Weekend Coffee Share; Aug. 22, 2020

Welcome to my coffee share where we share what’s been happening in our lives. Can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? Too hot in my neck of the woods for a hot beverage. How about a cold brew?

Welcome and come in out of the heat. We can social distance in our family room as it is miserably hot outside. We have been having such hot weather, but what makes it rather unbearable is the humidity. We are spoiled southern Californian’s and do not do humidity, we just don’t! Haha, we melt and complain and wish this would all go away ASAP! Hopefully it will and then I can stop complaining. 😀

I feel badly for my little tiny garden. I try and keep it watered in this heat. I don’t mind if the bell peppers are done, I went ahead and picked what I could and will let them ripen more on the counter. I actually have a lot and am not sure what I am going to do with them all. Funny, I picked this veggie to grow as it’s not my favorite, I can eat them but I like tomatoes better. I can just cut up a tomato and eat it with a little salt sprinkled on it, but a bell pepper? I know I can chop it up and use in my salads, I’ll have to look up some recipes! 😀

There is one very green tomato. Not sure if it will ripen up as my tomato plant I thought was done but there are a lot of new sprouts on it so maybe I will get more tomatoes. We will see!

I love my honeysuckle. My hubby accidentally butchered one side of my honeysuckle plant. It is like a big bush and where he chopped it all off it has taken a long time to come back. It is finally coming around and starting to bloom. I asked him to not cut it any more and I will have to carefully prune it. It usually blooms in the summer, such a welcome beautiful blooming plant! The smell is so sweet, love me some honeysuckle!! ❤

It’s been so stinking hot that I was only able to trail ride once this last week. I only had one day I could get to the barn early at 8:30 am so we could try and beat the heat. My girlfriend and I rode and got these ponies some exercise and I will say by the time we got on it felt too hot, but it was under 90 degrees, just the humidity made it feel hotter. I suspect we won’t ride again until end of next week. The heat should subside soon, hopefully! (Trying not to complain too much!) 😀

Thanks for having coffee with me today. It has been a busy week with work and all the animals. I feel a bit drained because of this heat (I just can’t help myself, it does zap your energy – darn heat!) I also am covering for a vacation at work. My days off were last Monday and Tuesday, then I work Wednesday through this coming Monday. I am working this weekend, which means I need to wrap up this coffee share so I can get to bed! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will stop by and have coffee with you if you are sharing and if not have a great week ahead!

Trying to stay cool!

~Diana ❤

29 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Aug. 22, 2020

  1. I hope you are far from the dreadful fires in California that are filling news reports here. Today they said the Governor of CA had asked Australia and Canada for help. We also have fires in the interior of BC but I hope we can send help to California. Humidity is a killer . When you sweat it doesn’t evaporate and so you just stay hot. We have lots of humidity with heat here so I am used to it. Thanks for the coffee share and good luck with your work week!

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    1. Thank you so much Anne! We are far from the fires, so very sad and thankfully far enough away we are not dealing with the smoke from all the fires. Prayers to all affected. ❤️🙏
      Yes, we are not use to any kind of humidity, it’s just so hard to cool off as you mentioned. Have a good rest of your weekend and week ahead! 🤠🐴❤️

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  2. Oh Diana – I hate this type of heat. I’m crippled by it.
    But I can offer you one favorite idea with those green peppers.
    I love to dice up a couple of slices of fresh onion, and mix them with about the same amount of diced green peppers and throw them into a skillet with some oil or margarine. Keep them moving so nothing burns, but when the onion begins to turn transparent, leave them both in and pour in 2 scrambled eggs and make them into an omelette, adding some cheese and/or diced sausage and salt and pepper to taste. I like them best if the peppers are still a bit crispy. The skillet will tone down the flavor you only sort of like and they still taste wonderful for guys like me who can and will eat them right off the vine.

    Thanks for the visit. Stay cool – read some of Gary’s stories with a fan and big glass of ice tea.

    Blessings.– cold blessings for this round.

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    1. Thanks Gary!! I’ll have to try an omelette. I am trying to stay cool and I’ll check out more of your stories once I reach my day off soon. Stay safe, stay cool! Hope you are not near any fires. Prayers to all affected! ❤️🙏


  3. I hope you are able too stay cool, and are safe from all the horrible fires. I assume the fires are north of you? I hope the air quality doesn’t get too bad. Your bell-pepper looks awesome. Mine are about the same size, and I have tons to pick, I’m just waiting a little longer…hoping it won’t get too cold. If you don’t want to use them all right now you can just chop them up and freeze them. They don’t require any other preparation really. I hope you have a great weekend, even though you are working.

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    1. The fires are all way North of us and we are not even getting any smoke. So thankful for that but am saddened by all these fires. I guess it’s nature’s way as many started by lightening strikes. And thank you for your advice, I think I will chop up and freeze the bell peppers. It’s handy to have them to use in individual baggies. Other than the heat my weekend is going smoothly! (Even working! Can’t believe I fit in a coffee share!) Have a wonderful weekend too! ❤️😀🤠🐴

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  4. I have garden jealous, hahaha. My garden did not grow well this year and we aren’t really sure why. Your green peppers are lovely. I hope you enjoy the heat. We are into fall weather here and I think we have seen the end of the heat until next summer. Anyway, thanks for the virtual cup. Hope you have a nice week.

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    1. Thank you so kindly! It’s going to be fun to look into some recipes for all these bell peppers. I’ll give some to my friend at the stables. She was with me when I bought the tiny starters! Fall will be here shortly and I can’t wait and thank you for having coffee with me this weekend. Have an awesome week! ♥️😀

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  5. why oh why would you grow bell peppers when they arent yu favourite now looks like when all those ripen up you will have to have them with every meal start looking for recipes hahhahaha can you bake them haha! Or maybe everytime you get guests you can pack a couple for the road.
    I think we are just bout to start our hot dry season so I should gear up for the silly heat which makes you wonder if the world ended and this is hell… or maybe practise for hell

    Have an awesome week

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    1. Hahaha, true story. I don’t hate bell peppers but when I was at Lowes shopping with my girlfriend back in April they have a garden section and we were there buying shade cloth for our horses stalls. On a whim, I told her I’d like to look at veggie starters for my containers. They had a poor selection, mostly tomatoes and you guessed it, bell peppers! 🤣 I’m so silly and bought them anyways!! I know you can stuff them and bake them, my hubby loves stuffed peppers. I’ll chop some up and freeze and give some to my girlfriend! Lol 😆 I kinda just wanted to grow something as crazy as that sounds. You read my thoughts tho, I was wondering if someone was going to ask me, why bell peppers?? 🙃 you won and got the long answer. 😛

      I’m sorry about the pending hot season! 🥵 I hope it’s not a precursor to hell, we can’t be in hell as we are Angels on Earth! 😇 maybe it will rain more this year for you there 🙏 Have a GREAT week! 😎
      (Used eight emojis, a record to date!) Lol


      1. To peppers!!!
        Not crazy at all and now that it’s worked… What’s next on the garden agenda

        8 emojis you counted them? 😂😂 I never count but on average I use one I think 😁

        Thank you and have an awesome week

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  6. Love those bell peppers, they have sort of a fragrant taste about them when you mix then on food, and I love it on pizza! I hope the heat becomes bearable (at least) over the next days for you and that your place safe from any fire. Pony rides sounds fun on a good day. Thanks for coffee!

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    1. Thank you for joining me for coffee and yes, I do like bell peppers, just tomatoes are even better! Lol 😀 I’m getting so many good suggestions so I thank you for that too. I’m hoping for a cool down soon, I think we are going to ride today even if it’s a bit hot. We have some short routes on the trail we can take. We hose the ponies off so they stay cool when we are done. 🤠🐴😎

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