you train them you do this thing called a join up, where you make them move their feet in a small arena until they realize that you aren’t going to hurt them and that they should listen to this human and they will look to you for what to do next. It’s a connection and understanding type of thing between you and your horse. ❀️ My horses understand what I want when I come into the arena. I ask them to move their feet for exercise. If they are feeling really good they will just run on their own as Chloe did in that video. I consistently ask them to do this, so they expect to trot or canter when I ask. They understand words like “cookie” for a treat, “trot” and “canter” too. And “whoa” which of course means stop. Long explanation, but since you aren’t horse experienced it’s FUN to share!

      So sad all these darn fires, I hope you get some rain soon and as ALWAYS, thanks for your wonderful comments (tihihi) and helpful tips. You help me make my blog that much better!! 🀠🐴

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      1. Thank you and you are welcome!!!
        Reading that explanation like wow you really are a horse-whisperer ^_^
        Cheers and have great weekend can you believe its another weekend already? maybe because I read this weekend coffeeshare midweek

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      2. Aww, that means a lot to me and I follow, read and try my best to understand horses through some very experienced horse whisperers. My favorite is a famous trainer named Monty Roberts! He has helped train the Queen of England’s horses. He’s trying to spread to the world a gentle way of training. He’s got an interesting history and has written books if your interested. πŸ˜‰

        These weeks just fly by!!! Crazy fast if you ask me! πŸ™ƒπŸ₯° Have a great weekend too B!

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